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How to Improve Blog Authority & Ranking With Outbound Links


There are lots of beginners who do not give too much value to two outbound links as they need to give. Do you know that outbound links are helpful to improve your blog authority as well as ranking? So you need to take serious actions and you have to create quality outbound links for the purpose of improving your Blog authority as well as ranking.

Most of the bloggers especially beginners did not know that outbound links are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. And also they do not know how they can increase their outbound links to improve their blog authority and ranking.

So whenever you are writing content for your blog then it is very important for you to give credit to other websites and blogs that have published information, and engaging content on their blogs.

What are outbound links?

So, first of all, I am going to explain what outbound links are, then we will go to the further step. Actually, outbound links are the hyperlink which is able to send the user to another website from your blog or website.

So with the help of outbound links search engines are able to find out your blog niche very easily but this will only happen when you will add links to the related data in your blog posts.

Outbound links able to increase the quality as well as the trust of your blog and also these links play an important role in the SEO of a website or blog.

Google link operator is one of the best tools with the help of which you can find out all the links which are relevant to your blog from the Google perspective.

So, after all, it will show you all the popular websites or authority websites of your niche. The link which is available in the comment section of your blog post is also considered as a single outbound link.

Why are outbound links important?

So whenever you are writing content for your blog or website then feel free to use outbound links. But I really recommend you to add more links in your content to blog posts as compared to services or products.

You can get more benefit by adding blog post links to your content. So if you want to make your blog post informative and helpful for the uses then it is an essential for you to add outbound links to authority websites and blogs into your content.

for an example, you are writing a service page for your website so it is important for you to link your service pages with government pages as well as with other high authority sites but do not go overboard.

How to Improve Blog Authority & Ranking With Outbound Links

According to recent search, the authority of the page or website can find out by Google on the basis of sources with which the website is associated with outbound links.

According to expert marketers and SEO Consultants outbound links to authority’s websites is very beneficial because it is considered a plus point in search engine algorithms and also outbound links have a positive impact on the ranking of a website.

Benefits of outbound links

There are a lot of benefits of outbound links but here in this article, I am going to list few of them. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that if you want a successful blog or website then outbound links are very important for you.


It is very important for you to link your blog post with the relevant content in your niche. Before adding a link to any website in your content one thing that you need to keep in mind is that ensure that website is high quality and trustful.

With the help of outbound links, Google can easily carry out the process of crawling. Also, Google uses outbound links to determine the relationship between various pecies of content which is available on different websites and blogs. So always add links to good blogs because this will impact positively on your ranking.

More visitors

So if you add a link to any other blogs in your content then he will receive a trackback on their blogs so by this they can easily know that someone has linked to them.

So in this way, there are 80% chances that they will return to your blog and they will also check your blog post. And if your blog post is high in quality then they will often visit your blog or maybe they will become your regular reader.

Or at least they will share a short note about your website or blog on their blog. They will also share your website link in your blog post or at least they will do a favor with you.

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Boost your credibility

You can easily boost the credibility of visitors as well as the website by adding outbound links in your content. So when you provide outbound links authority blogs then it has a huge impact on User experience.

Also on the other hand if you will add outbound links to high quality as well as reputable resources then this will also crawl in Google for the purpose of determining the overall value of your webpage. So it can be very helpful for you in improving your ranking.

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Provide further resources

No matter what you are thinking about outbound links there are lots of true bloggers who also add links to reputable resources in their blog post to provide their website visitors more resources on the topic they have posted on their website.

So, first of all, it is very important for you to provide your visitors all the information that they are looking for on your blog and after all provide them certain other reputable websites or blogs to enhance the User experience. In this way uses love to come back to your website and he will love to share your blog posts, which has a huge impact on your ranking.

Think Before Linking

The Internet is changing every day involving landscape. Things are changed on the Internet all the time. so if you are providing outbound links to any website or blog in your post for the purpose of building more credibility then it is very important for you to check these outbound links after some time to see that they are still relevant to your topic or not.


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