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7 Best Instagram Repost Apps For The Perfect Instagram Feed


We live in an era that is flooded with likes, posts, and comments. Anything and everything is news, nothing can go unseen, the internet knows you better than anyone else.

The world is interested in knowing who you are, what you like, and how you feel. This is more deliberately seen in Instagram stories, posts, and reels. 

From newborns to the elderly everyone knows what’s Instagram, how it works. Social media influencers today see Instagram as the most powerful tool.

Are you sipping a morning coffee, having a great lunch, or even cooking dinner, or you don’t feel like doing anything – why don’t you post? Or you can choose to repost!. Aww! That puppy is cute, this song has my heart, my favorite voice.

I am on cloud nine, the growth of Instagram seems to be enormous and new apps are born every day to make it easier to use. One such is the Instagram repost app.

So in this article, we will be briefly discussing and looking into the various Instagram Repost Apps that are available for the users.

Before we jump into the different Instagram repost apps that are available on the play store, let us briefly understand what an Instagram repost app is? and how it facilitates efficient reposting? and if it is chargeable or free of cost?

What Exactly Is The Instagram Repost App?💁

Instagram repost apps for Instagram allow you to repost your own images or videos, as well as the photos and videos of other Instagram users, onto your Instagram feed.

Instagram repost apps make it simple to repost any material while crediting the original owner and Instagram user who contributed the photo or article.

This Instagram repost software is compatible with both iOS and Android users, who may use it at their leisure at any time and from any location.

Instagram repost apps are trustworthy software that you can download and install on your mobile devices, making it simple to repost the material you enjoy in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, it allows you the option of copying the description and even all of the hashtags while reposting it.

Is There A Cost To Reposting?🧐

There are various repost applications that do the same purpose at varying levels of access. At the beginning of the reposting process, all of these apps provide a free version where you may repost without interruptions from adverts. 

However, the free version allows you to rapidly repost photographs (single or numerous) and copy the description as well as the original account’s username so you may provide correct acknowledgment. Depending on your preferences, you may either watermark or not watermark the image.

Furthermore, there is a possibility to pay money to upgrade to premium, which gives you complete freedom of reposting with advertisements, watermarks, and other extra perks.

Now let us look into the top seven Instagram repost apps in detail along with their pros and cons for better understanding.

Best Instagram Repost Apps – Our Pick👌👌

1. Repost For Instagram – Regrann

In case you are a new user this REGRANN app could be the best one for them. This app is quite simple and requires almost less effort to use. For people who enjoy sharing and having fun, this is what they need.

This app has more than one crore downloaders and more than four lakh reviews on the PlayStore. It is available for both Android and iOS users if you that’s all you are wrong the best thing is that it’s “ free”

Regrann is an amazing repost app equipped with a lot of bonus extras, in addition to standard features, which most of the Insta followers are pleased with.  The interesting part of this app is its Repost Later option, which lets you bookmark posts for when you wish to repost.

For the interesting part, this app allows you to copy an Instagram link and lets you either Quick repost it or Quick Save it or Quick Post Later.

These options appear from a popup window that opens up without having to leave the Instagram app. However, these three options are also available as separate modes.

Best Instagram Repost Apps

Moreover, the Regrann reposting app also helps to gain followers on Instagram, which could adversely turn and boost your business.

Many influencers on Insta are using this app to grow their IG account and has become a holy grail for influencers. Through this app, you also get to learn more ways on how to get more followers on Instagram for free.

So basically this app runs in the background, so it makes it much easier to use. It reduces the time involved and the user need not go back to the Regrann app each time the user has to share something.

The user can also save photos and videos on their mobile phones. Unlike most apps, this app does not alter or add any additional filters to the posts that are shared or saved, so the user is at liberty to edit the saved posts as per their individual preferences. 

The steps involved are simple are as follows:-

Step 1 – Download the app

Step 2 – Open Instagram, choose the posts you like, tap the three buttons on the top right corner, and select copy link

Step 3 – The link automatically gets posted in the Regrann app and is automatically saved

Step 4 – Now freely edit the saved posts according to your preference and share the same.


  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It is free of cost which makes them more attractive
  • The app is fast and bugs free.
  • The company is very responsive to emails


  • To many ads makes it irritating
  • There are crashes and stops working abruptly
  • Certain posts are unavailable for download.
  • Frequent deletion and redownloading is needed

Since there was an upgrade in the policies of Instagram the app might require the user’s id to login and the app can be used without any ads if payment is made.

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

2. Repost It! Save And Repost For Instagram

In a country like India, the majority of the population are android users. Almost every youngster in the country owns their own mobile phone. We have so many people using Instagram today and the craze is increasing day by day.

To follow your favorite stars is such a bliss and is seeing what they have to share. So the REPOST IT SAVE AND REPOST FOR INSTAGRAM APP is such a reward. It is designed only for android users which makes it even more appealing to our country. 

This app helps the users to download both audio, video. It is also simple to use and easy to understand, it’s getting popular among the youth.

Best Instagram Repost Apps 1

Another specialty is that this app also enables the user to repost the stories as well, this is something new and acts as a much more attractive feature to talk about.

It provides the user with multiple options for repost which include stories, posts liked, repost by URLs, timelines.

This app allows the user to search a user or post through the timeline method which is a great add-on.  The app is free but contains ads. The paid version is ad-free.


  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • It allows the user to change the background color of the credit badge as well as the text color so that it can match the photo.
  • The user can keep or remove the watermark whenever necessary


  • Too many ads
  • The new version no longer allows the user to select and save multiple images at a time. UI is a disaster.
  • The free version seems to work slowly.

Download App on Google Play Store

3. Video Downloader For Instagram

This app is one of the most favorite apps for many users. For people who have been using this app for almost the past six months like any other teenager, the urge to share the posts and songs they liked pushed them to find a great app like this one.

If you are a beginner to this app, this will help to save and share a lot of videos that you like and have found to be interesting. The best part of this app is that it will allow you to save content on your phone and repost it at your own convenience. 

Best Instagram Repost Apps 2

This app also allows the user to manage their history, save stories. It does have a watermark – it comes with the original source yet the user can repost without any worry or hesitation.

It is available in PlayStore and has more than one crore downloaders. It mostly has positive reviews which should also be considered. The user can take advantage of also downloading Insta IG tv – stories and the recent hit feature (reels).

The company is very responsive to all the queries posted by the users. The steps for downloading are similar to all other apps, it also has an autosave option which is cool.


  • Helps to save unlimited stories, videos, and pictures
  • Simple to use and conveniently designed
  • Very much supportive customer care


  • Unnecessary ads irritate the users. Ads before downloading each video.
  • Frequent error messages and says Instagram is not stable
  • Shows – detected fail

Download App on Google Play Store

4. Repost: For Instagram – Apple Store

In recent times there’s been a constant rise in the number of people who use Apple. Apple is preferred by the users not just for the name but its overall IOS system.

Safety and privacy are what comes first when we think of Apple. So, like any normal user, even Apple users may find the urge to repost and the REPOST app facilitates the same.

7 Best Instagram Repost Apps For The Perfect Instagram Feed

It’s free for Apple users and the design the company has come up with is subtle and minimal. There are no irritating ads like the other apps that are available.

It allows the user to repost photos, videos in the simplest way possible.  Monthly subscriptions are also available.

The steps to repost are as follows:-

  • Step 1 – Download the app
  • Step 2 – Select the desired video or photo and  click the top right corner 
  • Step 3 –   Select copy link and the open repost – the post automatically shows up.

Let us now look at what the company has to say about its product:-

  • Facilitates the function of Reposting and archiving photos and videos from Instagram.
  • Provides support with multiple media storage for posts, stories, reels, and IGTV.
  • Has the ability to repost media from private profiles after signing into your account.
  • Customizable option for adjusting size, position, color with an optional overlay.
  • All of the captions can be automatically copied and pasted from your clipboard on Instagram.


  • Highly positively reviewed app – (4.8-star rating)
  • Good user experience.
  • Options like repost all media or only current video available.
  • Better experience in the paid versions as well


  • Presence of bug while copying a link
  • The sudden crashing of the app

Overall it is a great app for iOS users.

Download App on Apple App Store

5. REPOSTA – Repost for Instagram

As the name suggests the app focuses on providing the re-posting feature, it allows users to repost all the user’s photos and videos from their accounts. The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost and there is no watermark as well.

7 Best Instagram Repost Apps For The Perfect Instagram Feed

So the user will be delighted to repost and enjoy using this app there is a preview option available so the user can actually double check before deciding to share the content this one brilliant feature because many times the user may by mistake choose the wrong post and in the absence of preview option they may go for direct save or repost without checking.

The design is also user-friendly and it is available on PlayStore for free. There are some good reviews about the same.


  • Fewer ads and user friendly
  • The smooth running of the app
  • Most preferred by android users.
  • Highly recommended by the users.


  • Some videos cannot be downloaded
  • Frequently displays an error with the link
  • Files get corrupted while trying to save.
  • One user had complained that the app interfered with the phone calls.

Download App on Google Play Store

6. Reposter For Instagram: Download And Save

This app lets the user explore the user posts and tags directly. The user can decide when to repost.

Another specialty of the app is that it offers a large variety of edit options such as stickers, colors, text, etc. which makes it more attractive. The user can also copy captions, remove watermarks as per the user preference.

It does not save usernames and passwords making it more safe and secure. It always allows the user to view the saved posts offline which gets stored in the phone’s gallery.

The Most Advanced Repost App

Now the user can not only Regram IG posts, but also send them directly to others via any messenger: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The reels can also be downloaded using this app. This app has both free and paid versions, the paid versions have fewer ads.


  • Useful in resharing ideas with the client
  • Amazing facilities
  • Copy captions, hashtags.
  • Easy to use


  • Stops abruptly
  • Lack of proper design
  • Few users have reported that the app has stopped working after downloading two posts
  • Too many glitches though it’s easy to work.

Download App on Google Play Store

7. Tailwind: Instagram Planner

Tailwind is an online computer application that, in addition to reposting, has a slew of other useful capabilities.

Tailwind is a social media scheduling platform that produces tangible results in less time. Increase the effectiveness of your social media promotion! Determine the optimal times to post in order to increase interaction. 

Tailwind provides everything, from scheduling your posts to doing hashtag research and analyzing thorough data, as well as a slew of additional capabilities.

While Tailwind is not free, its user-friendly interface compensates by assisting you in planning, growing, and managing your Instagram account.

7 Best Instagram Repost Apps For The Perfect Instagram Feed

You must use your computer to republish Instagram material from Tailwind online. Not to add that you can only Repost single photographs, not multiple images or movies.

Furthermore, Tailwind’s function is as easy as when you can click on the hashtags to add them to your posts, Tailwind continues to recommend more, and can even offer you some ideas that you haven’t thought of before.

As you discover more hashtags that work well for you, you may store them as lists to simply access and utilize later.

In addition to its capabilities, Tailwind allows you to tailor your post by selecting Auto Post or having Tailwind automatically publish to your Instagram Feed at the set time.

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store


Like every coin which has two sides, all the above-discussed apps have no exception. These apps have both positive and negative sides.

Many users have constantly complained about the login problem but the actual point is these apps require login id because of the change in the policies of Instagram.

The success of these apps depends on their constant innovation and adaptability to change. The company must also be very careful in understanding and addressing their consumer(user) complaints because in downloading apps the user rating plays a major role.

A low rating explains low-quality products & services and a higher rating explains better quality and service.

Consumers today are so sure of what they want. The market is more competitive so people keep changing. In my view, the above apps have tried their best in doing the work right.

We hope that the above-mentioned articles helped you to know and choose the best Instagram repost apps of your own choice.