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Impact of Digital Marketing On Consumer Behavior Essay


It won’t be wrong to call digital marketing just the latest trend, because it has influenced our lives for years already. However, digital marketing and consumer behavior are so strongly interconnected, that it would be unreasonable not to emphasize this connection and try to rethink it. If you use your computer or your tablet, or your smartphone daily, you are just on top of the audience targeted by digital marketing strategists. You may not be one of those alpha consumers who are said to be “first to try and first to buy,” but if you use Facebook or YouTube at least several times a week, you are a participant of digital marketing, and you can also make a small research about how it influences your behavior.

Unfortunately, people don’t tend to think much about how the digital world influences there lives daily. Behaviouristic economics studies how people buy and how they make decisions in the field of personal finances, economics, business, etc. Previously, classical economic theory stated that people behave logically, their economic behavior is based on their needs and their financial abilities, otherwise, it would be irrational, and a person is considered to be a rational subject of the economic sphere. However economics behaviorists prove that people are not that rational, they buy more than they can afford, they ask for loans when they are sure they won’t be able to pay them back without troubles, they don’t save for pension plan, and they don’t buy rationally, especially when buying online.

Digital marketing makes our behavior even more irrational because it addresses our emotional part, the part which is not able to save money or think about our financial stability in the future. When you want to buy something you see in the online advertisement, you don’t think that this purchase can harm your financial stability in 10 years from now, it seems absolutely ridiculous that something that costs $20 today can make you bankrupt ten or twenty years later. However, it is a reality. Not many people have budgets they update every day and financial plans they follow strictly. By the way, all those people who make their financial analysis every single day, tend to buy match last online, and generally tend to have better, more rational consumer behavior. When you know exactly how much money you have, it is much harder for digital marketing strategists to address your emotional part and make you purchase something that will be hazardous for your monthly, weekly, or daily budget. The fundamental idea of digital marketing is to show people that buying specific things or services is simple, cheap, useful and makes them look better.  

Previously, you were not exposed to so many advertisements as you are now. When you go out, you see big boards and city lights, but when you are online you see ad banners everywhere, you receive messages about sales, and even in your Facebook thread there are posts which look like posts of your friends, but actually they are created by digital marketing agencies, and try to sell you something that you don’t actually need. Such agencies create that need artificially, they make you believe that without this particular good or service your life is not good enough.

Another serious impact of digital advertisements is based on the idea “I work so hard I’m worth it,” which means they try to justify irrational, instant online purchases by your necessity to praise yourself for hard work. It is generally cruel idea because it means you should spend more money because you work very hard to earn that money, and later you need to work even harder to cover for all those useless purchases you need acting like a rational consumer. Of course, there are online purchases which come from our necessity and which can be made only in the digital world. For example, when you need to make an online money transfer, or buy professionally written papers from high-quality essay writing service online, you will gladly follow advertisements which help you to save money and receive the best result. But when it comes to buying pounds bag back or another pair of airpods, you should resist manipulation.



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