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Is Bitcoin Trader A Cryptocurrency Fraud or Scam?


Nowadays, everything pertaining to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, ideally requires a double check before you go on to put your money and/or efforts to it.

Many people have lost so much funds to so-called bitcoin programs and investment schemes, and this is consequently a contributor to the skepticism and reluctance from some members of the public, on bitcoin and altcoin use adoption.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam

The Bitcoin Trader turns out to be one of the many bitcoin inclined programs that have garnered followers on the internet and cryptocurrency space. While some people have already gotten themselves involved with the platform’s activities, some others are rather still waiting for a little while more- probably for a review like this, that could help them come to a decision.

Before opting in on a program, it is important to know what it entails, as well as carrying out a detailed analysis of the operation framework. This would save the investor some undue risks, which could ultimately lead to loss of huge sums of money- if the programs turned out sour and untrue.

We have provided a review for Bitcoin Trader, that would help the prospective investor adequately weigh the options, before proceeding on the next line of action.

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What does Bitcoin Trader offer: Information as obtained on the website

According to what is found on the bitcoin trader website, the platform offers impressive cash earning features for users who come on board to use their services. On the platform, users are welcomed to a world of absolute profitability via binary options, where they are only sure to make more money- both in the short and long run. In fact, profit tendencies for users are enormous, and an active user can earn well over a thousand dollars daily, just by signing up and becoming part of the platform’s community.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin Trader claims to provide an operation framework that is somewhat designed to work by some sort of automation. Consequently, the platform informs the public of its highly innovative roadmap, which should always work in such a way that turns out a profit green for the users. This means the bulk of the trading and market leads would be determined by the platform’s native program, aforetime. Hence, the Bitcoin Trader service program is able to gather real-time information on what the markets are likely to become, and which it uses in ensuring that the users make profit from the trades.

Loopholes of the platform and reasons for a conclusion

Analyzing the activities and methods of bitcoin trader, gives all the necessary clues that helps us come to a proper conclusion. When reviewing cryptocurrency related activities like this, it is important to consider the features and activities of the project of concern, while examining to see if there are loopholes in its claims. By this, the intending participant would have had all the puzzles fixed, and would have been able to determine feasibility of the claims. Know that, the more you’re able to match valid answers with the questions raised, the more reliable the projects could be (and vice versa).

Using these indices, let us consider how well the Bitcoin Trader can be trusted or not.

  • The operation roadmap is not in anyway clear

Going through all of the information made available to the public on its activities, Bitcoin Trader has not mentioned a detailed roadmap by which users would participate and earn profits from the services they provide. This leaves so much room for doubt, especially as to whether there is any roadmap at all. All that we know about the platform, is that they may engage in binary options, of which the roadmap is also substantially not clear as well. An ideal business firstly creates a viable roadmap that would be realistically saleable to prospective investors and clients. Bitcoin Trader has not done this, and most of the information people have, are largely and wrongly inferred.

Consequently, it wouldn’t be any advisable to put money in such a project, since there’s no strategy and you also haven’t understood how you’ll be making your profits.

It becomes even more alarming and indicative, considering the claims that users can make such huge amounts for each day, in a situation where they (Bitcoin Trader) have not mentioned in details how that would be.

  • Binary options may not be as easy as the platform has made it look

Binary options is an interesting, but delicate aspect of both fiat and digital currency trading. While it could turn out to be a profitable venture for the expert participants, it is even still not an easy thing to actively venture in; and this is a reason why it is considered delicate and unfit for the amateur.

In fact, persons who have practiced binary options for years, would still attest to the fact that they still loss big sometimes, even with their level of professionalism and expertise.

Thus, the claims made by Bitcoin Trader can be rightly considered to be outrageously untrue, since the platform guarantees users of profitability tendencies of over 95%, for all times.

Furthermore, there are no valid known software programs that can conveniently determine market tendencies with such accuracies, as claimed by those of the Bitcoin Trader. This means the site is only trying to sale out the false information, so it can create a positive impression in people, upon which it would swindle them.

Other anomalies and reasons for doubt

Asides the basic indicators that readily point to the insincerity of the Bitcoin Trader projects, there are other features that have further shown the trader to be a fraud.

Firstly, the testimonies contained on the site have been investigated and found to be untrue. The findings that were carried out showed that the photographs of users who were said to have made the testimonies about the platform, were actually copied pictures from the internet; Thus, the persons are not real.

Additionally, the platform may have adopted a secret ploy aimed at making visitors to the website believe that it was a subsidiary of the bitcoin cryptocurrency itself. This is definitely fraudulent, and a perfect turnoff for any investment.

In conclusion, a lot more person are beginning to speak up on the fraudulent activities of the website, as many people have claimed to have been duped. In fact, others claim that Bitcoin Trader, has a pyramid of online platforms that have continued to dwindle unsuspecting investors.


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