In the past all inventories were done manually, which made it hard and time consuming tracking where the inventories were hence losing a lot. The introduction of the inventory app has made it easy for big and mid-sized companies as well as individuals to track their products and items. Companies are able to know what their customers need, if the stores are well stocked and so much which they would not have been done before.


This is simply done by the use of a desktop computer, laptop or Smartphone. You will need to have internet to access the inventory app. Businesses are able to monitor what their customers need, what they are purchasing and what is left. With this information you are able to plan for the future as you will see what the customers prefer in a given location. This will also help to increase sales in the future.

Inventory app will definitely bring positive changes to your business or day to day life in your home. It is not only in your business that you can use an inventory app, but also for individual purposes like home inventory. We have become so busy in our day to day life that is why it is important to use an inventory app so that we track items in our home. There are two main ways you can use the inventory app, that is in your businesses and individual app which includes home inventory, moving and organizing; –


Managing your inventory in your business has been made easy by the use of an inventory app. With a tap on your phone, laptop or computer, you can keep track of your stores and customer purchasing information, which would have been an uphill task. You can do this from anywhere even when you are not in your business premises. This makes it very convenient and flexible. You will also be able to make sound decisions having all the information at hand. Below are some of the benefits of using business inventory for your business; –

1) Managing several stores

Business inventory apps have come up so much these days. They allow you to track the inventory across several locations so as you can check if your stores are well stocked. If there is any information needed the managers can look it up simply by using their smart phone from which ever location they are in. this makes it simple, effective and less time consuming. Communication also becomes easy across different stores because they can check shipments, orders and other important information using the phones.

2) Inventory level optimization

Inventory app will make it easy for you to have the right inventory every time and every day. With this information you are able to meet the demand and at the same time not have excess. The inventory app will let you access past and present inventory, with this information you will be able to plan for the future. This will mostly come in handy in the holiday seasons like Christmas. You will be able to know what is needed, what has been purchased even after the holidays are over.

3) Keeping Track of Customer information

Inventory app is also used to keep track of customer information. When you have many customers across different locations it is advisable to keep track of their purchases, progress and other important information. This will help you to plan ahead if there will be demand of certain products or discounts which will fit preferences of different customers. This will help in increasing sales in the future and this can be done using a tablet, laptop, desktop computer and smart phone that is internet connected.


The individual inventory app mainly consists of individual who take inventories for their homes, organizing and when they want to move so that you can track where all your belongings are. Let’s discuss them in details; –


It may seem like an obvious thing to know where things are in our homes but it is not. Many are the time we forget where we have placed items and that is why it is important to keep track of them so as to save time. Making it is important to have a home inventory app. With an inventory app, you will be able to organize all the items in your home and also know the value of each item. If you will at one point want to replace the items, it will be easy as you will know the value of each items. Below are some of the benefits of having a home inventory app; –

1) Managing Multiple Properties

Using the inventory app, you will be able to manage multiple properties that you have. This is applicable mostly for people who have different properties across different locations. This is done by taking the photos of items that are in different properties. Listing where the items are located and then describing them and noting what is in the boxes or rooms. This will make it easy to locate them with much ease and when moving it will be very helpful.

2) Tracking Quantities

The inventory app is also best when you want to track the quantities of items in your home. Most of the time, you will find that you are not aware, when something is about to finish.  With these apps, you will get a notification when something is running out on the quantities levels that you had indicated and you will replace it.


This is another way you can use the individual inventory app. This inventory app makes it easy for you to organize stuff in your home. Using this app, you will be able to record details of your items and hence make it easy to document and organize. It is helpful mostly to track items that you have bought severally like movies, books and video games and hence not buy what you already have. You may also want to know the number of personal items in your home which get lost mostly like jewelry. This inventory app will make it easy to also organize everything you have always wished for to be organized from kid’s toys to Christmas decorations, make up, tools to clothes and shoes.


Moving has always been stressful and tedious, this is because of the work that comes with it. Individual inventory app makes it easy for you to do this effortlessly. You will not need to do this manually where you may lose some of the information, all you will need is your Smartphone or tablet, fill in the items that you have and where they are placed in the boxes, what you do not want and the most important items so they are taken care of. You will spend more time enjoying your new home other than searching where everything is. You can also use it when you are travelling and you have kids. It is always very overwhelming, but with the inventory app you will not forget anything and most importantly you will know where everything is.

The individual and business inventory app is a must have today if you want to save time and money it will also make your life easier. You just create the app, track the products or items and then search. There are features that these inventory apps have, below are some of them; –

Features for Inventory Apps

  1. You will be able to give customers and your teams a chance to access.
  2. You will be able to connect QR labels and barcodes.
  3. You can include custom fields.
  4. Custom QR labels can be created and printed.
  5. You will be able to access from wherever you are by use of a Smartphone, tablet and laptop they only need to be internet connected.
  6. You will add the colors and logos that you like.
  7. You will only give permission to whoever you want to access the information.
  8. It has got an inbuilt scanner which makes it easy to scan whatever you want.
  9. You can add as many items as you please.
  10. You can take and post as many photos as your heart desires per item.
  11. The app can track across several locations.
  12. You will be able to track the activities of the users.

There are multiple inventory apps in the market and choosing one or two of them may be confusing. Each of the apps has different features and what they are providing. That is why it is advisable to take your time in getting one for your business or individual that is home, moving or organizing. When you want to start shopping for the best inventory app, there are things that you should consider, below are some of them; –

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Inventory App

How many users

This is the first thing that you should consider.  Choose an app that will give access to a number of users. start with yourself, then the people who will be filling in the inventory, the managers of the stores and maybe the accountant so he or she can keep track. If it is an individual app like home inventory app, give access to your house assistance so that they can keep track of items in the home and let you know when they are running low.

Amount of inventory

The volume of inventory will also dictate the type of inventory app to choose. This mostly applies to people who are using business inventory app who have multiple stores across different locations. You will shop for an inventory app that has all features that will help you monitor your stores and one that you can give access to a number of people. The inventory app should also help you to monitor your customers and their preferences.

Type of inventory

There are different types of inventory and this will also dictate they type inventory app to choose. There are inventory apps for businesses and that for individuals which include homes, organizing and moving. These inventories are different and that is why you should shop for one that has the features that are specific for the kind of inventory you are doing.


This is another determining factor of the type of inventory app to choose. There are numerous inventory apps in the market and all have different pricing considering the type of app that you want. This can be yearly or monthly, they also those that give free trial. Take a look at all of them with their price tags so you can choose the amount that you are willing to cough.

 Life is already hard as it is why not making it easy when there are great inventions to make it simple. The inventory app has come to make your life worthwhile with just a tap. How great is it, that you can do all your inventory with your tablet or phone from wherever you are all you need is internet. Businesses that have multiple stores across different locations can track their inventories easily. This will also help them to gain profits because they can also be monitoring their customers. They will also know what is remaining, what is being bought in large numbers to avoid wastage and loss.

Individuals can also use the inventory app to help organize their items at home and when moving. With the busy schedules people have these days, it is becoming hard to organize our homes and you end up losing a lot because you are not aware of what is remaining, what is running low, what is not being used and what needs to be replaced. There are multiple inventory apps in the market and you can shop for one or two depending with your preference and what type of inventory you are doing. Do not be left behind, get an inventory app for your business or any individual inventory. You will enjoy life with all the simplicity.


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