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Increasing Engagement on Instagram Using Some Easy Ways


Actively engaged Instagram accounts are the most crucial requirement for growing your followers and boosting your profile. It is the most important goal of the social media marketers. A good Instagram engagement helps you to be on top of the news feed of your followers and is more likely to reach more Instagram users.

You can try many different tricks to make people like your Instagram page.  Sharing good content is surely going to be the most important thing, but you can also choose to buy likes and followers. How can you do it, you may ask? Enter VVSLikes.com and you will know! The site helps you buy automatic links to increase the visibility of your Instagram account. However, you will still have to take some steps to increase engagement, and that is when you can take advantage of the following tips.

Some Easy Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Instagram Account:

Engage with Similar Accounts in Your Industry

Engaging with other Instagram accounts gives you more exposure and most probably increases engagement on your Instagram account too. It is important to engage with the right accounts to get the relevant audience. You can comment, take part in the discussions on the Instagram accounts in your industry, or connect with people of the same niche to increase your reach to your targeted audience.

For example, if your Instagram account is related to cooking, engage with cooking experts, celebrity chefs, small vendors, and with big cooking groups. Similarly, if your Instagram account is related to beauty products engagement with celebrities, beauticians, dermatologists, beauty products selling the business, and fashion inspiration accounts will help you in grabbing attention from your targeted audience.

Connecting with irrelevant profiles may help in increasing viewers on your posts but they are less likely to be interested in your content and will not help you in growing your Instagram engagement.

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Engage with Content Directly Before and After Your Post

The first hour after you post your content on Instagram is the most crucial period for getting likes and comments and getting your post recognized on the Instagram algorithm. You can increase engagement on your post soon after posting it by increasing your own engagement on other posts.

Like and comment on posts that are updated at a similar time to your post as this will help you in gaining attention from the active Instagram users at that time. The more you engage in other posts the more people will visit your profile and view your recent post. This will increase the likelihood of your posts being seen on the newsfeed of people visiting your profile. It will also help you in getting recognized on the platform.

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  1. Use long-tail, Strategically Selected Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for Instagram users to find your post in the relevant category. You can choose general hashtags or may add more detailed and specified hashtags which are also known as long-tail hashtags.

There are a huge number of posts under general hashtag and are kept on increasing every minute which decreases the likelihood of your post being seen under the relevant hashtag. While under long-tail hashtags the number of posts is comparatively less which increase the chance of your post to stay there for a bit longer time period.

For example, there are millions of posts under the hashtag #architecture whereas only 8 to 9 thousand posts under the hashtag #postmodernarchitecture. The hashtags are quite similar but details in the late hashtag reduce the number of posts under this category.

Besides using relevant hashtags you need a good number of followers to get your post featured under the topmost post. With a lesser number of followers, there are very few chances of your post being discovered under relevant hashtags and you are less likely to get any engagement on your Instagram account.

To increase the chances of your post being discovered by Instagram users while searching hashtags, you can use a larger number of hashtags in your post. The combination of general hashtags and specific long-tail hashtags will increase the chances of your posts being seen under some hashtags.



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