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11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

A student’s life is definitely not an easy one. As years pass by, the race and competition in life regarding everything are increasing manifold times which can’t be estimated at once. Many factors count in a student’s life— study hacks, traveling, meditation, mental and physical health, and many more. 

Not everyone can grasp knowledge in the same way and the thinking and memorizing capacity, of course, varies from person to person.

To come up with a helpful tactic to get through with success in life, there is a whole range of applications that could help every student in some way or other.

Hence, listing down below some of the most amazing apps that you could explore on your iPad as a student and get better insights into life and your academic background. Check them out!

Best iPad Apps For Students – Our Top Pick👌

1. Freedom – Block Distractions

All of us have faced an issue with procrastination in our lives, especially as a student. If you still struggle with that, Freedom could try its best to help you with the same.

This app is one of the must-have ipad apps for students that has been widely used by over one million people worldwide on both iPad and iPhone devices. 

Through this app, you could temporarily block out apps and websites that consume most of your time without gaining anything fruitful from it. We often fail to understand how time slips away and wastes the valuable hours that we could have spent doing something productive. 

Best iPad Apps For Students

Well, the users of this application have reported an average gain of 2.5 hours each day, which is invested in doing something worth the time. 

Freedom has a facility to sync all the devices you use, regardless of whether you are using a computer, a tablet, or even a phone. You could sync as many devices as you would feel comfortable in.

Freedom allows you to select a timeline for the span of time that you would like to keep your device, apps, or even the entire Internet locked up for a maximum of 8 hours at a stretch.

This app lets its users customize blocklists, like choosing to block all the social media apps only, or you can even set up distraction-free sessions for a later point of time or even repetitive spans of events, like staying away from using WhatsApp Messenger between 8 AM and 4 PM every weekend. 

Well, suppose you are someone who finds it hard to step out of the loop of procrastination despite trying constantly. In that case, the ‘locked mode’ option can come to your rescue by preventing you from changing any settings assigned before the allotted period is over.

Getting Started with Freedom

Initially, you can access the free trial with the limitation of using up to 7 distraction-free blocking periods on all devices. To avail of it further, you must pay a minimum subscription fee of $6.99/ month or $29.99/ year.

Freedom is a practical choice that all students with the habit of procrastination can try out and face fruitful results.

Download on Apple App Store

2. Notion – notes, docs, tasks

Note-taking is a beneficial task for everyone and definitely a must-on for students. The notion is a popular app that will help you out with taking down notes that you would like to prefer to keep a record of. 

Notion is one such platform that tends to adapt to the users’ needs to deliver efficiency. Though note-taking is its primary function, this app can perform many other additional functions.

Using the app as a task manager, schedule planner, to-do list, habit tracker, budget manager, and a lot of other features are feasible here. Long story short, you could refer to Notion as an all-in-one space for getting your day sorted. 

Best iPad Apps For Students 1

For better clarity and experience, you get your daily work and knowledge space in a side-by-side view for a more straightforward and simplified approach. This helps you never lose context as to what you have been working on. 

On Notion, you get the opportunity to customize the app just the way you would like it to be. All your doing is drag and drop to craft the required dashboard, document, website, or system.

Through this platform, you get motivated and inspired by a crowd of thousands of integrations, community-created templates, and the events of the same. Hence, you can say a ‘no’ to outside resources and support. 

Notion’s UI is easily comprehensible yet attractive. You can personalize the pages with icons, background images, texts with different colors, and more. Notion integrates with a wide range of apps to deliver the best user experience. Trello, Github, Codepen, Figma, Tweets, and more are some of them. 

This app is available on iOS and Android operating systems and is supported by regular updates and an effective support team. As far as the pricing rates are concerned, it is free till the limitation of a thousand blocks and an upload limit of 5 MB.

However, if you are searching for a personal plan, you have to pay a subscription fee of $5/month or a charge of $4/moth for an annual payment. 

Notion will come in handy as a student and when you will be exposed to your work-life in days to come. Notion is must have ipad apps for students to take notes, and manage docs and tasks.

Download The App on Apple App Store

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar could turn out to be yet another one of the best iPad apps for students. Well, as far as calendars are concerned, google calendar is probably the best one on the market.

Its compatibility with the applications related to making timetables makes it feasible to be used by universities and schools to import the respective agenda into the students’ calendar, along with the class number, professor or teacher name, location, and many more synced by itself. 

Just like the other apps from Google, Google Calendars, too, is easy to use, and you can get familiar with it in no time.

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

You get to customize the calendars as multi-color-coded calendars and can even create events on the basis of the emails that you have received, like those of some concert you attend or a flight you have to catch on some specific date. Features like these help the users track their upcoming events and act as a reminder.

Once you log in to your Google account, Google Calendar automatically syncs to all of your devices; hence, you don’t need to worry about which device you have logged in from—a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, you can use it all.

Even though no such application has been designed for the macOS desktop version, Google Calendar can still be accessed on a mac device through a browser.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to sync Google Calendar with the built-in Mac calendar app of its own. The latter can prove to be a smooth and effortless option to try on. 

📆 Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

You can quickly get the app installed from Google Play Store or App Store, and it is ultimately a free application to explore. Hence, it is a highly convenient and easy app for students to keep the soundtrack of their daily activities and upcoming events.

Download The App on Apple App Store

4. Quizlet

Flashcards could make your studying even easier to memorize and smart to keep an estimated track of how much you have studied in a day. Quizlet is one such application that believes in the same and thus, helps you out with it. 

According to a Quizlet report, about 90% of students who have used Quizlet have improved academically and hence fetched higher scores in their examinations. Quizlet has been designed to help you save time and make the best of the subjects with their teaching tactics. 

Solutions and step-by-step explanations for challenging problems and questions are provided for about 64 subjects, all written and verified by the subject experts from Quizlet.

You could refer to Quizlet for a niche of issues related to Arts, Languages, Math, Science, Social Science, and more. Under these categories, you can explore various subjects and get the information you have been searching for.

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

The fun part is that through Quizlet, teachers could explain concepts and theories better with the help of multiple study sets, study modes, and in-built class games. Thus, these innovative methods of teaching help students gain more significant interest in that subject and, automatically, perform better in them.

For an even personalized experience, Quizlet has introduced a feature in which you can create study sets, folders, and classes according to your choices. 

Quizlet is available on both App Store and Google Play Store and comes in three versions. Out of those three versions, one is a free version, and the other two premium ones can be accessed only by paying a certain subscription fee—Quizlet Go costs $35.88/year, and Quizlet Plus costs $47.88/year.

Thus, Quizlet can help you get your doubts clarified and even help you learn about facts and information that might otherwise have been unknown to you.

Quizlet is the best ipad apps for students to create their own flashcards for their studies.

5. Highlighted 

We have seen others and have been highlighting specific beneficial portions in our textbooks for quite a long time. Well, highlighting texts in your book with the help of a mobile phone application is a lesser-known fact, though.

Highlighted sorts out the work for you to rewrite loads of notes from physical books onto your electronic device and simplifies your study process. This app helps you capture quotes, organize them, and highlight essential points. 

Best iPad Apps For Students 4

An exciting feature that is introduced is the ability to form book collections here and organize and customize the same according to your needs.

Highlighted features include cover image display, book appearance styles ( including the grid), the book highlights export, page number note-taking, voice dictation for the manually highlighted notes, highlighting editing ergonomics, and many more.

Well, Highlighted does work with languages other than English as well. Some of the languages that it can comfortably adapt to are French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and more. It is a distraction-free platform that is free to use for all its users and is compatible with iPhones and iPad.

In simple word highlighted is the Top iPad Apps For Students To Highlight with ease.

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Making a to-do list right when you start your day or making it some time prior sometimes gives us a clear idea about what does not have to be done throughout the entire day. Todoist becomes your partner in fulfilling the same.

With Todoist, over 30 million users have benefited and have made its place as the most user-friendly to-do list app in the crowd. Additionally, over 2 billion tasks have been reported thoroughly, which were written down on this app.

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

The app has enhanced user experience by integrating with other handy apps like Dropbox, Google Calendar, Zapier, and more. Syncing Todoist through various devices isn’t much of hustle here. 

The keyboard shortcuts you could avail yourself of through the platform have made functions like Language Processing and Predictive Language. Adding tasks with dates, comments, tags, priorities, and attachments is prompt and efficient.

For instance, if you type out “Class Test Monday”, the app will add the “Class Test” task with Monday as the due date. 

For customization, you can get in touch with hundreds of available templates to get you started with whatever you wish to put in. You could take on a quiz to get an enriched personal productivity recommendation by referring to your unique strengths and traits. 

Todoist is available for both free and paid versions. For the paid version, it is meant for users of two different categories— in the first case, it gets targeted at individuals or teams sustaining up to 25 people, which charges you $3 per month for annual purposes or $4 per month for a monthly payment;

Another case is for businesses, which is usually used by a team of 25+ people, which charges $5 per user a month for annual billing or $6 per user for monthly billing.

Todoist has reportedly been an efficient app that still has a good name in the market and would help students keep their tasks at the tip of their fingers all day.

Download Here

7. Wallet

Keeping track of your expenses is an art, and even though the right mindset develops better as one grows up, being careful with expenses is essential while you are still a student.

Wallet by Budgetbackers helps its users to keep track of their expenses and saving. It functions much like how MS Excel does, but you could say this is a more innovative way to learn better about expenditure. 

Best iPad Apps For Students 6

The wallet comes with an impressive UI and provides its users with a deep understanding of your spending habits with the help of charts and graphs. You do not need to worry about currencies as the app supports several coins and allows premium users to connect to their local bank.

Tracking expenses could be done in groups as well. You could create a wallet, add other users, and simultaneously track the expenses. It is a well-known app that over 6.5M people have downloaded, is supportive of 20+ languages, and has the facility to connect to 15K banks. 

With such iPad apps for students, you could imply your decision-making process, and the app keeps in history the data and tools that one could need the most. With Wallet, your data is secured, and they help you achieve more significant financial goals. 

Suppose you have started your own small business. In that case, you could avail of a feature provided by the app, named ‘Board’, that gives you a thorough and accurate clarification about your business finances. 

Besides getting the app on your iPad or iPhone, you could also get the same on your Android OS from the Google Play Store. Having financial ideas and concepts is very crucial, and this app will definitely help you achieve milestones in the economic field.

Download Here


Coming across old memories is undoubtedly one of the most nostalgic moments we encounter. The more the years pass since a particular event has occurred, the more excellent satisfaction is achieved when going through the memory of the same. 

The journey could turn out to be one of the best choices if you are looking for Journal apps on your iPad.

On this application, you could create a hub of your favorite memories by being able to add new entries, attach memories, make a habit of jotting down your day’s routine on the app, and also use the calendar view for jumping to a particular data entry. 

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

It has a feature of maps integration which gives a deep perception of the time you travel to various places around the globe. Here, you could create memories using third-party applications like Instagram, Google Docs, Twitter, Ghost blog, and more. 

Privacy is ensured via various facilities like setting up a passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Android biometric to protect all the journal entries you have made. 

Besides exploring ‘throwbacks’, you could also keep track of your fitness and mood chart through Journey. To avail of this, you need to link Journey with Apple Health and Google Fit. You get to view your daily insights on the same with this app.

Journey also helps you to maintain your commitment to self-care and allows you to make an entry through voice-to-text with the help of Siri Shortcuts, input weather conditions, compose entries through email, and more. Besides iPad OS, the app is also supported by Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome Webstore. 

Memories can be explored later, allowing you to access where and when a particular Journal entry had been made, and the beautiful memories were created.

Even though Journey costs you $30 per year, discounts and offers are expected here. Keep an eye on them, grab the most amazing offers, and explore the world!

Download Here

9. Headspace – Best iPad Apps For Students To Reduce Stress

Meditation has magical effects, and only those who practice it can understand its true sense. Meditating for even 20 minutes every day can help you get mentally stronger and increases focus, concentration, and clarity in life. 

Concentration is a must-factor for students to have a better focus on life and studies, and Headspace helps you with that. Students often face burnout due to extreme academic pressure, and meditation and exercise could surely help you out with that.

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

Headspace provides its users with several meditations on various subjects like exercise, focus, and sleep. It also comes with short meditation sessions for getting your clogged mind clear on a long day and provides long-term mindful fitness courses as well. 

As per Headspace’s report, just ten days of using Headspace could increase happiness in your life by 16%. Here, you get to learn how to take control of your emotions and thoughts at any part of the day.

It comes with a number of articles like breathing exercises to reduce stress, meditation for beginners, realizing and improving self-worth, how to practice self-love, and more. 

Here, they suggest you with mood-boosting workouts and yoga to make your life a better one. This app comes with a 14-day free trial, and after that, you could make an annual payment of $54/month or pay monthly $4/ month.

Download The App on Apple App Store

10. Google Slides

One of the best iPad apps for students you could try is Google Slides. It helps you create presentations at any point of the day and even through offline means, get in touch through commenting and chatting with others, and present from any feasible device you would like, with an active internet connection. 

The slides are effortless to design and can be supported on PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets. You also control who can view and edit your slides and convert them into a desirable format to share with others.

11 Best iPad Apps For Students To Make Productivity a Habit

It has an unlimited revision history and straightforward sharing controls to promote user-friendliness among people from all walks of life. 

Being presented by Google, the app is free-to-use; you could benefit in uncountable ways through this by making questions or even receiving questions from teachers and professors through Google Slides. 

Download The App on Apple App Store

📗FAQ on iPad apps for students

What can I use my iPad for as a student?

As a student, the best way you can use an iPad is to create notes. If you already have the Pencil, it can be the best combo ever. Not only this, you can use multiple in-built apps such as Notes, Pages, iMovie, Keynote, etc., to create presentations for your college, projects, reports, create notes, and a lot more.

How do I organize my iPad for college?

For your college, you can keep all your study material in a separate folder based on the subjects. Also, create notes and keep them in different folders. Moreover, the apps that you need, such as the official college app, study course apps, folders, and more, you can keep on the home screen itself.

Is the iPad worth it for college?

If your budget allows you to buy this gadget, then there is no better investment. College students such as yourself will love using iPad to create digital notes. Moreover, you can even highlight your study material and do everything that a laptop would do for you while in college. It comes in handy, and you can even take it to your college.

Do I need a laptop if I have an iPad?

It all depends on your need. It can replace if all you need it for is taking notes, taking it to your college, studying, creating presentations, and other basic activities. However, if you are looking to work on high-end apps or even for gaming, then an iPad can never take the place of a laptop.

Is 32 GB enough iPad?

The iPads that are currently available in the market comes with 64GB and 128GB variant. Hence 32GB is not something you should go for since it will not serve your purpose even if you need it just for basic purposes.

What are the best note-taking iPad apps for Students?

Some of the best note-taking apps you can use as a student on your iPad include Todist, Evernote, GoodNotes, Duolingo, Splitwise, and more.

Conclusion on iPad apps for students

On reaching the culmination point, it is wise enough to conclude that apps have made our lives easier than we could ever imagine them to be.

With the help of some clicks on the screens of electronic gadgets, a wide range of tasks can be performed smartly, without putting in loads of effort.

We have listed down only a few of the most useful apps for a student that we could think of. There are a lot more apps that you could explore based on your interests.

Get them right away and start a brand new journey now!

As a tech writer, I am interested in technology-related things. From the latest gadgets and devices to new software and apps, I love learning about and writing about the latest advancements in the tech world.