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Importance of Video Marketing for Tech Startups


In the past year video marketing became an addition to promotion strategies. But is it worth spending money or putting effort? The answer is a simple Yes. Video is one of the versatile and creative tools to promote your products. Here are 6 reasons why video marketing is absolutely necessary.

Google Loves Videos

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Videos allow you to increase the time a visitor spends on your site along with having them engaged in a conversation through comments. Moreover, a report by Moovly shows that you’re 53% more likely to come up on the first page of a search if you have a video embedded in your site. Ever since Google bought YouTube, the way that videos are ranked has been changed.

Videos Attract Mobile Users

Video and Mobile have been together for a long time now. With smartphones being common these days, 90% of the consumers watch videos on their cell phones. A report by YouTube states that video consumption increases 100% every year. People are finding new ways to use videos to attract an audience. In the past year, a trend of VR (Virtual Reality) and 360 videos emerged and these trends are expected to grow in the upcoming years. Another report by Google refers that mobile users are twice as likely or 1.4 times more likely to watch ads or videos.

Videos Explain Everything

May it be a new product or service, create an engaging and useful video to explain how it works. 98% of users say that they have seen videos that explain how a product works before actually using it. You can use apps like Swish App, which is a preferred video editing app. People even use animated videos to explain a difficult concept. Animation can bring concepts to life and make them easy to grasp. Make your videos as much out of the box as possible.

Videos Show Great ROI

Even though we know that video production is an easy or cheap task, but 83% of video makers stated that they provide good Return On Investment (ROI). Moreover, people are working on making these videos available on cheaper rate while increasing their quality. You can make a fancy video as you like but the content of the video is the one that always does the work. Think of it as a pizza, when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Videos Appeal to Even the Laziest Buyers

Videos can influence people more than we think. People don’t have the time or energy to read the whole manual of a product. They usually prefer a video with the product being in action. You can use Swish Video App if you want to create appealing videos using a video editing app. Make sure that your video not only targets the eye but also the ears of the potential buyers.

Video Ads Work Wonder

The average click-rate of a video is 1.84% making it the highest CTR of every digital format that exists. Even after YouTube introduced a 15-second non-skippable video, the completion rate went to 92%.

Over to you

It is important that you put video marketing in your budget of 2019. People not only watch videos, but there’s also a possibility that they’ll share it with their friends through comments or shares. what can be a better way to market your product! The whole idea behind video marketing is: the creative survives!

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This is a guest post written by Zeeman Memon, a freelance content marketer & tech enthusiast who’s the founder of a tech blog called Thetic Blog where he writes about trending Android & iOS apps.


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