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11 Best Indeed Alternatives To Search for Jobs Online

All of us are struggling to find suitable jobs in these pandemic times and we end up getting disappointed at the end of every day after not being able to find a job.

But, there are some amazing websites and platforms that help us in finding a good job and one such site is Indeed. Indeed is an American work posting site that was launched in 2004.

It is best known for providing candidates with jobs and also helps businesses to find the perfect candidate for their work. It has over 250 million unique visitors every month and has its presence worldwide. indeed jobs offer different features such as resume storing,  application status,  easy sign-in, and much more.

In this article, we will talk about the Best Indeed Alternatives.

Let’s get started!

Best Indeed Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an American business and employment website. It is a professional platform with over 660 million current users. LinkedIn is working through its site and application.

The platform is accessible to users worldwide, so anyone who has a profile on LinkedIn can simply connect with other users worldwide.

Best Indeed Alternatives

It helps potential candidates to find what they are looking for. LinkedIn is not exactly a job listings website but it’s a network of professionals and candidates.

If you have registered on the platform, you can easily search for a job or find a person you know or you can even learn a new skill or course through it.

Professionals or businesses looking to hire candidates can easily post their job listings after paying some amount to LinkedIn. This will help them to get potential candidates faster. It is also useful for candidates who are searching for jobs or internships.


  • Connect with people easily worldwide
  • Find jobs or internships by simply applying with your resume
  • Custom filter searches
  • Both free and premium subscriptions are available


  • Helps in finding jobs or internships worldwide
  • Accessible through site and app
  • Candidates can find jobs or internships free of cost
  • One can use it even to verify the details of someone
  • LinkedIn Learning platform helps users learn new skills


  • Unverified and unidentified messages
  • High-cost advertising expenses.
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2. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a California-based recruitment platform that is available on both web and application. It is an online recruiting ad platform. The business was founded in 2003.

It is an employment search platform that focuses on collecting resumes and job advertisements. Simply Hired connects job seekers with a wide range of opportunities in a variety of categories and sectors.

Best Indeed Alternatives 1

It is the most powerful job listing and employment platform as it helps the business to post the job within a large network.

It is ranked #1 currently, so if you are finding a candidate urgently for a particular post you can simply post the job vacancy on Simply Hired and get the most suitable person that fits your criteria. It has a large board of networks with more than 100 different job boards connected.


  • A large network with more than 100+ job networks connected
  • Provides a free of cost job listings 
  • Free of cost salary estimator tool
  • Wide variety of job search filters
  • Available on the app as well as the website
  • It is available in more than 24 countries and in 16 different languages


  • Free job search and job posting platform
  • Simply Hired has a worldwide presence and is available in different languages
  • Simply Hired is more popular on the west side
  • More jobs on their platform


  • Sometimes send irrelevant job matches
  • There are some scam and fraud jobs as well
  • High pay per connect price

3. TheLadders.com

Ladders.com, is a firm headquartered in the United States that provides career guidance and resources and it also offers job search engine facilities to the users.

It is a job listing and search website that helps professionals and businesses in connecting with the most suitable and high-profile professionals.

11 Best Indeed Alternatives To Search for Jobs Online

Ladders.com was founded in the year 2003 and has grown a lot since then. Employers may use the platform to connect with highly skilled and experienced individuals.

Employers hiring candidates for a $100k salary and above can only post their jobs on this platform. The site focuses more on the United States and Canadian businesses or professionals who are recruiting people.


  • The most unique feature of Ladders.com is that it only posts jobs paying above $100k salaries.
  • It has both free and paid job posting plans.
  • Employers have custom filters and tools to find the candidate who fits the best for their job
  • Recruiters get updates and alerts for those candidates who fit their profile
  • The free plan offers the employers to post only 10 job listings
  • Candidates can easily update their resumes and choose the post they are looking for.


  • Job listings of only recognized and verified companies
  • Higher paying jobs with salaries above $100k
  • Free package available for small businesses 
  • High-skilled candidates can easily find jobs
  • Custom plans for a large organization


  • The high-price paid plans
  • Users face difficulty stopping the subscription

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an American-based website that is known for providing information about salaries and company reviews but this is not all it does, the website was founded in the year 2007 and is also known for job listings.

The platform helps people to easily search and apply for jobs and also get an idea of the salaries and information about a particular company.

It is one of the largest employment and recruiting platforms and is in the limelight these days. It helps the employer to examine the resumes of only those candidates who have applied for their job.

Glassdoor has both paid and free plans available and the candidates have an opportunity to update their resumes and apply for jobs according to their choice free of cost.


  • Candidates have a large choice of companies for a particular job profile
  • Businesses or professionals can share complete information about their company on the platform
  • Candidates can go through interview questions as well
  • Employers can post jobs free of cost
  • The job advertisement is available with paid plans


  • Free and paid plans
  • Job postings and job advertisements
  • Candidates can view all the information about a particular company such as salary, current and ex-employee feedback, etc.
  • The candidate’s data is secured as the resume is not available to every employer


  • There is no tool for resume search
  • New users find the sign-up process a bit complex and time taking
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5. ZipRecruiter

Headquartered in the United States, ZipRecruiter is one of the best Indeed alternatives. It was founded in the year 2010 with the aim to be the most helpful platform for both employers and job seekers.

It is a job board platform helping millions of users to find the perfect job for years. ZipRecruiter is ranked #1 on iOS and Android with over 110 million+ job seekers.

ZipRecruiter also helps businesses to take online interviews and screening tests of the candidates easily. The platform also allows the users to make customized employment postings by simply filling out a form or altering the built-in samples that are there in the software. It also allows them to post multi-city job postings to ensure maximum visibility.


  • Employers can easily take candidate screening tests and interviews
  • Employers receive alerts whenever any new candidate matching their profile registers
  • Special  AI technology helps candidates to match with the right job
  • Resumes uploaded by candidates are shareable 
  • Customized and branded job postings
  • Candidates get notified whenever any company views their resume


  • Free trial and paid subscription plans are available
  • More integrations help in bringing more traffic
  • User-friendly
  • Available on website, desktop, and android app


  • Users find some jobs outdated and already filled
  • Not available on iOS

6. CareerBuilder

Netstart which was later renamed CareerBuilder is a renowned employment platform that was founded in the year 1995 and is headquartered in the United States.

The platform receives over 24 million new and different visitors every month who use it to look for new jobs and guidance related to employment. CareerBuilder provides an AI technology job posting platform to employers or businesses looking for professionals.

The platform is useful for those looking for verified and genuine jobs. It offers various services such as screening tests, hiring events, an applicant tracking system, and much more. It primarily focuses on employers who are seeking jobs in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia.


  • The platform provides resume search tools
  • Employers get inbox alerts whenever any new candidate matching their profile uploads his resume
  • On request free demo is available
  • Custom plans depending upon job postings available
  • AI technology helps employers to take hiring events that help in getting more candidates attracted to your job
  • Candidates can take career tests with simple tools that help them to get an idea about different fields based on their interests and other factors


  • Advanced resume search tools
  • Employers can straightaway contact potential candidates through the platform
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced job tools help in matching keywords with information mentioned in the candidate’s resume
  • Users can also apply without registering through the guest apply feature


  • Not available on desktop, iOS, or android
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7. Monster.com

Monster.com is another international website that is known for providing the best job-related services to users for the last 25 years.

Monster jobs were founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in the United States. It is an international employment posting website helpful for both employers as well as job seekers.

11 Best Indeed Alternatives To Search for Jobs Online

It provides several extensive employment information and tools that are available, including broad employment listings, a comprehensive career center, and a slew of other really valuable features. Monster.com has a very vast database with jobs and candidates looking for those jobs in almost every field.


  • Employers can take a free demo on request to get their hands with the platforms
  • The platform offers career advice for candidates by giving them some services like hiring professionals to make the most professional resume that will help them to get the desired job
  • Candidates can easily search for jobs by selecting the location and category
  • One can view the jobs as guest without even registering 
  • AI technology ensures to send push notifications for new jobs matching your profile
  • Candidates can block particular companies or professionals from viewing their resume


  • Built-in salary tools to help candidates
  • Effective and quick customer support
  • Free on-request demo and custom paid plans are available
  • It can be accessed through the website and mobile app
  • Integration with social networking sites
  • Potential candidates have an opportunity to upload their resumes for free of cost analyses


  • Employers can’t post any job for free
  • No free plans are available

8. Snagajob

Snagajob is known to be the top-ranked platform for getting part-time or full-time hour-based jobs. It is an employment marketplace that was founded in the year 2000 and has its headquarters in Virginia, United States.

The platform mainly focuses on providing hourly part-time and full-time jobs to fresh and experienced candidates. It is a platform that helps businesses find employers for hourly-based job work.

Best Indeed Alternatives 4

Candidates can easily sign up on their website or through the app and upload their resumes to find the best jobs on their choice of location. The mission of the company is to help potential job seekers connect with the right employers to make their aspirations come true.


  • Employers can search for the candidates and send them an invitation to apply
  • Employers can schedule online interviews for the selected candidates
  • Candidates can easily download their resume with just one click
  • Employers receive an email update every time a new candidate applies for their job
  • Snagajob helps in employer account management
  • Built-in search engine
  • Snagajob per job posting price starts at $89 per month


  • Online chat support
  • The cloud-based platform which is available on iOS, Android, and iPad
  • Quick and easy-to-use platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free demo available
  • Informative articles for users to go through all the processes.


  • No free plans are available
  • Expensive for small businesses
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9. Craigslist

Craigslist is a well-known global advertising and classified ads posting website that was founded in the year 1995. The platform is known for providing help to 50 million+ job seekers every month.

Craigslist is a platform where users can sell or purchase anything, rent homes, find vehicles, post, and apply for jobs as well. It offers its services in more than 70 countries and covers almost every area of the particular country.

Candidates can find every kind of job that is there in the world.  The reason why most of the users use Craigslist for job posting and applying is that the platform has over 60 million active users.


  • Available in different languages and different countries across the world
  • Candidates can also apply for hourly full-time or part-time jobs

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Craigslist that makes it add to the Best Indeed alternatives list.


  • Global presence helps job seekers to find jobs easily
  • Employers can post their jobs at very nominal prices
  • Also includes most of the local area jobs


  • Does not have many search tools
  • There are a lot of unverified and unqualified candidates
  • A lot of scam jobs are posted on the platform so one needs to be very careful while searching for a job
  • Not much attractive interface

10. Workable

Workable is one of the largest job listings and hiring platforms that was founded in the year 2012. It has its headquarters in the United States and is known to be a one-stop platform for hiring the best-qualified candidates.

Best Indeed Alternatives 5

It not only provides job seekers and employers the tools related to posting and applying but much more than that. This tech-savvy website helps to lower down the burden of both employers and candidates.

It has a talent acquisition feature that helps the employer to locate the best suitable applicant easily. The platform is perfect for small-type businesses as well as big group organizations.


  • It is associated with 200+ sites so employers can post a job on 200+ sites with just a click.
  • Employers and candidates get notification alerts 
  • The high-tech software also has automatic tools that help employers to automatically schedule interviews with the candidates.
  • Candidates can make and upload digital resumes and manage them.
  • It also helps to create online offer letters for the selected candidates and keep a track of the applicant.
  • Video tutorials related to how to use the platform are available on the website.
  • Helps in compliance management

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Workable that makes it add to the Best Indeed alternatives list.


  • All in one hiring assistant
  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • Free trial and paid plans are available.
  • Effective and fast live chat and email customer support
  • ISO-certified security
  • Helps in automatic video interviews and offers letters


  • Complex emailing function

11. Resume Library

Resume Library is a somewhat uncommon employment postings website that was founded in the year 2013. For the last 8 years, this United States-based platform is trying to make its roots solid in the field of job boarding websites. It gives you a good starting point for finding the proper professionals.

11 Best Indeed Alternatives To Search for Jobs Online

The candidates also have an advantage of using this platform as it enables them to save the jobs so that they can think or view them later on.


  • Candidates can use custom keywords, location, and distance filters to find the most suitable jobs.
  • Employers can easily post jobs with custom flexible paid plans
  • Employers have the option to either choose a 30-day job posting plan or pay for a performance plan with custom features.
  • Employers get resume alerts whenever any candidate uploads his resume
  • Video guides help the candidates to prepare for many activities such as screening questions, resume library, and much more.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Resume Library that makes it add to the Best Indeed alternatives list.


  • Accessible on the web, Android, and iOS devices
  • Instant and quick customer support
  • Easy communication with the candidates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Posts your job to different employment board platforms
  • Apply to various jobs in just seconds 


  • Video interview quality can be improved
  • Pricing plans can be high for small businesses.

12. BroadBean

Broadbean is one of the best Indeed alternatives here on our list. It is a medium-sized organization and quite popular as well. The platform offers a free trial for all the users which you may not get in other such companies.

Well, for direct employers, the job posts you create can and the applications can be directly managed here on BroadBean. 

Adding more there, as we said if you are an employer,  you can request a demo to learn more about the different features on how the platform readily works.

You can create a job post here and post across multiple platforms at once such as social media, other recruitment sites, etc. With the help of a dashboard, you can keep track of all the job boards that are performing well.


  • Works perfectly well for both Agency Recruiters and Direct Employers
  • You can do customization on your job posts
  • Use the BroadBean Boost for multiple benefits
  • Choose the Talent Search option for specific and filtered searches
  • Post on multiple job boards on one go.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the BroadBean that makes it add to the Best Indeed alternatives list.


  • Provides a free trial for employers.
  • It provides phone and online support.
  • You can use the custom search for the right candidate.
  • You can use the activity dashboard to keep track.
  • Get real-time notifications


  • No mobile application is available

📗FAQ on indeed alternatives

What app is better than Indeed? 

LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, TheLadders.com, ZipRecruiter, etc. are some of the best, add underrated indeed alternatives. All of these platforms are very good for not only finding all types of jobs but looking for some amazing, job-oriented internships as well.  

Who is the biggest competitor of Indeed? 

LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, etc. are some of the biggest competitors of Indeed and are doing great as leading job-finding platforms.  

What is comparable to Indeed? 

Monster, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter, Craigslist, etc. are some of the most popular and highly competitive platforms, comparable to Indeed.  

What is the best job site to use? 

Indeed, LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, Glassdoor, etc. are a few amazing sites to look for the job of your dream.

All these websites are excellent and are known as the most sought platforms for both job seekers as well as employers around the world.  

Is Indeed or ZipRecruiter better? 

When we compare Indeed and ZipRecruiter, we have noticed that both are doing exceedingly well as two of the most competitive job-finding platforms. Both of these platforms are equally good for employers as well as job aspirants.

However, companies that are planning to hire employees regularly should prefer ZipRecruiter as it offers a fixed number of reusable job slots. And Indeed is a wonderful platform for job aspirants of all types and of course, budding companies that seldom hire individuals.  

Is LinkedIn or Indeed better? 

If we compare LinkedIn and Indeed from four important aspects, LinkedIn just pips Indeed in Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Recommendations to friends and colleagues, and business outlook.

On the other hand, Indeed scored better in four other areas like career opportunities, work-life balance, CEO approval, and Senior Management. Both are equally good at benefits and compensations. So, it all comes down to your preferences, type of job, location preferences, etc.  

Is Indeed or monster better? 

Both Indeed and Monster are excellent platforms for recruiters to hire job seekers. Indeed becomes a better option for those who want to hire people for specific types of jobs, and Monster is excellent at assessment features.

And for job aspirants, Monster is not as comprehensive when compared to Indeed. The monster can be used to find special skills that are not easily available, and Indeed is much better to find usual jobs.  

Do recruiters still use Indeed? 

Yes, Indeed is still a very reliable and preferred platform for recruiters to find the best talents across various fields. After the pandemic, online recruitment has increased a lot and the popularity of platforms like Indeed has also touched new heights.  

Is SimplyHired or Indeed better? 

Both SimplyHired and Indeed are very solid competitors. It all comes down to what are your preferences and requirements as well as goals. If you are in search of his sponsor job advertisements, you can stick with indeed.

Otherwise, if you are in search of cross-posted jobs across multiple platforms, SimplyHired becomes a much better option. 


Finding a job is no more a hard task with different tech-savvy platforms being available globally. Although there are a lot of Indeed alternatives available for job postings and applications, here in this article we have covered a list of the best indeed alternatives that can do all the work a company needs for hiring.

We recommend Workable as the best alternative because it does almost every manual work digitally that is required before and after hiring the candidate.

Other than the one listed above, there are multiple other sites that are much better than Indeed in so many ways. You can try them out too. If at all you are not too sure about which one to go for, let us know what you are looking for and we will help you with it.