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Is 200 MBPS Good For Gaming? 🤷‍♂️ Let’s Find Out

When deciding on what internet plan to use, knowing if it is fast enough to meet all your needs is one of the first things you need to know. The 200mbps plan is one of the basic internet plans most internet service providers offer. Many people have asked: is 200 mbps good for gaming?

When gaming on your computer, apart from the quality of your hardware, you also need to know the internet capabilities. You need to know if the particular game you are playing requires extremely fast internet. Since your computer and the game server are communicating several times a second, you need a very fast internet connection.

This article will let you know all you need about online gaming—particularly if 200mbps is good for gaming. It will tell you what Mbps is in the first place, it will explain what aspects you need to look into to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Many other questions about 200mbps internet and online gaming will be answered.

What Is Mbps?

Mbps stands for Megabits per second. It Is the most common unit for measuring internet bandwidth. Usually, your internet bandwidth is shown as a number followed by the Mbps unit.

For some slower connections, the internet speed is measured in kilobits per second. Faster internet connections of more than 1000mbps are measured as gigabits per second.

The bandwidth is simply a measure of the download speed of the internet connection. Therefore, a higher bandwidth implies that you can download large sizes of files in a short time. Also, it means web pages will be loaded faster.

Apart from the download speed, the upload speed of the internet connection and the latency or ping rate are other important metrics for measuring how fast your internet connection is. I will explain these terms below.

Download Speed

Download speed is the speed at which data travels from the server to your computer. If you want to download large files you need a high download speed so you won’t have to spend all day downloading. The download speed also comes into play when loading web pages, streaming, and gaming. 

Is 200 mbps good for gaming

A fast download speed is necessary for a good gaming experience. For some games, you will need to download the program files for the game before you can play them.

Some others only require you to have an active connection while you play so you can continue to receive data on a per-second basis from the server. 

The minimum speed for most games you will encounter is 3mbps. This is a minimum, meaning you need much higher than this to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Son of you is wondering: is 200 mbps good for gaming, with regards to download speed, the answer is yes. 

Upload Speed

An upload is the opposite of a download. While downloads involve data and files moving inwards to your computer, uploads involve files and data being sent out from your computer to different servers.

Having fast upload speeds is important for cloud storage and video calls where information from your computer is sent.

Is 200 MBPS Good For Gaming? 🤷‍♂️ Let's Find Out

You also need fast upload speed while gaming because data from your gameplay is sent to the game servers every second. There is constant upload and download of data while playing games online.

The upload speed is usually the same as the download speed, but because most users have greater download traffic than upload traffic, some service providers put a cap on the upload speed to allow for the bulk of the internet resources to be spent on downloads.

You should be aware of what the actual upload speed of your internet is if you want to use it consistently for gameplay.

Latency Or Ping Rate

The latency or ping rate is the speed at which your device communicates with a website or server. For instance, when you are on Netflix, the amount of time between your clicking your choice of movie and the Netflix servers acknowledging your choice and sending the first packets of data is the latency or ping rate.

The ping rate is measured in milliseconds. A high ping rate means it takes a long time for your device and the server to exchange communication. For gaming, you need low ping rates. Even if you have a high download and upload speed, if the ping rate is high you will experience lags and delays while playing the game.

Is 200 MBPS Good For Gaming? 🤷‍♂️

One important question for gamers is: is 200 MBPS good for gaming? The short answer is yes, though it should be noted that the faster the internet speed, the better. I will proceed to tell you why in more detail.

Some online games experience only small traffic while you play. For instance, some games may use only 40-60Mb per round. For games like this, a 200mbps speed is more than sufficient for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Some webpage games need to load a large number of maps and elements. You need a fast load speed for such games. A 200mbps speed should be good enough, but you should pay attention to the latency. A high ping rate will cause lags and delays while you play.

Many games require you to download game files before you can play. This is the aspect where the download plays a very important role. Even with a speed of 200mbps, some games will take several minutes or even hours to download. Games like CyberPunk 2077 with a size of 70GB will take a long time to download.

Reasons For Slow Internet Connection

Now that the question: is 200 mbps good for gaming has been answered, I can now explain the reasons your internet may be slow.

Though your internet service provider assures you that you will experience 200mbps download speeds, there are some good reasons why the actual download speed of your device will be less than this.

The most common reason for this is that there are several people or devices connected to the network at the same time. If four or fewer people are using your home network, you will usually not experience any issues while gaming.

If however there are more than four people or devices connected at the same time, the internet resources each device uses will be less, so you may experience slower download speeds.

This also applies to when you are taking on an office connection. Playing online games when there are several devices active on the office network will likely lead to a slowing down of your gaming or streaming.

If there are extensive cloud-connected home security systems, it can lead to slower download speeds. If you are streaming high-definition videos on several flat screens, you may consider moving your gaming to a different time.

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Factors Influencing Internet Speed

Several factors affect your internet speed. Your internet speed varies from one time of the day to the other. If you are interested in streaming or gaming, it is not enough to know if a download speed of 200mbps is good for gaming, you should know other factors that can affect the internet speed. A few are explained below.

1. Your ISP

Your internet service provider has control over the speed of your internet. They can choose to make your connections faster or slower. They can vary the speed throughout the day for any reason.

2. The technology used

The type of technology used imposes limits on the speed of your connections. Fixed lines are slower than 3G connections which are slower than DSL and are in turn slower than fiber connections.

3. Location of the data

If the server you are connecting to is closer to you, the connection is likely to be faster than if the server was far. Connections within the same city are usually faster than those on different continents.

4. Time of the day

The internet speed varies during different times of the day. The more traffic there is, the slower the speed. You experience faster internet speed when there are fewer people connected to the ISP, such as hours of the night when most people have slept. You can plan your gaming accordingly.

How To Test The Internet Speed

If you want to know if the speed provided by your service provider is an accurate reflection of the speed used during gaming, there is a test you can perform. You can use a website that is designed to test your internet speed such as Ookla’s speedtest.net.

Is 200 mbps good for gaming

These sites send small amounts of data to the device and see how long it takes for the data to come back. You should note that the internet speed varies during the day, so a test in the morning does not imply the same speed will be obtainable at night.

Also, not me that these tests are more accurate when you are using small volumes of data for large, continuous data transmission.

Final Thoughts

People often ask: is 200 mbps good for gaming. Since the 200mbps package is one of the more popular ones provided by internet service providers, it is important to have an answer to the question. 

In this article, I have told you if 200mbps is good for gaming. I have explained many things you need to know to have a smooth gaming experience online.