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Kali NetHunter : Usage and installation on any Android device


Kali linux has been a soul to every computer fanatic. Every person ever introduced to hacking or exploiting has used it. It is the most used penetration testing operating system because of its ease of usage.

Hence, It is a teacher to anyone who wants to dive into the world of network security. As a result, people have also come up with ways to use it on an android phone.

Accessing kali’s terminal on phone and using its exploits make it even more thrilling.

Kali designed for android phones is named as “NetHunter“, a robust mobile penetration testing platform. It started during 2014 as an open source project for Nexus phones.

The overlay includes a custom kernel  and a Linux chroot . An Android application is present for easier interaction with various security tools and attacks.

NetHunter also supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy-like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks.

Warming-up for installationKali NetHunter : Usage and installation on any Android device

Somethings to take care of before installing NetHunter –

  • Device should be rooted.
  • In case KingRoot was used for rooting, replace KingUser with SuperSu.
  • Install BusyBox from playstore.
  • Keep storage for installation
  • Custom ROMs like CM12 CM12.1 CM13. (Desired, not mandatory)

Procedure for installing Kali NetHunter on your Android device

Step1:- Download Nethunter ROM from Offensive Security Web Site according to your Android Version.

Step2:- Extract the downloaded Zip file. Go to /data/app. Install the apps present in that folder one by one.Kali NetHunter : Usage and installation on any Android device

Step3:- Now with any root explorer app, go to /data/data/com.offsec.nethunter/files/scripts. Then copy all the files and paste into /system/bin.

Step4:- If you don’t see the content in files/scripts, open NetHunter app and then close it and check again.

Step5:- Now, open the Nethunter App and Go to the Kali Chroot Manager and install the “Minimal Chroot“(Recommended).Kali NetHunter : Usage and installation on any Android device

Step6:- Open Terminal Emulator/nh-terminal and select “Kali” as a result, this will open up kali terminal. You may be asked to allow root access. Just allow it and it’ll be nearly ready.Kali NetHunter : Usage and installation on any Android device

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Finally, run these commands one by one on your terminal –

  • Firstly – apt-get update
  • Followed by – apt-get upgrade
  • apt-get dist-upgrade
  • apt-get install kali-linux-nethunterinstall kali nethunter on android

After running all these commands, you will be good to go. Mixing up is certainly not an option. To enjoy computer like exploits on phone, installing functions like metasploits, enabling VNC will help, rather discuss it in another article.