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Is making a fitness app still worth it?

There are many fitness service providers and gym owners who decide to have a fitness app today. The reason is simply because of the broad prospect of the app. 

So, how a fitness app helps in having a better opportunity? There are many reasons. 

There are five types of fitness apps according to fitness app developers from RiseApps: personal trainer, fitness, nutrition, yoga and activity tracking. But do you need them?

Here are some of the prominent uses of these apps, and of course reasons why you should have a fitness app for your gym, personal training program or any other health-style business.  

Increase in Membership

Is making a fitness app still worth it?

When everyone has got so busy in life, sparing an hour to visit a gym for getting a membership seems quite time-consuming. In such a situation, the fitness app is the right solution through which the gym owners can attract more memberships. 

The interested consumers can easily install the application and instantly get memberships from the app without visiting the gym. Whether it is for a new membership or renewal of an old one, the users can do it from the comfort of their home. 

Online Training:

There are fitness owners who also prefer to offer online training to users. For such facilities again, an application is the best to grab on. The users can just register on the application and can start the online training in no time. There is no need to visit the gym or any fitness center for the purpose. The user can follow the instructions from the guide online and can perform the exercises.

Such applications can guide the users on several elements such as exercises, diet, and others. These apps are in trend during the crisis COVID-19 pandemic crisis when gyms and fitness centers are closed and people are forced to exercise at home.

Personal Fitness Tracker

Fitness applications are not just limited to membership applications and online training apps. There are also fitness apps that can work as a personal fitness tracker for the user. Such applications have the facility of tracking the parameters as: 

  • steps walked a day, 
  • sleep amount in a day, 
  • calories consumed,
  • calories burn during workouts,
  • and so on. 

They help the user in knowing whether they are leading a healthy life or not. The user can integrate the app with any tracker device and count the steps, sleep hours, heartbeat, pulse, and other elements. 

The user can also feed information such as glasses of water consumed, food consumption, and other details for a day. All these can help in knowing whether the person is leading a healthy lifestyle or not. Apart from tracking, the apps can even suggest things that can be helpful for the user. 

Online Consultations

Aside from the usual fitness applications, there can also be applications that are made for online consultations. Most commonly, hospitals and fitness centers develop such applications. Here, the user can fill in their issues or can ask for a suggestion. If it is a telemedicine app, the app’s AI system can instantly suggest medication or a remedy. Otherwise, it can connect the user to the right expert who can offer the proper consultation. Some of the benefits that these apps provide to the patients are:

  • No more waiting for meeting the doctor in the hospital,
  • No more appointments,
  • No more traveling to the hospitals,
  • Consultation at the comfort of your home,
  • Online prescriptions for medicine,
  • Lesser fees compared to hospital bills. 

Great for Branding

Some organizations use fitness apps as a mode of branding and reaching out to more people. This works due to word of mouth. With the use of these apps, more people can come to know about these organizations. Overall the applications can increase awareness about the institutions among the patients, consumers, and other users. 


Are you recently thinking about why your gym or fitness center does not attract members more like the other centers? One reason can be that you do not have a fitness app that others have. There are several reasons why you should build a fitness app by now. Some of the major ones are listed above. If you are already caught off the idea on fitness app development, check the guide on how to build a fitness app from Riseapps.

Fitness applications are now high in demand among the users due to their unique benefits. These attractive benefits turn out to be advantageous even for fitness center owners to gain more members on their list. So, having a fitness app has become a priority and indeed is worthy of having to compete.