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How to Install and Configure Recalbox on Raspberry Pi


Recalbox is packaged in 30 consoles on the Raspberry Pi for unlimited multiplayer games. It is easy to install in a French-made interface. Keep reading to build your own.

With Nintendo Switch launching 28 games worldwide for $300, Recalbox offers no less than 30,000 games for around $40. Of course, some are old because it is the back-end solution for the Raspberry Pi. However, this retro game DIY console can compete with big boys…

Conceived by a French developer and DIY arcade fan Digitalumberjak, the console simulates almost everything, from Vectrex to Playstation, from Atari to the Nintendo 64 system, and it turns out that buying Raspberry Pi is reasonable! This small computer provides connectivity for five controllers (including Bluetooth) and multiple players.

Our installation demo uses a desktop monitor and keyboard. Once configured, Recalbox can be plugged into any TV in your home. It can also be used with a compact controller, even with a 7-inch screen, battery and more repair tools. In any case, the following steps are necessary.

Hardware Requirements

  • 1 computer with internet access (PC or Mac) for initial installation;
  • 1 Raspberry Pi 3 (all Raspberry Pi models are compatible, but as the first generation and Pi Zero lacks wifi, you also need a USB wifi dongle); View on Amazon
  • 1 display and HDMI cable; View on Amazon
  • 1 USB keyboard;
  • 1 micro SD card 8GB (minimum) and SD adapter. View on Amazon
  • Joysticks Buy Now View on Amazon

Recalbox Raspberry Pi

Recalbox Raspberry Pi

Software Requirements

Install Recalbox

1) Insert the micro-SD card (adapter card reader) into the computer;

2) Format the micro-SD card using the software’s default settings.

3) Download the Recalbox to your computer and unzip the file.

4) Move the Recalbox file to the root directory of the micro-SD card.

Follow these steps for installations


Open Win32 Diskimager

Insert Raspberry Pi

1) Connect the Raspberry Pi to the monitor using an HDMI cable and connect to the keyboard via USB.

2) Insert the micro-SD card into the Raspberry Pi and plug it in.

How to Install and Configure Recalbox on Raspberry Pi ( Detailed Guide)

It takes less than a minute to install the software. The display will then display a console with at least one game available. You are ready to start using the keyboard – just press Q to verify your choice.

To add a game, connect the Recalbox to the same wifi network as your computer. Using a dedicated menu box is easy.

Connect your Recall box with Wi-Fi

  • Go to “Setup” menu.
  • Press Q to display the “Network Options” menu.
  • Open “WIFI SSID” and enter your wifi network name.
  • Open “WIFI KEY” and enter your Wif-Fi password.
  • Restart Recalbox.

Please note that Recalbox does not recognize special characters (such as #) in wifi passwords. Although there is a DIY solution on Github, we chose a faster solution and replaced our key with a series of numbers.

When Recalbox is connected to wifi, it will appear as a “shared folder” on your computer. You can populate it with a ROM (Read Only Memory) file or a ROM image of the game downloaded from a dedicated site. These simulations, and most of the games you find there, are not in the public domain (so it’s as illegal as downloading music and movies), but this approach can be tolerated.

Add games to Recalbox

1) Open the Recalbox shared folder on your computer.

2) Open the Bios folder, which contains a folder for each console.

4) Download the game from the site where the ROM file is provided.

5) Place the ROM file in the folder of the corresponding console.

6) Restart Recalbox to load the game. That’s it.



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