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Improve Your Company’s Success with Twib – Sales Tracking, Employee Monitoring App


Business apps are a tough subject. There are a variety of variables to consider. That may include team size, business size, how well the app scales to demand, and tons of other stuff. Some apps are great for huge teams while others do better for business people individually. Some businesses are always in the market for better stuff while others opt to make their own solutions.

A great sales team management tool

Today we have picked a quite interesting application that should interest the ones in the business industry, who are open to new tool of possibility to move forward in their working style. We gladly introduce the Twib application, created and dedicated for business owners & salesman to track and monitor the activities of the working team by capturing the real data from their location, supported by a web-based (https://twib.online) admin panel.

This app is perfect for a company to track sales visits and reporting more efficiently with images. It was designed for high functionality from a proved business like publishers, FMCG, footwear manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, garments manufacturing units etc. Using Twib also gives the option to take pictures with GPS details, feed on his/her daily expenses and upload pictures of any outdoor marketing activity with GPS details about it.

Who Can Find A Use of the App?

Surely Twib has the potential to be one of the best business apps because it is used as for the sales monitoring system, employee tracking & sales tracking tool for the business owners/ employers/managers and as sales analytics metrics & sales performance metrics and reporting for the sales employees. It is helpful for both parties involved in the business operations!

If you find Twib as useful for your company then visit the Google Play Store link where you can get more information and to download the app.

Google Play Download Link: Twib – Sales Tracking, Employee Monitoring


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