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9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

The Internet is a place of wonder, and we can’t put it in any other words. Sometimes we find something amazing that we want to have saved on our computers so we can watch it or play it again at our own will without having to worry about the internet connection. 

Yes, we are living in 2022, and yes, day by day, the Internet is getting cheaper, but still, there are lots of places in the world where the internet connection isn’t that sound. Thus, you need to rely on downloaders to download a file to watch it anytime.

Steaming is becoming common now in more developed countries. Still, there’s no denying that even Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime provide you with the option to download your favorite series so you can watch it later at your ease, without using the Internet.

Today we are going to talk about some of the best IDM alternatives, given below is the list of 9 different applications that can help you download files from the Internet.

List Of Best IDM Alternatives That Work For Free

1. JDownloader – Open Source IDM alternatives

Starting with our list, we have JDownloader, and this software is a free, open-source tool that makes downloading files from the Internet much faster and hassle-free than any open-source downloader available in the market.

Best IDM Alternatives

Being open-source software, you are not going to pay even a single cent to get this software running. In addition to this, you can download files straight from Rapidshare, Mega, and other similar hosting sites.

Even if these hosting sites have captchas that you need to fill before you can download anything, this software will automate it for you and lets you download your files quicker.

We know how annoying it is to fill the captcha every time you are trying to download something or get to a web page while using the VPN. But with JDownloader, things will be much easier for you. 

Just provide the initial link to the downloader, and the whole process will go on autopilot. Meaning you don’t have to do anything from here on. The software will do it all by itself and makes a copy of the file on your computer that is present on the Internet.

At first, if you were ditching IDM and started using this software, it might look intimidating due to so many features present in front of your screen that it is hard for you to navigate.

But once you get comfortable with the UI, you will truly understand the power JDownloader holds. The only issue we have faced with this software was its extension, which can be flaky sometimes.

But there’s always an option for you to paste the link into the software, and the download will start in no time.

2. Xtreme Download Manager – IDM alternatives to increase download speed up to 500%

Just like IDM is the acronym of Internet Download Manager, in the same way, Xtreme Download Manager (Download Here) has its acronym DXM.

Best IDM Alternatives

It might look like it’s a copy of IDM at first glance, but one of the most exciting things about these IDM alternatives software is its ability to run on Mac and Linux. You can run this software on both these platforms without having to worry about patch issues and other crashing bugs.

In Linux, we are still craving to get our hands on IDM, but the wait has been too long, and when we saw XDM we couldn’t control ourselves to try it as soon as possible if we have to sum up the whole user experience of and downloading of files using this software in just one word.

We will say, “It is the best downloader for Linux and Mac.” Everyone in the office agrees with us on this one, like IDM, which allows you to resume the download if the download was stopped abruptly due to some reason.

XDM does the same thing, and it also allows you to continue your video download from the same position where it was broken.

In addition to this, this IDM alternatives software includes a built-in file converter. Thus, you don’t need to download any extra software to convert your audio and video files from one format to another.

It lets you have a preview of the file that you are downloading even if the download isn’t finished. As a result, you can see if the quality and the content that you are looking for are present in the file or not. It works on both Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. 

If you look at the user interface, you will find there are not many features to puzzle your mind. As a result, you can navigate easily from the interface and get what you want from this software.

You can even schedule your download and limit the speed of each download individually. Likewise, browser monitoring is supported in all major browsers that are available across platforms. 

3. Free Download Manager – Free IDM alternatives

We all have been there when we want to see some serial which is not available on our country’s streaming websites. We take help from the Internet, and the sites that have online viewing ability provide us with streaming from multiple servers.

9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

But we all know how many pop-ups come on those websites that it gets so annoying that we are sometimes on the verge of closing the browser.

With the help of these IDM alternatives free download manager, you can download those videos from streaming sites, and when your download is taking place, you can switch the server to increase the speed of your downloading if it is quite low. That’s a special move, which makes Free Download Manager stand on top 3 podia of our list. 

You can even download the torrent file directly from the software by placing the torrent in the manager or pasting its URL. Drag and drop can be used for almost every link to download the video, photo, and pdf file from this software.

Likewise, you can set the speed of each download, meaning you can give more bandwidth to your torrent files and give a low rate to your video downloads. Free Download Manager is an around that you need to manage your downloads from the Internet.

There are not many issues that you might face when using the software, but if you do come across one, their online forum is quite helpful and will provide you with the solution in a short period. 

4. Internet Download Accelerator

If you are looking for straightforward software that has possession of all the necessary features built into it, then IDA is made just for you.

The main benefit of having IDA on your computer is its overall performance and convenient user interface.

9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

Using the IDA, you will see the change in the downloading speed of your files as it increases the down speed of the files coming from the sites that are using HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP protocols. 

The acceleration which the IDA provides doesn’t have any secrets. What the software does is, it breaks the file into parts and then downloads them separately at the same time, meaning if the files were of 10 Mb and the software will first break the file into ten equal parts.

Thus, giving 1Mb to each part and then downloading all of them at the same time. As a result, the downloading speed is increased because the server will think you are downloading ten different files. As a result, it will provide you with more bandwidth.

Whatever is your bandwidth, IDA makes sure that you get the best of the downloading experience. The extension of IDA can be installed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, and other major internet browsers. The program also contains FTP explorer along with the site manager for all your passwords

In addition to this, you can schedule when you want the downloading to start. Meaning you can set the time of resuming the download once you go to sleep.

As a result, when you wake up, the game that you want to download will be finished, and you can play it in the morning. 

The new update of the software allows you to watch the preview of the file before you download it and play the video files in the software when the downloading is finished.

5. EagleGet

We have reached half of our list of top IDM alternatives, but the list has a lot to offer you still. So sit back and read how these next five IDM alternatives can help you with your downloading requirements. At number 5 we have EagleGet (Download Here).

9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

This is the software that is totally against the usage of cheap and readily available software. You might be thinking when I have free software that can download a file from the Internet, why do I need to have EagleGet? What is so special about it?

The truth is that most people who are consuming a high amount of internet hours daily still don’t have enough speed to download 1GB of a file in just 5 minutes.

This is the truth in some of the developing countries in the world. Even in the US, there are places where you have to pay a lot to get Gigabit internet. 

With the help of EagleGet, you get to download the file from multiple server locations. Thus, increasing the speed of your download and making the download process quicker than your average downloader.

In addition to this, the software comes with a media grabbing tool, meaning when you open it alongside a browser, it will automatically detect the files that are present in the URL and ask you if you want to download these files or not? Don’t worry, and it only prompts you to download when you allow it.

When you are downloading a huge file, and your Internet is slow, you can leave some of the batches for the overnight download that way, and it won’t clog your connection when you are browsing, and once you get to sleep, it will start the download. So the download will be finished when you wake up. 

The learning curve has a bit of elevation to it, and you need to understand the software and its features. Once you are familiar with it, you can select which features you want to be present in the standard dashboard, which opens up when you start the software. 

6. FlashGet

This is one of the IDM alternatives software that always pushes the boundaries to provide its users with the best experience. You might have software that can help you download files from the Internet and help you manage them.

But FlashGet is the software that lets you manage all your downloads whether they are from torrent files, or grabbing files from the URL, FlashGet will let you handle all these in one of the most user-friendly interfaces which can be easy for even a child to navigate.  

You need to keep in mind that you are getting this software without having to pay anything extra or get involved in a monthly subscription. So it is fair that the software comes with some ad banners, which will run in the software when you start it.

Once you close it, the ad banners will go away. The brief installation setup will ask you to make FlashGet your default downloader, and you can decide on your own, depending on your requirements. 

From magnetic links to URLs to downloading files from the clipboard, you can do anything with this software in terms of getting the file from the Internet.

On the other hand, if you have a torrent file that you have downloaded, you can open it up in this software, and it will work just fine without having any issues

7. Uget – IDM alternatives For Linux

Uget is another lightweight open-source IDM alternative software that is designed with the utmost simplification. It doesn’t have lots of features built into it. But what it can do for you it does it with perfection. The software is available for both Linux and windows.

9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

Sadly we don’t have a version of it that can be used in Mac OS. On the other hand, and it does have an android application too, so once you are familiar with the user interface, you can install it on your phone as well and get assistance in downloading from the Internet. 

The open-source application runs on GTK+. Likewise, the Debian and RPM patches of the software are also available for you to download at no extra cost.

But in the case of Windows users, if you want to have a GTK+ runtime environment, you first need to download and install it separately. 

All the generic downloader features are present in this software, along with some exceptions. We provide some of its features that are different, and you cannot find them anywhere else. 

With this software, you can download a file in batches as you do in a torrent, but here you get a big file to download straight from the Internet in the form of batches.

As a result, the speed of the download will be much greater. The clipboard monitor lets you keep track of all your downloads and present them in your system. 

It automatically creates a folder in your system according to the file format and saves all the files with the same format on that particular folder. Thus, you don’t have to manually manage your downloads and separate them based on their file type. 

8. Download Ninja

When software has Ninja in it, you can be sure of two things: the software is truly amazing or unconditionally crappy. Well, the first one is the case of Download Ninja (Download Here).

9 Of The Best IDM Alternatives That Works For Free

The first thing you notice when you open the software is how amazing it looks, and it shows a complete overhaul from the other software that tries to blend in with your system.

Download Ninja elevates its UI with the dark theme and who doesn’t love a dark theme software, its a trend in 2022 isn’t?

The reason why apps like Download Ninja exist is to slay the monopoly of big download software covering most of the market.

Some of the software requires you to download the whole thing once again if something went wrong during the downloading process psst, we hope you know whom we are talking about here. This software prevents it from happening at all costs.

Nobody in their right mind wants to download a file once again from the start if it pauses in the middle of downloading due to some untimely crash of software. 

In addition to this, you can download several files at the same time from different or the same sources. Thus, increasing your downloading speed and reliability. Likewise, there is one special feature that makes it stand apart from the rest of the downloaders.

It’s the ability to shred your information from the URL once the download is complete, and the file is stored in your system. We still don’t know why the developer has put this as a feature, but it can be handy.

The UI for some may look like a teenager has developed the app, but we don’t have any grudges with that in the first place. It automatically scans for the virus on the website before downloading a file from it. As a result, it keeps your system safe from any malware attacks. 

9. Turbo Download Manager

We are at the last software on our list for best IDM alternatives, but we would like to go out with a bang, so we decided that our number 9 must be a bit special.

The Turbo download manager (Download Here) at first glance will look like just another software you might not know, but you can use it on your Android phone and your Mac Os system. 

Turbo Download Manager; an open-source multi-threading download manager for all platforms

All the files that you have downloaded on both platforms will be shown to you in the app. As a result, it will help you save a lot of space and stop you from downloading the same file again on a different system.

It’s a bit of a hassle to run it on chrome cause you need to install two more extensions to run it without any errors. The software will take no time in downloading, but you need to check from where you are downloading the software.

One of the things in which the software is good at is the multiple platform support. It is relatively new software, but open-source enthusiasts love it and are working vigorously to make it better each day. If you want to learn something new while you are using software, then you should give it a go.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a UI, which provides you with the familiar feeling that all the other software does, we would like you to try our other options because they are much more friendly to newcomers and help you a lot. TDM is specifically for people who work on multiple platforms. 

Conclusion on IDM alternatives

So there you have these are the top IDM alternatives that you can download anytime on your computer and start taking the benefits of listening to your favorite music at a high bit rate.

Watch the movie that you so wanted to watch for such a long time. In addition to this, most of this software is quite small in terms of installation space, so you can try different software simultaneously for your comparison and choose the one you think suits your requirements the most. 

Have fun with the Internet the way it was meant to be in the first place, without ads and any restrictions. Just be sure you know which site you are browsing, and is it safe from downloading files from it or not? Happy Downloading!!