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Installing Ads Boost Your Mobile App ASO


ASO (App Store Optimization) has become an integral part of every app marketer. App growth comprises of organic growth and of course, paid apps but also of ASO derived organic growth.

When we say ASO, we mean the way we select appropriate keywords and specific phrases that allow us to get featured in top charts, rank high in the given category, and turning the onlookers into installers. All these activities are what we like to call App Store Optimization.

The mobile app marketing industry is ever changing, but the UA managers and app marketers are not giving up. They’re well aware of these changes taking place and are devising new ways to amp up their game. ASO has been a primary tool when it comes to the marketing success of mobile user acquisitions. ASO isn’t just about keyword integrations alone but also about competitive analysis, AB testing, preview videos for apps, multiple language compatibility and so much more.

As it has always been, you must adapt to the changes or die out, and the professional app marketers and the mobile user acquisition managers have decided that they are here to stay. Hence, they’re learning and using several new hacks to keep themselves in the running.

Now for the big question, “Are Install Ads a must for mastering ASO?”

The answer is, yes. Allow us to tell you why.

  1. Naturally, they increase your ASO relatively faster by increasing you install numbers.

This reason is just so evident that it’s staring you in your face. You pay money to get what you want which in this case is increased install numbers and retention of users. Whether it is the Both iTunes store or Google Play that we’re talking about, rank algorithms are still dramatically affected by how often and how many installs your app receives, even with all the algorithm changes that have taken place.

But it’s not that simple. You might be able to get a large number of users to install your app, but if they do not engage with it enough, your ranking suffers. Therefore, quality installs are an absolute must for good ASO.

Besides all this, what you must know is that when it comes to the Apple store and the Google store, there’s a difference in your install rate on your mobile app ranking. For example, Google Play Store ranks are affected by an amalgamation of reviews, rating, the rate of installs and uninstalls, and any bugs or crashes among other things. But if you look at iTunes, it gives much more preference to how frequently your app is being installed leading to an increase in ranking as your install number goes up.

  1. Revamp your ASO materials to compliment your highest performing pictures and messages.

With the help of diligent AB testing over time, we might be able to figure out what texts, videos, and pictures are the most effective when it comes to ranking. Google Play Store, does run AB experiments that allow you to do the same, but there’s only so much that they’re capable of doing. Also, Google Play isn’t at your beck and call at all times and wouldn’t look at every possible angle that you could think of testing. Moreover, if something works for Google Play Store doesn’t mean it’ll work for the Apple store too, or the other way around. You would need to take matters into your own hands.

This is where paid install ads come in. They give you the freedom to run as many experiments and tests that you’d want whether it’s for Google or apple. This would allow you to put your best foot forward and know for sure what works for your app.

  1. Localization

Simply put, localized store pages help you get a higher rank in multiple stores. This is a fact.

When we talk of specific localized search optimization, it isn’t a simple translation from language to another. Everything needs to be done from square one. Local keywords have to be looked up and integrated, and the entire content has to be changed according to the area. In short, you’ll be doing everything all over again for one particular place. That is just exhausting and so time-consuming.

Here, paid app install ads can help you out tremendously. They can figure out which languages and cultures would be the most profitable for you and help you make well-targeted local campaigns. This would allow your content to be better suited to the area and optimized for the target market.


From what we’ve read till now it is pretty evident that using install ass is beneficial and every mobile acquisition marketer is making the best use of it. Why wouldn’t they? Install apps scale up your business by increasing quality installs thus ensuring quality users and in turn providing growth in revenues.

But this isn’t all that app install ads can do for you and your business.  There’s so much more that they bring to the table and we hope that now that you are aware of the benefits you will take advantage of it.

Boosting your app ASO might not be the key performance indicator for paid install advertising campaigns, but that doesn’t mean it is something that should be overlooked. In this dog eat dog world, don’t get eaten.


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