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Insane SEO Tips By Top New York SEO Company


There are a lot of websites out there that you need to compete against. The number of websites keeps increasing everyday making competition of being easy to find online more challenging. Interestingly,  SEO has been a great help in increasing visibility and online presence.

However, it is important to understand the tips to an effective SEO to be able to maximize the full benefit of SEO services. With so many websites on the internet today, competition to be on the top page of search engines is increasing everyday.

Fortunately,  there are some insane tips shared by top marketing companies in New York that are really helpful to achieve the best of SEO. The world is moving, and everything is moving with it, even SEO tips are changing and needs to be amplified on daily basis. These SEO tips are basically to help you amplify and enhance SEO use for your digital business. The following are insane tips shared by top marketing companies in New York;

Google Voice Search

One of the growing trends in SEO is Voice Search. Google Voice Search Optimization has brought a great change to SEO. It makes it easier for people to find you, simply through their voice. Voice search started growing way back since 2014 when google released infographics. Optimizing your SEO for voice search can earn you more traffic on your website and also help you land more sales. It’s time to follow this train if you are not on it yet!

There is a whole new keyword strategy for optimizing your SEO for voice search. People normally search with natural and long-tail conversational queries. When using the Google Voice Search you should go with long texts or long-tail conversational keywords. Long-tail keywords are less competitive. Make sure to focus on long-tail phrases and answer the questions that you think your audience are likely to ask.

You should also center your questions around the question words such as why, what, who, how, when, and where. When answering the questions,  make sure to answer them in a way that Google will display it as a featured excerpt. Then you can go on with a deep explanation in your article.

Improve User Engagement

You should work on maximizing your user engagement. Do not forget that the first goal of SEO is to get traffic to your website. And after getting people to check out your website, how do you help them to have a wonderful experience? This is exactly where user engagement comes in. Everyone is looking for a quick solution online, you should maximize user engagement to help your customers have a wonderful experience on your website.

This will provide your costumers with the best on-site experience. Improve user engagement to allow your customers to navigate freely and find solutions and answers to their various questions. A great user experience will make it easy for customers to get the right information with ease which will make them keep coming back. The more your site caters for the need of users, the higher your ranking on Google.

Use SEO on All Platforms

A great way to generate leads on your website is reaching out to your target audience on different platforms. You should use social media platforms and other community of audiences to your advantage. Project your brand using YouTube SEO, Social Media, Industry-focused sites for guest posting, Q&A forums such as Quora.

Invest in SEO when writing answers on these platforms or whenever you are posting anything about your business on social media. Make sure to invest in the right keyword. Ensure that you use a clear keyword pattern on all the mentioned platforms. Also add useful links to help direct traffic to your website.

Shorten Your URLs

Longer URLs are not helpful to your ranking. Often times,  the words that come after the first five words in your URL do not matter much. Ensure to keep your URL as short as possible. A short URL helps Google to know what your page is exactly about. Keep your at 3 to 4 words. A short URL make your URL look prettier and presents your link in a nice way.

Optimize Your Videos To Be SEO Friendly

Optimizing your SEO videos can help your ranking on Google. From your file name to the title,  the mobile accessibility of the video, and description. They all affect your ranking. Make your SEO videos title compelling. It goes a long way in attracting people to view your video.

To get many clicks,  you should use power words in your title. Also,  do not forget to use the appropriate and strong keywords. Another powerful tip for video title is starting your title with your chosen keywords and also have a sub-header after a colon. This will help you to get more clicks.

Onto video description,  Google can’t read your video, but it can read your words. Your written description is what Google and your audience will rely on to know what your video is about. Video description gives you the opportunity to persuade people to click on your video. Give a concise and detailed description of what they expect to see in the video.

Be deliberately fun and interesting in your description and avoid unnecessary words that can generate a loss of interest. Make longer videos. Longer videos tend to generate more traffic and do better on search engines. Let your video last for a minimum of 5 minutes. Also,  use better thumbnails.  This is a great way to tell your audience what the video is about.

Increase Website Speed

If you are worried about increasing your bounce and SEO ranking,  you think of a way to increase your website speed. People are becoming less patient every day as technology improves. We want to find the information we need in very few seconds.

This is why website speed has a great impact on the number of turnouts you have on your site. All you need to do to increase your website speed is to optimize your images, use simple designs, remove irrelevant texts or images, and set up a cache.

These tips and strategies were all gathered by Pro Chrome Media LLC, the New York SEO Agency.


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