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Is Kodi legal?


Kodi is the software sensation of 2017 – despite having been around, in one form or another, for 15 years. Part of its appeal lies in its versatility- you can use it on different devices, stream all manner of great content for free, expand what it can do using thousands of great add-ons, and much more.

It’s little wonder people are moved to check if it’s legal.

Type “Is Kodi…” into Google and the second phrase that
appears in the search engine’s autocomplete list is “legal”.

Is Kodi legal

The simple answer to that question is “yes”. But even a cursory
search for Kodi on eBay will bring up hordes of “fully loaded” devices
offering Netflix, Sky Sports and adult channels for free. It’s little wonder

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Kodi is merely the open-source media player software that’s used to power those no-brand streaming devices you find on eBay, as well as offering apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and other platforms. There’s nothing illegal within Kodi itself – it’s what people serve up using Kodi that has copyright holders furiously filing lawsuits.

Kodi spokesperson Nathan Betzen is quick to distance the non-profit a consortium from the pirates. “I want to make something pretty clear,” he wrote when we asked him where Kodi stands on its software being used as a means of distribution for pirated
material. “Kodi is not used to distribute pirated material. Pirated

Pirated a material is being distributed by online file lockers that are scraped by piracy websites. Then piracy add-ons scrape
those websites. Kodi is being used as the player for those add-ons. Kodi itself is a video player, not in any way a distributor.” Yet, there’s no doubt that many others are holding the consortium
accountable for the content that’s viewed via Kodi, in much the same away the copyright holders held The Pirate Bay accountable for linking to pirated movies. Although Kodi itself

Although Kodi itself has been largely immune from the lawsuits that have been filed against box sellers and add-on developers, it
has been tarnished by association, with companies such as Amazon and Apple refusing to allow Kodi into their app stores.

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