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How To Install the Anaconda Python Distribution on Ubuntu


Machine Learning and Data Science are taking part in our daily lives and with that comes the engineers. Software developers and statisticians are all moving toward and which tools are they using?

Most of them are using Python and R on a daily basis because of the large community and packages available and Anaconda is the distribution tool used to manage everything.

Anaconda is a free and open source distribution of the Python and R programming languages for data science and machine learning related applications (large-scale data processing, predictive analytics, scientific computing), that aims to simplify package management and deployment.

If you are a python programmer you will benefit a lot from using Anaconda like it’s easy to package installer with a GUI.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps involved in how to install anaconda ubuntu. We will be working with Python 3.7 but you can apply the same process if you have Python 2.7

Step-by-Step Process To Install the Anaconda on Ubuntu 

Step 1:- Let’s start by downloading Anaconda from the download page .

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

Select Linux then clicks on the download button as described in the image below.

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

Once the download is complete you should have this file Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh in your download folder.

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Step 2:- Open the Terminal by clicking on the All Applications icon and type in the search Terminal

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

Step 3:- Now run the following command

bash ~/Downloads/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

If you did not download to your Downloads directory, replace ~/Downloads/ with the path to the file you downloaded. Choose “Install Anaconda as a user” unless root privileges are required.

The installer will ask you to review the license agreement. Click Enter to view license terms. Scroll to the bottom of the license terms and enter “Yes” without quote to agree.

The installer will ask you to press Enter to accept the default install location or enter an alternate installation directory.

If you accept the default install location, the installer displays “PREFIX=/home/<user>/anaconda<2 or 3>” and continues the installation.

Enter “Yes” to accept the default location or “No” to specify your own location.

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

The installer will ask if you would like to install Microsoft VS Code. Enter yes or no. If you selected yes, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the VS Code installation.

The Installation of VS Code with the Anaconda installer requires an internet connection. Offline users may be able to find an offline VS Code installer from Microsoft.

You will see the following message on the terminal “Thank you for installing Anaconda<2 or 3> when the installation complete successfully.

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Step 4:- If you provided your own installation directory then you’ll have to add it to the .bashrc file.

Open the terminal and type the following command to edit the .bashrc file.

gedit /home/”Your installation path”/.bashrc

Once you have the .bashrc open, scroll down to the last line and add

export PATH=/home/Your installation path/bin:$PATH then save the file.

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

Now close and open your terminal window for the installation to take effect to enter the following command to reload the .bashrc file

source /home/”Your installation path”/.bashrc

After your install is over, verify it by opening Anaconda Navigator, a program that is included with Anaconda.

Open the Terminal window and type anaconda-navigator. If Navigator opens, you have successfully installed Anaconda. If not, check that you completed each step above.

How to install anaconda on ubuntu

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Anaconda is the most popular Python distribution to date with millions of developers, data scientist and machine learning engineers because it gives them the ability to make an easy install of the version of python, removes bottlenecks involved in installing the right packages while taking into considerations their compatibility with various other packages as might be encountered while using pip.


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