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11 Best Hunter.io Alternatives To Find Email Addresses

Instead of wasting tons of time trying to hunt down the working emails of companies, an email finder is a tool that helps you automate the procedure of looking for email addresses and verifying them for the cold outreach needs of your business or company. 

The tool is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Most email finder tools work like a search engine, similar to how Google works.

They have a search bar where the user can search for keywords, and the tool shows them the best accurate results from many websites. The results are filtered to fit what the user is looking for.   

Email finder tools are required mainly by companies and agencies that need to recognize huge bulks of email addresses frequently, almost regularly. They are also handy for small businesses and entrepreneurs. They can use these tools very quickly to verify many emails every month. 

What is Hunter.io? 🤷‍♂️

One very popular email finder is Hunter.io which has a very vast and impressive collection of data. It acts in a Chrome Extension, making it very easy and convenient.

It also has a rather versatile CRM and allows its users 50 free searches, aside from its paid plans that range from $49 per month to $399 per month. 

However, some of its packages may seem too expensive or overpriced, which is not wrong. Hunter.io charges the same price as Voila Norbert for its lowest-paid plan, but it offers half the number of search credits as Norbert. This makes Norbert one of the greatest Hunter.io alternatives. 

This suggests that if a user wants to use Hunter.io for special features, the money they spend on it is worth it. However, apps like Voila Norbert would be better if the user only plans to search for and verify emails.

Also, its lack of a social media search tool makes it useless for important prospect platforms like LinkedIn. This is why it may be a wiser choice to use Hunter.io alternatives. 

Best Hunter.io Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

 So, here is a list of the ten best Hunter.io alternatives you could use in its place.  


Voila Norbert is, as it likes to claim boldly with better accuracy and is more comfortable to use than the other email finders. It is a web app with a chrome extension.

It has been voted the most accessible email finder tool to set up and use, thus. Thus considered rather user-friendly. It is probably amongst the best Hunter.io alternatives. 

How to Find Anyone's Email Address

The app focuses mainly on finding accurate and the best results for searched email addresses. Using names and company URLs, you can look for bulk or individual emails.

It has powerful and very useful secondary features like ‘bulk email verification service’ and ‘bulk email enrichment service.’  


According to the 2021 Ahrefs research on the accuracy of popular email finder tools, the most accurate tool was Voila Norbert.

Thus, it is more accurate than any other email finder tool on this list. Even compared to email finder tools not mentioned here, the app has a very high accuracy rate and is very reliable.  


Voila Norbert allows its users 50 free lead searches. Its paid plans range from $49 per month to $499. Its price range makes it excellent for those looking for budget-friendly Hunter.io alternatives. 

Key Features:-

  • Although its expertise is looking for individual emails, the app has a ‘bulk domain search feature, which allows you to find multiple email addresses from a domain names list.  
  • The extension allows you to list candidates through company sites like LinkedIn. You can then download that list to platforms like Google Sheets using the Prospect List Export feature.  
  • Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to combine real-time email searching with your software (even Google Sheets).  

Integrating your Norbert account with Mailshake (a sister company of Voila Norbert) allows you to send drip campaigns and automated emails easily. 


Anymail Finder is a web app used to look for individual email addresses. It is considered the best option for people with a small budget who don’t wish to spend too much money looking for emails.

Best Hunter.io Alternatives

The app has some unique features not available in other email finders, making it a rather popular choice. 

One of the most significant features of this app is that it only charges its users for emails that are 100% accurate. If the app is not sure of the authenticity of an email address, it does not charge the user.

It labels the data provided as ‘unsure,’ and the user is not authorized for it. This and its other unique features make it among the ideal Hunter.io alternatives. 


Anymail Finder promises to have an accuracy of 97%. This suggests that the app has a very high accuracy rate, higher than most others in the market. The app is also more accurate than Norbert when looking for individual emails.  


The app has a free plan of 90 search credits. Its paid plans range from $49 to $149 per month. 

Key Features:-

  • A perfect option for those working on a low budget.  
  • It can also be used as an API-based service. This means that it offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to expand its functionality and use it on other applications by combining it with them (similar to Voila Norbert). 

The app allows users to search for emails using only the job titles. This means that even if you do not look for a specific name, you can look for candidates using job titles.

This feature makes the app an excellent choice for expanding businesses and prospect lists by finding new leads.  


RocketReach is a chrome extension. It has a huge database of more than 430 million specialists from over 17 million companies. It helps you find leads by going through social profiles for contact information. 

11 Best Hunter.io Alternatives To Find Email Addresses

When searching, the results you see are from 50+ companies. These include email addresses (professional and personal), contact numbers, and social media accounts.

It is very well known for its extensive database and how fruitful searching on it is. The leads it shows are exportable to CSV. 


RocketReach is known to be highly accurate. The algorithm of RocketReach always looks for recently updated information, making it almost impossible to come across any outdated information while using the app. Therefore, the information presented by RocketReach is very reliable. 


RocketReach offers five free lookups per month. Its monthly paid plans range from $59 to $119 per month. Its yearly paid plans range from $468 to $2388 per year. 

Key Features:-

  • It shows contact details, company revenue, number of members, the candidate’s competitors, etc. It also has an inbuilt verifier. It is known to reveal otherwise hidden information about the candidates on sites like LinkedIn and Crunchbase. 
  • It allows its users to look for emails in bulk and has advanced searches according to the criteria suggested by the user. 
  • It has a feature called ‘List Enrichment.’ This feature allows you to upload your own lists and fill out the missing data. 

It has an email verification button in each of its lists. The button shows the users which email addresses they can rely on and which email addresses are doubtful. This, in turn, is beneficial for its users as it helps them find new leads and increases their efficiency.  


Lusha is a Chrome extension fit for individual searches. It is the best option for finding individuals’ email addresses and contact information.

It is used for sales recruits and job candidates. It currently has about 15 million company profiles, 100 million business profiles, and 36 million C-level profiles.  

This makes it easy to look for individual profiles and find a candidate that fits you best. It also shows the most experienced and top professionals for your job.

How to Find Email & Phone Numbers from LinkedIn with Lusha Extension | Lusha

It enables users to add contacts and build exportable lists within the app. It also has customer support available online (chat, mail) and offline through calls.  

Also, it has a prospecting tool that allows its users to more conveniently find people who are more likely to buy their products. It narrows down and filters out people, giving you more accurate results.  


Lusha is known for being highly accurate. It also has a high response rate. It is a reliable app for recruiting people and yields better results than most other apps. 


Lusha gives five free search credits to its users. Beyond that, there are paid plans which range from $25 per month to $119 per month. The maximum number of search credits is 500. 

Key Features:-

  • Lusha Plugin supports LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Gmail. It is connected to several zapier integration platforms ( like Gmail and Hubspot). 
  • Specific plans allow access to special features like contact export through CSV files and connection to Application Programming Interface (API).  
  • Lusha provides its users with a customized plan, wherein they can customize their plan according to their requirements.  

Using this tool, you can quickly build lists of people who are likely to purchase your product. 


Find that lead is a web app with a chrome extension and a comfortable-to-use tool. The app lets you look for ‘leads’ using various methods, as the name suggests.  

Unlike Hunter, it does have a social media search. All you need is to find that Lead as a chrome extension. This way, you can find a user’s emails on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Best Hunter.io Alternatives 3

It can be used for individual and bulk email writing and enables single email verification. Further, it allows you to search for leads using the name (first name, last name), name of the company, and domain.  


Find that Lead is said to have above-average accuracy and reliable results. Especially for its social media searches (LinkedIn and Twitter).  


Find That Lead provides its users with a free plan of 50 credits. Beyond that, it has paid plans ranging from $49 to $399 per month. 

Key Features:-

  • This way, you can find your lead’s reliable and authentic business emails. 
  • It has a prospector tool, which helps you look for leads using company profiles, job positions, or keywords. 
  • It allows campaign management. This means the app lets its users gain new customers by sending out cold email campaigns to one of the prospect lists that a prospector has built. The app allows users to automate and customize their email campaigns. 

The app allows users to enrich their database and make their paid advertisements better and more valuable. This is done using the app’s lists based on key factors like the location of the factory, type of industry, company name, company requirements, etc. 


Aeroleads is a popular email finder web app with a chrome extension that works with multiple websites like AngelList, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and many more.

It works towards helping its users look for the email addresses and numbers of candidates per the users’ requirements. The main goal of Aeroleads is to help its users look through popular prospecting sites and create a list of candidates with their contact details.  

How to use AeroLeads to Find Emails for your Campaign? | AeroLeads

It is considered a highly user-friendly software because it is easy and comfortable to use. It also has an inbuilt email verifier to give you more accurate results.

The app can be used for individual as well as bulk email finding. This is an excellent option for a Hunter.io alternative. 


Aeroleads is known to have high accuracy, higher than most other email finder apps in the market. The email verifier that it has helps narrow down results even more. 


It has a free plan of 10 search credits. Its paid plans range from $49 per month to $499.  

Key Features:-

  • Every search done on Aeroleads provides its users with about 15 points of information, including full name, current occupation, location, etc.  
  • Like Norbert, it has a ‘Prospect List Export’ that allows you to download your list of candidates to other platforms.  
  • It has an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to combine the service of Aeroleads with your software.  
  • It offers its users a plan to customize and form it to better suit their needs and requirements. 

Not only letting its users customize their plans, but Aeroleads also provides a custom service. Here users can give them their requirements, specifications, and instructions, and Aeroleads will deliver all the information you need. The report will include the prospect’s details and contact information.  


FindEmails is a web app with a chrome extension. It is a popular mail finder well known for its extensive database and numerous criteria that help users find more accurate results. 

11 Best Hunter.io Alternatives To Find Email Addresses

It has more than 50 criteria to help you filter out the millions of candidates in its database and find the ones that are best suited for you.

The more requirements, the more accurate your search results will be. The many criteria help it filter all the millions of prospects, ensuring your search results show what you are looking for. 

They conduct advanced mailserver tests for every email in their database and mark emails with tags like ‘deliverable’ and ‘not deliverable’ to help their users.  It also has an inbuilt data verifier in case you doubt the authenticity of specific results. This is one of the best Hunter.io alternatives. 


FindEmails likes to claim that it has an accuracy rate of 95%, which is a very high accuracy rate. Thus, even though it is always recommended that you verify the information yourself first, the data is very likely to be accurate, even if you skip that.  


It has a free plan of 5 credits. Its paid plans range from $39 to $399 per month. 

Key Features:-

  • It has a massive database with around more than 54 million candidates. This improves the chances of the users finding their perfect prospects and yields more results on every search than most other email finders in the market.  
  • Its data enrichment feature allows you to bring that data together that is publicly available. This helps you build a better profile of your customers.  
  • It also helps you qualify better and more personalized leads, which benefits you and your customers. 
  • All data on it is previously verified. 


Clearbit Prospector is another commonly used and rather popular app known to be an easy tool for companies to get started with their databases.

It is a web app with a chrome extension that helps its users find emails and collects personal and company information.  

All the details of the candidates on the app are verified first through rigorous quality assurance processes. This way, the user can be sure that the app’s information is accurate.

It also raises the email deliverability rate of the app a lot, making it 94%, which is very high compared to other email finder tools in the market. 


Since Clearbit Prospector constantly refreshes its database, the information it stores is highly reliable. Thus, it has an accuracy rate higher than most other email finder tools in the market. 


It has a free plan of 50 search credits. Its paid plans range from $199 to $999 per month. The paid plans are custom, volume-based. They are categorized as Prospect, Reveal, Risk, and Enrichment.  

Key Features:-

  • Clearbit comes combined with your Gmail. This means that while using your Gmail, you can see it in your inbox and use it directly from there. 
  • It is user-friendly, which means it is straightforward and comfortable to use. All you are required to do is type in the name of the employee or the company, and it will present all the possible results to you.  

Clearbit Prospector refreshes its database in real-time, making it more accurate than most other email finder apps. You can rely on it as it does not present outdated information.  


Contact Out is a trendy choice among recruiters worldwide, a web app with a chrome extension. The database of Contact Out consists of more than a billion email addresses. The app confidently claims that these include 75% of the western world’s professionals.  

Best Hunter.io Alternatives 5

It helps its users find business email addresses and likes to boast about the accuracy and richness of its data. Contact out can be used for bulk as well as individual emails.  

The app allows users to search LinkedIn profiles directly from the Contact Out app, which is a convenient feature for many of its users. 


Contact Out is said to have a high accuracy rate. Its accuracy rate is 97%, higher than most other email finder tools in the market.  


Contact Out does not offer any free plans. Its paid plans range from $39 to $159 per month. The app bills the users annually. This means that users have to pay charges ranging from $468 per year to $1908 per year. 

Key Features:-

  • The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users look for email addresses.  
  • The app is said to be very fast, delivering results without taking long like other email finder tools in the market.  
  • Their chrome extension works very smoothly with LinkedIn and GitHub. The extension allows you to add and save LinkedIn profiles of prospects to folders. These folders can be shared with your teammates. They can also easily be exported to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or your spreadsheets.  

The app makes email campaigning relatively easy to do. It also becomes profitable since its templates are all reusable. 

10. SNOV.IO 

A web app with a chrome extension, Snov.io is a popular tool with traits that make it much more than just an email finder.

It is an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform that assists in finding targeted leads within minutes. It can be used for individual as well as bulk email writing. 

What Is Snov.io: Features Overview

It has various search features that are not always available in other email finders. These include bulk domain searches, finding emails using names, social networks, and even social URL searches, all of which make the app convenient.

The app is packed with all sorts of services the users of an email finder app could expect and even more. 


Snov.io is not well-known for accuracy compared to the accuracy rates of other apps like Norbert and Aeroleads. Thus, it is not among the best choice for Hunter.io alternatives. 


Snov.io offers users a free version. Its paid plans range from $33 to $482 per month. 

Key Features:-

  • All the email addresses in its database are said to be already verified. It also has an in-built verifier you can use if you doubt the authenticity of any email. 
  • It has a tracker which shows you when your emails have been opened and by whom. This is a rather unique yet beneficial feature for its users. 
  • It helps you find profiles of the targets. These include their name, location, occupation, social profile, and information about the target company. 

Snovio is well known for its customer aid services. Its customer care team consists of only very friendly humans and is always ready to help with your queries. You can contact them through email, phone, or chat.  

While researching hunter.io alternative free, I found an awesome video on “How to Find Someone’s Email Address (in Seconds).

How to Find Someone’s Email Address (in Seconds)


How reliable is Hunter.io?

Hunter.io is one of the best sites you can use for getting contact information, verifying emails, and generating leads. Now, you can add the Chrome extension and use bulk domain research as a handy tool for any business marketing strategy.

Is Hunter.io free?

Hunter.io is free to use. However, it comes with a paid version that offers several features you can use. You can use the subscription plans for a month if you want. Then you cancel it once you have finished your work. It is that simple.

What is Hunter.IO used for?

Hunter.io is used to allow you to search for professional email addresses. Once you have found them, you can connect with them in seconds. This is a suitable method for your business. You can enter the domain to launch and see what you want.

What is Hunter for Chrome?

The Hunter option for Chrome is a pretty neat feature provided for you. It allows you to instantly communicate with the people you want when visiting a website. You can find all the email addresses related to the website using the domain search feature.

Looking for Hunter.io Alternative?

The best alternative for Hunter io is ContactOut. ContactOut comes with features that are almost on par with the Hunter io. There is a dashboard that can help find and validate the email addresses, a dashboard that can help you manage the address list, and a Chrome extension.

How do I add Hunter extensions to Chrome?

You can add the Hunter extensions to Chrome. You can install the app on your smartphone or PC device. Then you can click on Hunter’s icon next to your address bar. This is present on the top right corner of your screen.

How to install Hunter’s Chrome extension?

You need to click on Hunter’s Chrome Extension page. Once done, you should use the + add to Chrome button.

You need to then confirm by clicking on the add extension. That is it; you can notice the Chrome extension popping up instantly on your Chrome browser.

Is Hunter.io popular?

You would be delighted to know that today, in 2022, more than 3,000,000 professionals are using the app.

Most of them are from famous organizations and leading firms that you would want to get acquainted with for business goals & purposes.


Hunter.io is good at what it does and also the features that the app has worked well in comparison to many other email finder apps in the market. 

However, given its lack of some significant features like social media search tools (especially for LinkedIn), many other email-finding tools in the market have far more useful features. Many Hunter.io alternatives are better than Hunter.

The other apps are also far more worth their price when compared to Hunter.io, which seems somewhat overpriced.

For example, Norbert provides its users with 1000 leads for $49 per month, while Hunter.io offers only 500 for the same. When compared to other tools like AeroLeads and Norbert, Hunter.io also falls behind in authenticity.   

Thus, Hunter.io may work well in what it does, but better and more economic email finders can be used in place of it, as the Hunter.io alternatives.