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Integrate Instagram style in the graphic designs of your business’s website


Integrate Instagram style in the graphic designs of your business’s website

As a business owner, you have to be aware of the latest trend in the world of marketing,the internet. The internet is a cutthroat business marketing place where you have to be on your toes all the time making use of all the technologies that are on offer to ensure that your business gets the most exposure. One of the most innovative methods to be used in recent years is the multitude of social media applications that are available. Instagram is the most popular social media platform and incorporating and integrating its designs in the graphic design of your business website can bring you more success. In this article, you will learn about this innovative method.

The need for good web design

With a good graphic design, you can easily entice users and visitors and catch their attention and make them buy the products you have or the services you offer. The design of a business website has to be simple, and it should be easy for navigation. When you integrate Instagram’s designs into your site, you can find it beneficial as the simplicity that is so innate in Instagram will be available on your business website. Instagram’s simplicity is the main reason why it is so popular and why it has become such a profitable platform for marketing on the internet.

1.The design of the “like” button in a heart shape

Instagram is all about simplicity, and this should be the guiding factor in your website’s graphic designs. The “like” button of Instagram is heart-shaped, and it makes it easy for a lot of users to show the interest they have in certain contents which they like. Of course, you will have no broad and elaborate options to share and repost on Instagram however for the “like” button. Apply this easy technique to your business’s website also; you can use any design that you like and then put your content in with the button. This will let your users understand that they will not have to be navigating too much on your website to find what they need. When users like a product, they will click the button, and future users will be able to see how many people have liked your products previously. Once users see a product has had a lot of likes, they will feel like going through the product details also. It is common human psychology to trust a product that has been previously fancied upon by other people.

  1. Use a feed with a photo stream to feature your content

This is one of the unique Instagram like features that you can incorporate into the graphic design of your website directly. The core simplicity of Instagram lies in the visual experience that it offers. You do not get any option to post long textual contents, and the focus will be solely on the products, users will be looking at the photos, and then they will decide whether they want to buy it or not. This is one feature which you must accommodate. Use a photo stream in the design of your website and post pictures of your products and your services in this design. The stream should be placed at the center of your website’s homepage. You have to keep the stream running with photos and not add any further descriptions. These descriptions will be inside the embedded links which will hover over the photos.

  1. Make use of user comments

You have to let your visitors and customers comment on the pictures of your products on your business website’s homepage. You can feature all the comments that are related to your products on your site. You must feature any useful comment which other visitors might find helpful. Publish both critical comments and also those comments which praise your products. This will benefit you because customers will find honest reviews. This will go a long way to building a factor of trust for your products and your brand’s image in general in the minds of your customers. Also, you have to try and solve customer grievances through the comment box on your business website, address their issues and reply back to them when they raise any issue.

  1. Use light colors for the graphics on the background

Instagram has a white background with black borders. This is uniquely simple, and yet it is quite functional. Do not put any bold, solid and bright colors or any overtly dark colors in the background graphics of your business website. These colors will tend to make your web page look cluttered and will not be visually appealing. Avoid using orange and yellow as background graphics, you can use a picture for a background, but once again, you have to go with light colors. Colors like white, green and sky blue are aesthetically appealing and are also helpful in giving a professional look to your website. Put the textual content in a solid black color, as it will stand out against the lighter background and catch the reader’s attention more easily.

There are plenty of other ways by which you can improve the graphic design of your business website; incorporating Instagram like designs is one of the coolest ways to make your business website look appealing to your visitors. Visit Gramblast.com to learn more about this.


The easiest technique for getting higher conversions, more visitors, and consequently more sales is by using a good and clean web design and graphic design for your business website. Good design incorporates simplicity and makes it easy for a new visitor through navigates through your web page. Using designs inspired from Instagram can help to make the graphic designs of your website much better. Work on your fonts and styles to improve the design more. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you to understand the necessary things that you have to do to make your design work.



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