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Hacking Instagram: Strategies for Successful Brand Presence

As a marketing agency you are often tasked with managing hundreds of social media accounts. How can you do that when social media platforms ban accounts connected to the same IP address? Investing in proxies for instagram and other social media accounts maximizes efficiency, reach, and risk management when executing a marketing strategy on the platform. Using services like residential and Instagram proxies from Metrow will help you achieve the following: 

  •  Avoid geo-restrictions 

Circumvent restrictions on activity in regions blocked by geo-restrictions. 

  •  Special offers 

Offer personalized promotions to specific parts of your user base through local residential IPS. 

  •  Utilize automation 

Manage hundreds of accounts efficiently through a single network. 

Instagram averages higher levels of engagement than other social media platforms. In 2021, the site uses engagement to determine user interest, affecting what pages appear on users’ feeds.  

Using a bot to automate multiple Instagram accounts, marketing teams can generate content from the main account and then share it through auxiliary accounts. Sharing the content helps boost the main page’s engagement, while the secondary accounts create direct pathways into subsections of the firm’s target audience. Proxies for Instagram increase the odds of reaching potential followers and protect marketing agencies against banning. 

Best Apps Like Instagram

Instagram proxies are essential for providing unique IP addresses that register as everyday internet users with the site. Proxies route the activities of your network through an actual residential IP address registered with an ISP. This hides you from spam and bot detection functions. It also allows your accounts to reach markets locally on a geographic basis. 

By interfacing directly with many popular Instagram bot tools such as Jarvee, Gramdominator, Gramista, Ingramer, Monstersocial, agencies can link hundreds of accounts to a network through proxies.

Because each account acts from its own unique residential IP address, account activity for each appears independent of Instagram. If proxies are not used, all of a firm’s accounts will be blocked, flagged, or are sent a verification request if any one of them gets targeted by those site functions. 

How a Proxy Service Functions 

When you log in to Instagram, your account connects to an IP address that acts as a server unique to you through which you are connected to Instagram. The site logs all of the actions taken in the server and runs diagnostics to determine whether or not you are a human user. 

As its first criteria, the platform checks that an IP address is a residential IP and not a data center that is not registered to an ISP. 

Instagram automation services themselves act as a server in place of your IP address when your accounts use them to take actions on Instagram. Any users accessing the bot have their actions logged into one connection to the site, and Instagram will block accounts that appear in that log for botting. 

Using an Instagram proxy the automated actions are routed through an actual residential IP address registered with an ISP at a specific geographical location. Instagram will register automated actions as numerous unique requests from unique localities and will not flag these actions for spam. 

Limitations of Proxy Services 

Social media sites have a vested interest in ensuring their platforms and servers are not overrun by spam or fraudulent activity to provide the highest quality user experience. They are constantly working to improve their site functions’ ability to detect and block automated activity, and these changes present challenges to proxy services.  

Additionally, if there are interruptions in service through your chosen proxy, any actions during the downtime will default to connecting to Instagram through your automation provider, and Instagram will block your accounts.   

Account activity appearing in a bot service’s logs is not the only way to put yourself at risk of being blocked or flagged as spam by Instagram. Even while using proxies, there are steps you will need to take to protect your accounts. 

Have a unique, valid email address for each of your accounts. Wait one week after creation before linking them by proxy to an automated service. Once you begin, always use a one-to-one account to task ratio when performing the automated activity. You will want to avoid taking too many actions per day, and instead, start slow and gradually ramp up activity as you grow the accounts. 


Investing in a quality proxy service is thus a necessary cost for effective social media mass marketing through Instagram and other platforms. Despite their limitations, they are non-negotiable in growing online influence in 2021, so much so that it is recommended to diversify the proxies you use to safeguard your accounts and ensure that you will not lose access to too many at one time in the event that a proxy service is blocked.