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6 Inspiration For Impactful Ads On Instagram And How You Can Do It Too

In this data-driven environment, every brand wants to connect with its users online. It is easier to reach out to these online customers through Instagram ads. This is why Instagram advertising is now picking pace in the advertising landscape.

According to the given statistics, Instagram made USD 20 billion through ads in the last year.

What is the driving factor of Instagram ads?

Instagram is a visually-focused, image-centric application which creates a perfect platform for every type of brand. In fact, users on Instagram are always seeking out brands that are delivering visually appealing and engaging content.

This article will discuss 6 inspirational, impactful ads on Instagram followed by the tips that might help you in advertising on Instagram.

6 Inspiring Instagram Ads

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users that share and connect on the platform. This user-driven landscape allows brands to engage and attract new customers.

Here are some of the impactful Instagram ad campaigns.

RunOldSpice Campaign

Old Spice is a brand which used to focus on traditional methods of advertising. When they moved to Instagram, they were successful in improving their outreach. They achieved it with a fun and engaging campaign, #RunOldSpice.

In the campaign, the brand asked its users to run in a shape resembling a prize they wish to win.

Diversity Campaign

The world responded when Airbnb launched its diversity campaign. Originally, they started with just a video which was posted to their feed. They captioned it, ‘WeAccept’.

The message was clear; thus, people slowly started responding everywhere.

The video post alone helped the company generate around 114,000 likes and over 600 comments.

The reason why Airbnb was able to make this campaign so successful was the out-of-the-box thinking. The global issue was not directly related to their services. But, they decided to take part and reveal their core values.

Go Bold or Go Home Campaign

Lacoste is a French sportswear brand that creates polo shirts. When they extended their business to lifestyle products, they utilised Instagram ads to showcase their creativity. The idea was to reveal that they create an equally appealing and bold bath and bedroom collection.

6 Inspiration For Impactful Ads On Instagram And How You Can Do It Too

Lacoste utilized Instagram stories for the same. The first story depicted monochrome bedding with a caption,’ TAP to go RED’. On the swipe, the bedding would turn to red. They received a 61% CTR (Click through rate).

Michael Kors Campaign

Michael Kors is a well-known fashion brand that never fails to attract trend-lovers. When Michael Kors launched its Access Smartwatches, they did it with a great Instagram ad campaign.

The company posted a video ad on Instagram stories featuring a Romanian model. In the video, the model utilizes the Access Smartwatch to get through the day and keep everything organized.

This helped the company achieve a high click-through rate and reduced cost per clicks.

Making Everything Old New Again

KFC is now a known fast-food chain. It recently launched its bucket menu in Italy.

To attract more customers and improve the sales of the product, KFC released a video ad that had a 360-degree view. In the view, there are people dancing to the music and enjoying the new menu. The ad uses people of different ages in the video to show how different age groups can enjoy the bucket menu.

In the post, KFC also utilized #DipLoveChallenge to encourage people to share the post.

Pop-Culture Appeal

Gap, a famous American retailer, announced its new collection through a pop-culture appeal ad campaign. The ad contains the company’s Logo Remix collection, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, and rugby shirts.

The campaign utilized pop-culture because the millennial population listens to pop-music more than other generations.

The brand was successfully able to improve their click-through rate and user outreach.

Tips to Make Impactful Instagram Ads

Instagram ad campaigns can help you create awareness around your brand, improve your outreach, and increase your sales. Let’s see how you can make impactful Instagram ad campaigns.

Determine The Objective

When you are creating an Instagram ad campaign, it is necessary to know the objective behind making this ad.

Below we have explained some tips which can help you decide the objective of your ad campaign.

  • When you want to create an Instagram ad to spread the word, brand awareness should be your objective. This helps in spreading awareness in a way that your viewers remember you.
  • When you want your users to purchase a product or visit the store, your objective should be conversion. The viewers directly convert to your users.
  • When your goal is to generate traffic, views, engagement, and app-installs, your objective should be a consideration. This objective delivers clear numbers as a result. But, this objective doesn’t generate direct sales, it just leads users in the right direction.

Select the Right Format

Once you have decided your objective, you should know the format of the ad.

  • If the objective is awareness, photo ads are most useful.
  • However, when you need your users to understand your story, you can utilize video ads.
  • When you want your users to engage, and like your brand, you can use story ads. You can use short videos as well.

Target Relevant Audience

If you are not targeting the right audience, you may be wasting your budget. Use the following tips to achieve the same:

  • The core audience can be identified using behavioural patterns and similar brand connections.
  • There are people who have already interacted with your brand in the past. Targeting these audiences can help in quick conversion.
  • Lookalike audience includes people who have similar choices as your existing customers. These are easy to find and easier to convert.

Use a Video Creating Platform

When you have decided all the above factors, you can utilize a video creating platform. This platform can teach you how to create a YouTube video and help you promote your business.

Video creating tools have in-built templates which make it simpler for your team to create campaigns.


Just like any other campaign, an Instagram campaign has a lot of elements. You may have the right idea, but you can only make the right campaign when you strike a chord between these elements.