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5 Top Devices You Should Use to Improve Your Laptop’s Productivity


Laptop owners are used to making compromises. For the sake of the opportunity to use the same computer at home, at work, and on travel, they have to put up with a small screen, limited interface connectors, and low performance. However, there are ways to fix this. Here are the things you should try to use in order to improve productivity when working on a laptop.

Wireless HDMI Transmitter

Wireless 4k HDMI transmitter is a modern technology, which is an interface for the transmission of audio and video signals as HD. Such a device allows you to transmit signals in a digital format without their compression. In addition, such a device provides enhanced image viewing, mobility and guarantees ease of use. Easy operation is achieved through the Plug’n’Play principle, it’s enough to connect the desired device and you can start working with it without the need for additional settings.


The most effective option is to add SDD to your hard drive. In this case, the operating system is installed on the SSD, and personal files are stored on the HDD. This decision will positively affect the speed of launching the operating system and applications, the duration of the laptop’s autonomous operation, and the preservation of important data.

Desktop Cable Outlet 60 Mm, USB Hub, Card Reader and Audio Connector

And all these are the one device. This is a really useful device. With a desktop cable outlet you can clean up your desk, in addition, you do not have to constantly look for USB connectors. In addition, this device can be used as a card reader. But this gadget is probably more suitable for the workplace at home.

Portable Printer

This novelty has a battery, weighs only 2 kg and is able to print documents with a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch. It is indispensable for those who often find the need to get a paper copy in the most unexpected places.

Stand for Cooling

Most laptops are very hot, the cooling stand can save your working time. Such stands have a built-in cooler, which will not allow to heat up and will maintain its stable temperature. They are charged either from batteries or using a USB cable.


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