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ICO Funding – What are your benefits in it?


With a revolution taking place in the field of information and technology, man has freed himself from the shackles of a fixed banking system when it comes to the hard-earned money he owns and longs to spend.


The boons of this technological revolution have given man the power to transfer and multiply his wealth at his own will without the monopolistic and dictatorial controls of either governments, borders or banks. You can check the ICO Listing Sites from the site ICO Top List.

A man is now his own bank. He is his own teller, cashier, depositor, transferor and safe custodian of his own wealth. Just as in the olden days a company made itself public by selling shares to raise a fund, similarly ICOs today raise funds for companies that wish to expand. What is more, they free potential investors and founders from the inconveniences of fiat money by using the decentralized model. Thus, now you can go bank-free. It is this ease of raising a fund, keeping it liquid, accumulating its value, using it conveniently as well as the freedom it offers that make ICOs so popular. There is something for everyone in it – be it the investor or be it the user.

Herein are listed the 5 benefits of ICO funding:-


  • Forget that paper-work now: Have you not been so often discouraged to invest your money because of the sheer amount of the paper-work that you had to do? ICOs offer you a solution to this problem. Going through a good quality ICO whitepaper helps you decide whether to invest in a particular project or not. The same applies to entrepreneurs as well because they find it extremely easy to build up a fund for their project without going through the tedious and time-consuming way of olden days where so much of paper-work would often discourage them. Transactions happen within fractions of seconds with the click of a mouse.



  • If it’s liquidity that attracts you: Apart from multiplying your money, another secondary purpose is to be able to use the invested money as and when needed. It might be the need to address a sudden financial necessity or to reinvest in a better option. In many investments, investors are often pulled back by the long periods of time for which their money is blocked. In other words the mobility or liquidity of the asset becomes zero. Here is where ICO can help you because they can be turned into liquid assets any time according to the need of the investor.



  • Going Bank-free: Money is considered to be fiat money in most countries as they have to follow the dictums of their respective governments which is translated to them through their respective central banks. This means that the money one has in his pocket does not have the value he thinks but what the central bank which issues that currency decides. As the central bank’s decision regarding valuing a particular currency is so often dependent on the political stability as well as a host of related factors, the money may not be always valued to the benefits of the possessor.

    However, as ICO s are decentralized, one can easily do away with all such volatility. The value of money in a decentralized model is determined only on the demand of the coin, without the influence of any central bank whatsoever. Moreover,  such money is free from all sorts of dangers arising from bank failures and the like. This means that the value of money is always that what the possessor thinks or believes to be and cannot be changed to his disadvantage. It’s only that the possessor of such currency has to use it with someone who accepts its value.



  • Funding for all: When it comes to raising a stable and considerable fund to embark upon your ambitious project, many times what comes as a stumbling block is the location of your project or speculations regarding the kind of returns it’s going to yield. As ICOs don’t look at all these factors while funding, you are like to get your needed funds through ICO Funding way faster than the traditional methods.

    Moreover, by minimizing paper-work, the total fund structure of this type of wealth goes on swelling as anyone can invest from anywhere and at any time.


  • Breeding money: The incentive to save on taxes and defend the onslaught of fiat money’s dictums, people keep their funds invested in ICOs for a considerably longer period of time. This tendency of the investors helps in adding up to the value of this currency thus breeding it for investors.



The urge to turn themselves into multi-millionaires, which has been true till now, drives investors to invest more and more in ICOs. Recent trends point at the meteoric heights to which ICO investments have soared. However, investors should keep in mind that in the absence of any stable regulating authority to supervise ICO transactions, scams can creep up any time as the whole transaction is online. So, it’s best to reap the benefits of this system with vigilance and patience.


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