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7 Of The Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019 – Reviewed and Rated


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Hybrid Table Saws in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Nobody wants to work and be beat at the end of the day and that includes woodworkers and construction workers.

The hybrid table saw take convenience to a smoother and simpler level and definitely takes the pain away from your lower back and ensures that your work efficiently and faster too. While there are a couple of power saws on the market, why is the hybrid table saw a must-have?

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

A hybrid saw can be looked at like the products of a horse and donkey to make a mule which will go the distance and not wear out. The hybrid table saw combines the best of cabinet and contractor style saw to one unique machine that will have your working and covering more contracts shorter and swifter.

Couple with great design, affordability, compatibility, and easy movement; the hybrid table saw is definitely woodwork equipment worth investing top dollars into for a woodworker.

However with so many table saws on the market, what are your choices and how can you differentiate the best from the rest without compromising on quality and efficiency.

Below are some of the best hybrid table saw on the market for 2018 and an honest opinion why you should have them in your space today.

Here is The List Of Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2019

1. The Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws
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The Shop Fox is excellence and performance at a glance with powerful features that will meet all your needs in a hybrid table saw.

Some Features This Table Saw Come With are:-

  • The riving knife allows the workman to use the saw easily and wherever without any difficulty.
  • It comes with excellent safety features that protect you from injuring during work and it also helps beginners to master the artistry of the machine too.
  • A polycarbonate guard that allows the workman sees the bladed in action to ensure accurate cuts and also used to lift the material towards the blade as the cut begins and ends
  • An anti-kickback pawl is a feature that prevents the cut kerfs from coming back to your face by holding it down in place
  • The T-fence system and glide runners make all your jobs simple and smoother without bits or rough edges
  • The Miter fence allows for cutting longer or firmer woods by providing the vital support
  • The W1819 has excellent dust control and 4-inch dust ports that allows your extract and dispose of the sawdust properly


  • Overall measurement is 40 by 45.5 by 62 inches for the height weight and length
  • It has a floor to table height of 34 inches
  • A weight of almost 540 pounds
  • Table dimension is 27 by 40.25 and by 53-5/8 inches with work surface extended
  • Has a 30-inch rip capacity to the right and 15 inches to the left
  • 3 horsepower Lesson Motor
  • Triple belt drive and a 110/220 volts power
  • 3850 revolutions per minutes Arbor system
  • A 40 tooth carbide tip 10-inch blade powerful enough to slice through dense material with ease.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw.


  • Durable build and construction
  • Adjustable height and angle for easy cutting
  • Easy to move around the workspace with the inbuilt mobile base
  • Excellent cut accuracy
  • A sturdy cast iron table
  • Full option safety features
  • Magnetic switch
  • Comes with heavy-duty cast trunnions


  • The assemble take time to understand
  • Extension table has a little friction
  • Blade alignment is a bit tricky

Overall Assessment:-

For the price, the W1918 3HP is not one you want to buy without proper knowledge and a good job that will help you make a profit, but if you access the performance and effectiveness, adding the ease of use and durable, then we definitely say you have a good buy and worth every penny.

Furthermore, it will sit in a small space without occupying too much space and lighter than most hybrid tables saw on the market.

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Next on our list for the best hybrid table saw is

2. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws
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This is our pick for the best overall hybrid saw with so much power and a winner in performance, effectiveness, accuracy, and safety coupled with great features and a cut-blade that can rip through different materials regardless of the density.

Some Features That Endeared Us To This Tool Are:-

  • It is CSA certified and meets all the set standards of the UL 987
  • The Camlock T-fence comes with a high-density polyethylene face and a blade guard for the riving knife
  • Comes with a 10 inches left lift that allows you to align the blade directly with the material to be cut easily
  • It comes with an interchangeable anti-kickback pawl
  • A quick release features for the motor guard, riving knife and splitter assembly ensure optimal safety while working
  • As easy glide fence with adjustable knurled knobs and screws on the table
  • Heavy duty cast iron trunnions and massive cast iron table wings for large woods
  • Comes with a 4-inch dust port


  • A triple belt drive
  • 40 tooth top saw blade to slice through hard and soft wood alike
  • Magnetic switch with heavy cast handwheels
  • 10 by 40 inches T-blade for large and small cuts
  • A 3 horsepower saw for woods as strong as maple wood etc with 220 volts single phase lesson motor
  • Arbor speed of 4300 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum rip capacity of 29.5 inches
  • Floor to table height of 34 inches
  • Extended table size is 27 by 40 inches
  • Overall dimension is 62 by 41 by 40 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw.


  • Powerful, accurate and silent motor
  • Durable carbide blade for hard and dense wood
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quality assured and CSA certified instrument
  • The riving knife is removable
  • Has digital blade tension indicator on the table
  • Works with 120 and 240-volt power source
  • Excellent, high-grade safety measures in place for complete protection


  • The power chord is short
  • The knobs wear off over time
  • The dust port needs more improvement

Overall Assessment:-

The Grizzly G0960 certainly lives up to its name in performance, durability, accuracy, and capacity. Although not as expensive as others on the market, this hybrid table saw will be the center point in your shop or garage with an impressive personality and versatility.

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Next on our list is

3. Laguna Tools Fusion

Hybrid Table Saws
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For a medium size table saw tool, the Laguna fusion sure delivers on excellence, quality, performance, and an excellent buy for the amount it’s going for on the market.

Even though it does meet the criteria of other big and well-known brands, the Laguna fusion is the best tool if you are not dealing with super dense or hardwoods and especially great for home DIYs or basic fixes.

Some Features are:-

  • A very portable build that consumes less space in your home
  • Doesn’t come with a dust port, but has a powerful dust extractor
  • Not as loud as other hybrid tools on the market
  • Operates efficiently on a 110 voltage power
  • It comes with a 36 inches built-in wheel system for easy maneuvering
  • The Trunnions are mounted on the table frame for increased stability
  • The alignment of the blade miter gauge and fence allows you to see clearly as you saw through the wood
  • Powerful enough to saw through any kind of wood
  • Adjustable riving knife reduces work time and increases performance
  • Polished table top and extension for increased durability
  • It is CSA certified
  • Produces little or no vibration depending on the job you are tackling


  • Tabletop measurement is 20 by 27 inches
  • Cast iron table extension is 12 by 27 inches
  • Floor to table height is 34.5 inches
  • A 4 inches dust port
  • Single drive, one belt throat plate
  • 75 Horsepower TEFC lesson motor
  • Weight during shipping is 349 pounds
  • 36 inches rip capacity

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Laguna Tools Fusion.


  • Great build and durability
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Quick releasing riving knife
  • Accurate and precision cutting
  • Adjustable cutting angle and blade guard
  • The 36 inches blade allows for super slicing of any material and density


  • Take almost two hours to assemble
  • The blades wear out very fast

Overall Assessment:-

The Laguna Fusion might not be the most powerful table tool out there when compared to other big brands, but it’s definitely creating a name for itself as the most and best saw for beginners and indoor usage.

With its compact nature, the Laguna fusion delivers excellence and accuracy quietly without disturbing the neighbors.

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4. Woodtek 159665 Hybrid Table Saw Machinery

Hybrid Table Saws
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The Woodtek is on our list as one of the best easy to use, no fuss, no dirt and in-built tripod caster for increase stability and effectiveness. The Woodtek also serves as the best amateur table saw for and professional that want a modern easier to handle a table saw without too much hassle.


  • Comes with Euro-style dust control cabinet that traps every piece of chirps of the work surface without any stress
  • Comes with a digital blade angle gauge
  • Less noise and vibration when working making it one of the best home table saw
  • Has a sleek finish and smooth rail system for top-notch performance
  • Accurate and down-right precise cuts every time
  • Can tackle any kind of wood or thickness with the perfect cut always
  • A transparent blade guard that allows you to see the work surface and cut action as you is working from any position.
  • A quick release riving knife splitter for a more secure workspace
  • A large extension table to help with large cuts


  • A 2 horsepower motor operating with a 230 power voltage
  • Has a table extension of 27 by 44 inches
  • The net weight is about 225 pounds making it one of the lightest on the market
  • 10 inches saw blade and a 52 inches fence
  • Floor to table height of 34 inches
  • Dust cabinet of 4 inches
  • A cut depth of 90-degree angle at 3.5 inches
  • Maximum dado width 13/16 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Woodtek 159665 Hybrid Table Saw Machinery.


  • Cast iron surfaces and wing to ensure that all cuts are smooth and precise
  • The tripod caster system is an added stability when working
  • The saw blade can tilt an angle from 0 to 45 degree to give different shape cuts
  • The blade is carbide material for deep and dense cuts
  • Easy to reach the power switch


  • The construction needs more improvement
  • The surface is not large enough to accommodate large and heavy wood

Overall Assessment:-

Well, it is affordable, durable, easy to maintain and assemble are some property that brought this table saw into our list. Although the construction needs some upgrading; it is the best hybrid table saw for DIYs and people that love creating woodwork in their homes.

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5. RIDGID R4512 Cast Iron Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws
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If the expertise of the woodworker defines the table saw, then the RIDGID is definitely on that enhances your skills and at an affordable price, this is a steal with all the features that accompany it.

Furthermore, for individuals still learning how to master the table saw, the R4512 is of good quality with great performance range and value attached to it.

Some Features are:-

  • It is powerful enough to cut through different woods regardless of the density and types
  • It is affordable, reliable, and durable
  • It is significantly quiet during operations
  • Has excellent safety features similar to most brands on the market
  • Good construction and design with thick legs for stability
  • Comes with a cooling unit to keep the motor temperature down when it is running
  • Strong cast iron for durability and easy maintenance


  • Comes with a 10 inches blade and a 13-ampere induction motor electric circuit system
  • Smooth saw with 3450 revolutions per minutes
  • Wired for a 110 voltage power but can be rewired for a higher output capacity of 220 volts
  • The blade is a 40 tooth carbide tipped and works well with hardwood
  • Equipped with die-cast miter gauge for precise cuts
  • Single foot drive
  • Weighs in at 267 pounds
  • The product measures 46.3 by 30.6 by 37.2 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The RIDGID R4512 Cast Iron Table Saw.


  • Great for people with small spaces
  • The price is friendly
  • Come with a blade guard
  • Portable, awesome performance and really efficient
  • Great for amateur and semi-professionals


  • Not built for long and continuous working

Overall Assessment:-

The RIDGID maybe not the best table saw to replace the best brand on the market, but it will serve you well of properly maintained.

The portability, quality, and budget-friendly features are some factors that make this hybrid table saw a very great buy.

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6. Grizzly G0715 Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid Table Saws
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Another product from Grizzly and one worth every dime spent on it.

This product is a well-constructed piece of machinery made out of durable cast iron material with excellent features that will take woodwork to a different level with top-notch performance, efficiency and quality work.


  • A durable and excellent table saw for heavy-duty sawing
  • Comes with the standard T-miter with an easy to use Camlock system
  • Has a transparent guard that protects you when you are working
  • Quick release blade mechanism
  • In-built riving knife prevent kickback and ensure precise cutting
  • Comes with adjustable beveled angles on the blade
  • Heavy duty cast iron trunnions
  • Four inches dust port for collecting all the scraps on the table
  • Power efficient system with low noise during operation


  • Comes with a 10 inches blade
  • 16-ampere motors with a serpentine belt and pulley system
  • 2 horsepower motor with a 110/220 voltage
  • Floor to table height is 34 inches
  • Arbor speed is 3850 revolutions per minutes for fast cuts
  • Overall measurements are 26 by 30 by 43 inches
  • 4 inches dust port
  • Adjustable knurled knob for the fence
  • 40 tooth carbide tipped saw blade

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Grizzly G0715 Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw.


  • The assembly is very easy and less time consuming
  • Almost no noise
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Adjustable beveled angle
  • Precision cut with the T-fence system
  • Switch button is easily assessable
  • Extensive table workspace


  • Very pricey

Overall Assessment:-

If you are searching for a powerful and effective table saw without taking into account the cost; then the G0715P is your best bet for all things good. However, with the features on the saw, the G0715P is the best or among the best on the market.

Check Price on Amazon
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Buying Guide for a Hybrid Table Saw in 2019

Like any other tools, a buying guide will direct you to the best one and why you should buy it. The hybrid table saw is not as complex as most people think, aside from the long assembly time, the table saw is actually the best tool to have for woodwork or DIYs

Some factors to consider when buying a Hybrid Table Saws 2019 are:-


It powers the saw and depending on the work it will do or is doing, the higher the power, the more effective the saw will work. The hybrid power saw is mostly powered by a one to four horsepower motors. The power is not comparable to the high powered construction tools, but they serve the same purpose of cutting wood.

Dust collector:-

Whether in a shop or at home, wood chips are not easy to handle as they spread everywhere without control, but thank goodness for the innovative intervention of the dust collector that sucks all small pieces away from the work surface into a convenient port for easy disposal.

Safety Features:-

The table saw is a dangerous tool and can cause amputation or loss of a limb; to avoid such incident and other injuries, most hybrid tables saw comes with safety gears like anti-kickback that prevent chirps from flying towards your face or eyes. The PU guard, the blade guard, etc


The quality of the belt will determine if the motor will run efficiently and is the solution to any issues that the machine will encounter in the future. The Serpentine belt is the best belt yet, and it helps to reduce

Assembly time:-

The hybrid table saw take about 2 hours to put together even if it comes partially assembled from the company. The hybrid table saw comes with a comprehensive manual for the user to read and follow properly


Most hybrid table saws in 2019 have inbuilt mobile features attached to the gadget for easy movement around your workspace or if you have a job to perform outside the immediate location. So when purchasing one put in place the weight of the saw.

Precision and Smoothness:-

This is the reason why we want to buy a hybrid saw, so for what it’s worth this device should cut accurately, smoothly, and with unparallel perfection. To enjoy the fence and miter gauge should be top-notch.

Riving Knife:-

This simple tool ensures that small bits and pieces don’t fly back at you when you are working on it. This feature is termed the kickback and a must have on any good hybrid table saw.

Flesh Sensor:-

Okay, this is the best feature that the hybrid table saw have and built-in to protect you from unforeseen injuries when you are enjoying working on the table saw. The sensor allows the blade to stop 0.01 seconds as it senses your skin.


The material used in building the saw will determine the durability and sturdiness of the saw. Cast iron is the ideal material for constructing the saw, but it is heavy. These days’ aluminum and steel are used to create lightweight and easy to move table saw.


With their price on the market, you can’t, but consider the price when buying one and except you have the money to buy another one; then we suggest that you look before you take that leap in a table saw

Blade size:-

Even though a large blade equals more effective work, it is advisable to stick to the blade size that came with the saw for better control and efficiency.

With all these facilities, w can guarantee you that you will have the right table saw in your hands and you will enjoy making all this wood too.

Uses of Hybrid Table Saws in 2019

The hybrid saw is the perfect addition for anyone that loves constructing wooden objects or indulging in DIYs. They are the most acceptable and easy to use tools better than the conventional or power construction versions.

They are great for school and woodworks shops, and this little table saw the woods that will make chairs, animal cages, desks, bookshelves, and tables. In fact, if you attend a woodwork school, you will even make larger objects that will last long.

Safety Measures

To crown this, we also recommend that the proper protective gears must be worn before embarking on any job. Furthermore, keep kids away from the machine and never leave the chord in the power outlet.

Question: Does the saw machine come assembled?

Answer: No, it doesn’t, and even in cases where the manufacturer assembles the machine, they only do halt way and allow you to finish the fittings yourself.

Question: How long will it take me to assemble a hybrid table saw?

Answer:  Most table saws are easy, and won’t take time to couple together, but the maximum it takes about 2 hours from start to finish.

Question: Are table saws noisy when in operation?

Answer: Even though they produce some noise when in use; hybrid machines noise level is pretty low.

Questions: Which Table saw is the quietest one?

Answer: Most are quiet, but the Shop Fox is super silent and you won’t even hear it working.

Question: What is the right power outage for the hybrid Table Saw?

Answer: Always use the voltage capacity stated on the machine and never less else you might spoil any moving parts in the engine.


Hybrid table saws are expensive regardless of how cheap you might have gotten it for, and that is why we have drawn up a list of what we believe are the best after sawing through so many on the market, we have given you the best choices and hopefully the best guides to help you get the one that truly suits you.

The power, construction, blade cut, and adjustment angles, the weight, dust control, performance, durability, and safety are some guides that should never be neglected when buying a table saw.


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