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Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10 PC ?

When you install Windows 10 you get Windows Defender as part of the OS. You get the security and convenience from the get-go. But Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10 PC?

The Analysis

We break down the analysis into 3 different parts-  Usability, Performance, and Protection.

1. Usability

Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10

This is one area where Windows Defender can hold its own against any other third-party antivirus solutions out there. Being a part of the OS, it has seamless integration with the OS and has a user interface that is smooth and no one can complain about. Also, it runs silently in the background performing live threat analysis without you ever having to even think about having or checking for antivirus. Any external media that is connected is automatically scanned.

So, for usability we give it 9/10.

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2. Performance

Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10

One of the major complains with antivirus is that is hogs up loot of the memory and process. That will be the case for any antivirus you use. To perform the test on performance we used a laptop with 8GB of RAM and i7 4th gen processor and put it on varying number of loads in the background while performing our daily usage in the foreground.

When at idle and having next to nothing to scan, defender was virtually invisible running silently in the background which is better than most of the antivirus out there. Putting it in load by putting a single large file also fared very well. It took up only around 300MB of RAM and 2% of the process. But for large number of small files it started to shake, taking up some huge amount of process and good chunk of RAM. Where we start to see the antivirus falling apart is when it processes threat detected by removing it or quarantine it. During this process you can just wish it finishes fast so you can get back to your work.

So, for performance we give it 7/10.

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3. Protection

At the end of the day why we use antivirus is for protection. As for Windows Defender, this is where is complete falls apart.

We used AV-TEST and other tools for analyzing protection level given by Windows Defender. And according to our tests it was able to stop 86% of the malware and 53% of malware URLs. While 86% sound a good number, for malware detection it is considered a pretty poor. And as for blocking malicious URLs it barely scratches the surface.

So, for Protection, we give it 5/10.

While the tests show lower protection against more of hypothetical scenario, in the real world the windows defender performs well on most of the malwares encountered for an everyday user. This saves on computer resources, while having a practically great protection.

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How to Find out Latest The best antivirus software

It’s too easy to find out which antivirus is performing better in terms of Performance, protection, and usability with https://www.av-test.org/en/

AV-test is an independent body which is doing a test of all the antivirus for “The best antivirus software for Android” ,”The best antivirus software for Windows Home User” and Mac.

To find out just navigate to https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/ and Select you category here.

Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10 PC

it will show you the complete result

Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10 PC ?


How am I protecting My PC?

i would also like to share my free personal AV which i am using from a long time is 360 Total internet security.

The reason is it’s not affecting my PC performance and providing a combination of 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bit defender antivirus engine to use in single AV program along with they are coming with lot’s of pre-build best free programs for to improve your PC performance.

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Apart from 360 Total security, i am also using Microsoft EMET to protect my PC against exploits. You will learn more about Microsoft EMET with my this YouTube video.

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At the end of the day antivirus is just a tool, without secure browsing habit, any PC can get infected. As for Windows Defender, if you have a somewhat decent knowledge on secure browsing habits or don’t want to pay any fee for another antivirus you will be perfectly fine with Windows Defender.

But if you want complete security and are ok with spending some money on another antivirus, you have many alternatives better than Windows Defender.

With every update, the Windows defender is getting better. It still lacks all the bells and whistles from other antivirus’s. They added an anti-ransomware functionality in an earlier update. Microsoft says it’ll be competition to paid AVs soon, we better watch the updates closely!

Hope my article “Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10” helps you to identify Is Windows Defender good enough for your Windows 10 or no. if you have any query, feel free to comment.