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13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

The ability of customization is one of the best things I’ve liked about Android phones so far. You have the power of customizing your phone the way you want, and that too, without tweaking much with your Android phone’s system interface.

From changing all the elements on your phone’s home screen to changing the launcher, widgets, to applying your favorite wallpapers, you can do a lot of customizations to your phone.

Some brands are already offering user interfaces that are already packed with hundreds of different themes, wallpapers, fonts, and icons, etc.  

And even if you love the phones that are designed for a pure Android experience, you still have plenty of customization options. And the ability to change the icons is one such thing that enables you to give your phone’s screen a slightly different look and feel.

Most of the popular Android launchers support icon packs from third-party apps or sources. And you can explore so many different options when we talk about downloading icon packs from the Play Store.

But why would you go with just any icon pack if you can choose from the best ones? And in this review post, I’m going to help you with some of the best icon packs for android. Have a look at them and see which one excites you the most!  

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Best Icon Packs For Android – Our Top Pick👌

1. Cryon Icon Pack  

Here is the icon pack you are going to fall in love with. Cryon Icon Pack is all about linear icons beautified with attractive pastel colors. The pack allows you to complement your phone’s screen with exclusive pastel colors, cartoon themes, and Cryon icons.

Best Icon Packs For Android

Each icon is a real example of artistry and is designed to give you a completely unique user interface experience. The pack offers you more than 5300 icons to choose from.

And there are some bonuses with the icon pack too! You can explore thousands of high-quality wallpapers for both your device’s home and lock screens.  

Thanks to a powerful masking system, the Cryon Icon Pack is certainly one of the best icon packs for android available for Android users. You can check out the preview of all the icons before finally deciding the best one for your screen.

There are some other features like easy icon requests, category-based icons, custom app drawer icons, custom folder icons, material dashboard, and dynamic calendar, etc. as well.  

Features of Cryon Icon Pack:-

  • More than 5300 different icon packs for android
  • Beautiful and attractive icons available for all categories  
  • All the icons are very easy to download and apply  
  • Supports dozens of different launchers  
  • Frequent updates with improvements 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads  

Download the App on Google Play Store 

2. Alexis Icon Pack: Clean and Minimalistic  

The Alexis icon pack features thousands of clean, simple, elegant, and sweet icons compatible with various launchers including ABC launcher, Mini Launcher, Solo Launcher, Nova Launcher, Lucid Launcher, and many more!

The pack offers you more than 7000 different types of icons with a standard 192×192 pixel size. All the icons available in the icon pack are based on the popular vector graphic processing and give you hundreds of different ways of customizing your phone’s home screen.

Best Icon Packs For Android 1

Enjoy the power of customization in a completely different way with one of the most popular icon packs for Android!

If by any chance, you are not satisfied with the available icon packs, you can easily request your favorite icon packs! The icon pack will surely help you with that and even more with regular updates! 

The Alexis Icon Pack is not only limited to thousands of beautiful, sleek, and minimalist icons, you also get hundreds of high-definition wallpapers under various categories with the icon pack.

You also get reliable, dynamic calendar support with multiple pre-installed calendars. You can even attach the icons as images to Email, Hangouts, and other messaging apps.  

Features of Alexis Icon Pack:-

  • Thousands of stylish icons under multiple categories  
  • Can be more than handy to give a very unique feel to your phone’s screens 
  • Special icon packs for android for popular games  
  • Supports most of the famous launchers  
  • 100s of high-definition wallpapers also available with the pack 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

 Download the App on Google Play Store

3. Juno Icon Pack  

Juno is another decent icon pack that consists of beautiful, modern icons full of colors and nice gradients. One of the very few icon packs that offer you a list of icons very similar to those you see in IOS.

Ultra-sleek and stylish iconography is backed by dozens of attractive wallpapers, plenty of useful widgets, and supports various launchers including Lawnchair and Nova Launcher.

You get as many as 2300+ colorful sets of icons with Juno Icon Pack with a standard resolution of 192x192px. There are multiple attractive and sophisticated color pallets with the icons too.  

Best Icon Packs For Android 2

Features like alternate icons with multiple designs, colors, styles, and gradients, icon search and showcase, etc. all are there you usually expect from the best icon packs.

You can also send requests for specific icons with a few, simple taps. And if you are bored with those simple, plain looks inside the apps, you can also try the themes available for both home screens and the screens inside the apps.

The icon pack also supports dynamic calendar icons for an even better launcher experience.  

Features of Juno Icon Pack:-

  • Thousands of different types of icons available for all categories  
  • Themes are available for both home screens and screens inside the apps 
  • You can change the icon designs very easily  
  • Professional designs with excellent quality 
  • Multiple useful widgets are also available with the pack 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads  

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4. Outline Icons – free icon packs for android

A minimal, colorful, and stylish icon pack with more than 8100 beautiful icons to perfectly customize your Android phone!

Outline Icons is one of the top-notch icon packs and is more than enough for you to completely transform your phone’s home screen.

The icon pack is featured with a precise design and bright colors and is designed based on global material design standards.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

You can blindly trust the icon pack to make your phone stand out from the crowd! Each icon is perfectly designed by the experts with a unique outline style with the highest resolution.  

And for complementing the icons perfectly, you also get hundreds of high-resolution wallpapers under all categories. All the wallpapers perfectly complement the minimalism and subtle styles of the icons.

Dynamic calendar supports, multiple launchers support, alternative colors for system icons, regular updates, icon requests, and premium icon requests – everything is there in the pack you are looking to customize your phone like never before!  

Features of Outline Icons – Icon Pack:-

  • 8100+ custom icon packs for android for both the home screen and app-drawer screen  
  • All the icons are designed with amazing details  
  • Icon-masking for perfect complementation of the icons with the theme  
  • More than 30 launchers are supported  
  • Regular updates for constant improvement 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. LuX Icon Pack  – custom icon pack android

Attractive AMOLED icon pack featured with matt black and other colorful shades. LuX is an extraordinary icon pack that offers you more than 600 icons combined with high-quality themes and saturated colors.

A great thing about the icon pack is, it gets away perfectly with both dark and light setups on your phone.

The unique shapes and color styles are from up-close, and they look out of the box and are stunningly different from the icons provided by some of the usual icon packs for android.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

You don’t only enjoy hundreds of icons with the icon pack. There is a multitude of high-definition wallpapers as well.  

You can perfectly complement your phone’s screen with exclusive icons curated for most of the popular launchers available for different mobile brands.

There is a stunning combination of style, creativity, and simplicity in the icon pack, and you always keep getting something new and unique with frequent updates.

Amazing wall collection, matching wallpapers, plenty of alternative icons, icon search and preview, custom folder icons, etc. all are there you usually expect from a great icon pack.  

Features of LuX IconPack:-

  • More than 600 high-quality, unique icons are available  
  • So many alternative icons to complement beautiful wall collections  
  • Compatible with most of the well-known launchers  
  • Dynamic calendar with material dashboard  
  • Request for new icons without much fuss  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

6. Moonshine – Icon Pack

It’s time to give your device’s screen a unique and stylish look with the Moonshine Icon Pack – a perfect blend of minimalism, beauty, and style. The icon pack offers you a lot of different, exciting things.

One of those rare types of packs that are not about consistency at all! The Moonshine icon pack instead focuses on the “free form” type of looks as far as icons are concerned.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

If you believe apps should not mimic each other with their looks and appearances, you should give this icon pack a try for sure. There are more than 900 vector-designed icons on the pack with a standard size of 192x192px.  

What more? The Moonshine Icon pack comes with 28 beautiful, handmade wallpapers. The resolution of the icons is not fixed though. It quickly adapts according to your phone’s screen resolution.

So, you don’t have to worry about the incompatibility of the screens and icons’ resolutions. I guess you must be familiar with the TSF launcher.

And if you are not, I would recommend you try the killer combination of TSF launcher and Moonshine Icon Pack – it’s no short of extraordinary! 

Features of Moonshine – Icon Pack:-

  • A beautiful blend of minimalism, style, and modern design  
  • More than 900 beautifully crafted, handmade icons  
  • More than 28 high-resolution wallpapers  
  • Supports most of the major launchers  
  • Allows you to choose the shapes of different icons  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads 

Download the App on Google Play Store 

7. Viral Icon Pack  

An excellent icon pack based on dark pastel with a beautiful, modern tone. And guess what? All the features of the pack are available free of cost!

The icon pack is featured with a new-look vintage uniform design and is perfectly complicated with dark stylish icons.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

The pack supports all the popular launchers and is highlighted with ultra-sleek iconography, hundreds of different wallpapers, auto-apply options, and more.

You can easily search and choose the icons thanks to the exciting icon search and showcase. The dynamic calendar is also available that automatically changes the icons according to different times of the day!  

The pack supports more than 30 different launchers including Apex, Action, Holo, L Launcher, Sony, Mini, Nova, Go, and many more. And ease of use is the thing to admire in this particular pack!

All you have to do is to swipe right or left to access thousands of icons available in different categories. And you can of course use the search bar if you want to find alternate icons for the icons you are already using.

Unlike most of the average icon packs for android, the Viral Icon Pack smoothly supports Android O settings as well as shortcut styles.  

Features of Viral Icon Pack:-

  • A complete package for you to enjoy the power of personalization  
  • More than 200, beautifully complemented wallpapers  
  • Cool and attractive color palettes  
  • Supports more than 30 popular launchers  
  • Allows you to send icon requests with simple taps 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

8. CandyCons – Best icon pack free

Do you love candies? If yes, here is an icon pack specially curated for you. I am sure, you are going to love this even if you are not a candy lover! CandyCons is an excellent icon pack that easily follows the material design language from Google.

It uses the color pallets provided by Google, and focuses more on exemplifying the perfect combination of beauty, style, and minimalism.

Best Icon Packs For Android 7

All the icons in the pack are designed distinctly with great attention even to the minutest of details. You get as many as 1127 different and unique icons with the pack that support almost all the well-known launchers.  

If you want to use different icons for different apps on the device, you get the great option of customization, and you can use the alternate icon for a particular app.

And it’s so simple, easy, and quick! All you have to do is to hold down the particular app, and you will quickly see a small popup that allows you to edit the shape and design of the app!

And you know what? You also get the option of changing the name of all the apps! Why would you use your phone according to manufacturers, if you can enjoy the power of customization with the CandyCons icon pack? 

Features of CandyCons Icon Pack:-

  • More than 1100 icons available for the home screen as well as for the app drawer  
  • Allows you to change the style and even the name of the specific app 
  • Dynamic google calendar for dozens of different launchers  
  • 20+ beautiful wallpapers are also provided with the pack  
  • All the icons are designed specifically with attention to every detail 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

9. CleandroidUI – Icon Pack

Another very clean, user-friendly, and simple icon pack featured 5000+ icons not only for your phone’s home screen, but for the app-drawer screen, shortcut menus, widgets screen, in-app screen, and more.

The icon pack, of course, needs a custom android launcher and works with most of the popular ones like Apex, Nova, ZenUI, Xperia Home, OnePlus Launcher, and a lot more.

With thousands of stylish icons, you also get some eye-catching, cloud-based wallpapers as well. Icon-masking is there to theme all your icons to complement the phone’s screen perfectly.  

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

All the icons are perfectly sorted in various categories and make it really easy for you to categorize the apps according to their functions, use, and preferences. There is a dashboard in the pack that allows you to apply the icons with utmost ease.

And if you are unable to find the “apply” section in the dashboard, you always have the option of applying the icons from the theme setting.

By any chance, if you are not happy with the already available icons, you can simply send an email to the developers. You won’t have to wait for so long to get some other, additional icon packs for android according to your preferences.  

Features of Cleandroid UI – Icon Pack:-

  • 5200+ icons with standard 192x192px resolution  
  • Cloud-based high-quality wallpapers are easily available  
  • Dynamic calendar support (depends on specific launcher  
  • Allows you to sort the icons into different categories  
  • Icon-masking to compliment the icons with particular themes 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads

 Download the App on Google Play Store

10. Circons: Circle Icon Pack  

Circons is another excellent icon pack that consists of beautifully designed circle-shaped icons and multiple colors complemented with modern gradients.

You get more than 23600 unique and highly attractive icons with ultra-sleek iconography, ten different wallpapers, 5 KWGT presets, and more. Cool, aesthetically pleasing color pallets are there in the icon pack too.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

Alternate icons with multiple styles and color gradients make Circons one of the most loved icon packs for Android. You can quickly download and apply any available wallpaper with a few, simple taps.  

Dynamic calendar icons support, themes inside the app including AMOLED, transparent, light, and dark, icon search and showcase, etc. are also among the special features of the Circons icon pack. 

You don’t have to worry about the finishing and design quality of the icons in the pack. All the icons are designed with colors and detailing of the highest quality.

And, if you want to explore some more, additional icons, you always have the option of sending icon requests.  

Features of Circons: Circle Icon Pack:-

  • Hundreds of high-resolution icons for all types of apps, home screens, app drawers, and widgets.  
  • 10 high-quality wallpapers to perfectly complement the icons and themes  
  • Attractive circle design with colorful gradients  
  • Ultra-sleek iconography complemented with 5 KWGT presets  
  • Supports most of the popular launchers

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | 55,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

11. H2O Icon Pack  

One of those icon packs that are known for blending beauty, style, and uniqueness with utmost perfection. H20 Icon Pack is known for providing some of the most unique icons for all the apps installed on your phone.

And the best part I liked about the pack is, that it gives special attention to the detailing of the apps that are already available from the phone manufacturers, and we have to give credit to the designers of this tiny, smooth, and highly incredible icon pack.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

It doesn’t matter which one is your favorite phone brand, you can give H20 Icon Pack a try, and experience the power of customization at its very best.  

The H2O Icon pack offers you more than 4430 beautifully designed icons that are compatible with most of the popular launchers. However, for the best experience, I would recommend you compliment the icon pack with Apex Launcher.

The icon pack empowers you to have some fun with your phone’s screen – from the main screen to the app-drawer screen and widget screen, there is something for all the screens on your device!

The icons in the pack are inspired by the unique and minimal designs of the icons in Hydrogen OS and Oxygen OS. If you want to try something new and want to give your phone a completely different feel, give this stunning icon pack a try!  

Features of H2O Icon Pack:-

  • More than 4430 handcrafted icons to customize your screen 
  • Supports most of the major launchers  
  • Special detailing for the apps already provided by the phone’s brand  
  • Alternative icons for a customized and unique screen  
  • Continuous improvement with regular updates  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

12. Nexa Icon Pack  – best android icon pack 2022

Complement your mobile screen with exclusive pastel colors and minimal style icons. Each icon in the Nexa Icon Pack is truly a masterpiece and designed perfectly to give your phone a very unique, impressive, and compact look.

There are as many as 5000+ icons in the pack that is created with a superb blend of simplicity and creativity. I can assure you that you are going to have a distinct experience with the icon pack.

13 Best Icon Packs For Android To Get Simple and Clean UI

You must be checking your phone at least twenty times a day. Then why would you bear with that same look and feel all the time?  

Features like attractive pastel color, category-based icon grids, icon preview and search, custom folder icons, custom app drawer icons make it a complete icon pack.

And there is something bonus you get with the pack as well! Hundreds of supreme and unique wallpapers are there to complement different themes and icons.

The Nexa Icon Pack is already tested with dozens of popular launchers including ABC launcher, New launcher, Peek launcher, S launcher, Mini launcher, Lucid launcher, and more.  

Features of Nexa Icon Pack:-

  • 5000 plus unique and stylish icon packs  
  • Category-based icon grids to complement different themes and icons  
  • Slick material dashboard for accessing all the icons in one place  
  • Custom app drawer icons with custom folder icons  
  • Allows you to request new icons directly from the icon pack  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 5,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

13. Lines Free – Icon Pack

If you want to get a taste of some of the most popular icons available for Android in a completely different way, I recommend you give Lines Free icon pack a try.

One of the best icon packs available for Android with a complete list of outlined shapes of most of the popular applications. Each icon in the pack is beautifully crafted giving detailed attention to simplicity and uniqueness. 

Lines Icon Pack | How to Apply Icon Packs on Android

The center of the outline in each icon is transparent and allows you to perfectly showcase the wallpapers or themes in the background even with the listing of the apps according to your choice.  

The icons available in the icon pack are of high resolution and look pretty cool with almost all the popular launchers. You can enjoy more than 2400 beautifully picked high-definition icons with Lines.

To complement them perfectly, there are more than 200 HD wallpapers as well. And guess what? You can choose unlimited icons according to your choice and preferences.

And the icon pack is also featured with an in-built wallpaper chooser and enables you to quickly change the wallpaper whenever you want.  

Features of Lines Free – Icon Pack:-

  • Over 2400+ simple, clean, and outlined icons are available 
  • Allows you to apply the icons according to different categories  
  • Pre-installed wallpaper chooser to easily select the wallpapers  
  • New icons are constantly added with regular updates  
  • Goes well with almost all the popular launchers  

Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5 | 50,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store 

✅FAQ on icon packs for android

Which is the best icon pack for Android?

Cryon Icon Pack, Alexis Icon Pack, Juno Icon Pack, Outline Icons, etc. are some of the best icon packs for Android and are known for offering thousands of beautiful icon packs across multiple categories. All these amazing icon packs also support various launchers and get better with frequent updates. 

Which icon Changer app is the best? 

X Icon Changer and Shortcut Maker are a couple of amazing icon changer applications, that allow you to change and customize Android apps the way you want.  

What is the largest icon pack? 

Streamline 3.0 is the world’s largest icon pack, offers more than 30,000 icons, across 53 categories, and 72 subcategories

How do you get icon packs on Android? 

It depends on the model and brand you are using. However, this idea works on most Android phones. You can apply an icon pack in Settings> Display, Home Screen, Theme, Personalization, etc. > Icon Pack.

Look for various icon packs already available on your Android device, and select what you want to apply.  

How do I add custom icons to my Android? 

You can download and use any of the most popular icon apps like Moonshine, Viral Icon Pack, CandyCons, Circons, etc. to add different types of custom icons to your Android phone. 

Does Samsung Support icon packs? 

Samsung devices with One UI allow you to apply third-party icon packs. In addition, you can also adjust the shape of adaptive icons according to your preferences, as well as change the color of masks behind adaptive icons. 

Can Samsung change app icons? 

Yes, Samsung allows you to change icons the way you want. You have to touch and hold an empty area on the home screen, tap themes, and then tap icons.

To check out all the icons, tap the menu, 10 tap my stuff and select the icons. Select the icon you want to apply, and tap apply. You may have to tap the apply button twice to confirm. 

Can you change the Android app icons? 

Yes, you can easily change Android app icons. The most convenient way to do this is to download one of the Android icon packs like Moonshine, LuX Icon Pack, CandyCons, H20 Icon Pack, etc.  

How can I change my Android icons without the launcher? 

If you are using Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO Android device, you can easily change your Android icon simply by exploring some of the best icon packs from the “Theme” application.

These days, other brands also offer very simple ways of changing icons without downloading an additional launcher. Add, you always have the option of downloading some amazing icon packs like Circons, H20 Icon Pack, CandyCons, Alexis Icon Pack  

The Conclusion  

These are some of the top icon packs for Android and are easily available to download. You can try a few of them if not all and explore hundreds of different ways of personalizing your phone’s screen.

Cryon icon pack is my favorite especially due to the thousands of icons with sleek, simple, and attractive designs. But you can surely explore some of them and find which one attracts you the most.

Don’t forget to hit the comments section below if you have got any suggestions or questions.