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Prove your mastery in IT disciplines by acquiring professional certifications


Academic qualifications are essential because it demonstrates that the person possesses a certain level of knowledge and understanding about some subjects that point to their capabilities in making them employable.

By looking at the academic qualification, employers presume that the person should be fit for doing some kinds of job. However, it is never possible to judge the skill sets that people possess.

For example, having a degree in some branch of IT does not reflect the kind of abilities the person possesses. IT is a vast field with numerous classifications and subsets of knowledge and allied skills, but the degree mostly indicates the knowledge level according to the focus of the curriculum without any hint about the skills imparted through the curriculum that could help people to perform well in their work area.  It is often quite baffling for employers.

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The above is true even in case of professional qualifications which at the basic level are like academic qualifications except that the curriculum includes some skill imparting programs. Suppose a fresh graduate with a degree in IT applies for a job. How will the employer judge what kind of skills the person has that the company could put to best use? The degree does not specifically tell anything about it and employers have to depend on their own judgement to determine the suitability of the candidate which can often belie their expectations. On the other hand, the candidate too cannot establish that he or she has acquired certain skills that would make them the right candidate for the job. Clearly, there is a gap between the expectations of employers and job seekers.

Filling the gap with professional certification

Employers are interested in recruiting candidates who have the necessary academic qualifications that show that they are knowledgeable and possess the skills of the real world that help them to perform the job. While the degree is documentary evidence to prove that the candidate possesses the knowledge on the subject the absence of any such evidence about the skills often creates a hindrance for employers. It results in wrong recruitment that harms organizations and damages the career prospects of candidates.

To address the difficulties of professionals and recruiters, a new method of skill assessment is now in place in the form of professional certification. A professional certificate endorses the skills that a person possesses in a specific discipline or work area. It makes easy for people to stake claims for high paying jobs by using a professional certificate.

Professional certification in IT programs

The demand for professional certification is maximum in the IT sector, and numerous certification programs are available online that endorses a variety of skill sets in various disciplines. The well-known IT companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, etc. issue certificates in respective disciplines. The professional certifications are offered online by many intermediary companies that act as facilitators and arrange for issuance of the certificates from the parent companies. By logging on to the Certiport portal, you can access several certification programs offered by Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDesk, Quickbooks, Toonboom, etc.  Depending on your need you can enroll with a program that provides a proper certification on successful completion of the course that goes through a process of assessment of skills and knowledge.

Preference for professional certifications

Considering the growing popularity of professional certification programs, it becomes clear that in many cases employers are attaching more importance to it over educational qualifications and it has become a necessity for those who want to make quick progress in their career.

Why companies are so much inclined to recruit and reward candidates with professional certifications will become clear from this example. An employer hired a fresh IT graduate and asked the candidate to configure a Cisco router which had left him/her red-faced as it was beyond his/her capability. Instead, when the employer asked the candidate to develop an App, the guy was smart enough to please the employer. This incident reveals that most IT curriculum that award degrees focus on programming whereas the industry needs people skilled in programming as well as other allied functions like Networking, Cloud computing, etc.

When candidates acquire professional certifications, it upholds their special abilities in specified areas that help employers to identify the right candidate for the right job that ensures quality work and improved productivity.

Online learning and certification

Most professional certification programs are available online that becomes easily accessible when you log on to Certiport’s portal and click on the tab click here. Online learning offers complete flexibility as you can create your own learning schedule while accessing the authentic learning materials from parent companies. On achieving some of the established certifications, you become a more qualified person among others supported by the proven record of your abilities.

The IT world rewards masters, which is why more and more professionals are going for professional certifications.


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