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HTC Desire 12 Plus Specifications Reviews


We all remember that HTC was one of the first companies in the world to enter the race for smartphones. That is a Taiwanese company that was recently purchased by Google and some of the engineers together. This transition has made the company even more powerful, and in the world of smart mobile devices to take out many excellent models. One of these models is the HTC U11 +, which is good and is one of the best selling devices. But here we are talking about one of the best and latest mobile devices, and that’s Desire 12+, which has a pretty high price in India from Rs. 19.790.

For this model of Desire 12 Plus follow the latest trend with two rear cameras and a vast display with 18: 9.

To find out if this mobile device justifies its high price, continue to read below in the context of this text.

Info about HTC Desire 12 Plus Design

Here, with this mobile device, we come up with a straightforward design that follows the trend of expensive mobile phones. HTC claims that the material from which this device is made is said to have an entirely acrylic glass surface, but at the first touch, it looks like it was made of quality plastic. The coat of your HTC Desire 12 Plus is easy to blast when you touch it in your hands, and you will have to clean very often, this is not good. It’s also very easy to scratch, all the tests we make it show that this is the weak side of this mobile device.

The Desire 12+ display, as mentioned above, is quite large in an 18: 9 aspect ratio with a 6-inch display. The headset is metal and has a self-contained camera and a standard LED indicator that serves to alert the screen. It’s very lightweight, weighing just 157g and a thickness of 8.4mm.

You can only find this mobile device in two colors in India, that is, Warm Silver and Cool Black. If the phone is in daylight, the black color is transformed into the blue. This effect is fascinating.

This mobile device has a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. LED Flash and Dual Camera. Micro-USB connector and standard 3.5mm headphone jack, dual nano-SIM slot, one for microSD cards up to 2TB. 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal memory.

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Where can I buy HTC Desire 12 Plus?

You can buy this mobile device anywhere in India, in and around the world. You have several options to do this. One of us is to get it from your mobile carrier by agreement and pay in installments or pay it in full. But in these two cases, you will get a mobile device locked by your mobile operator. To unlock your HTC Desire 12 Plus Go here for more detailed information. Another standard way is to get it from the store on the street, or from the official HTC stores.

We hope that on our Blog you have found the information you need about the latest HTC model, and that’s Desire 12 Plus.


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