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The Easiest 5 iTunes alternative for syncing iPhone to Windows 10


Are you in a category of those people who are looking for a best iTune alternatives to better organize your photos, video across all your devices, then this tutorial is completely for you. Personally, I found iTunes and iCloud backup have limits that you can easily achieve with the best available alternatives.

With this tutorial, we are going to cover the top 5 best alternatives that we tested in our lab environment.

Here is The List Of iTunes alternative for syncing iPhone to Windows 10

1. DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is the best solution to manages your content on your iPhone and etc. You can manage all data and also recovered the single app and the best part is there is No iTunes or iTunes components need to be installed (others all needs to install apple application support and apple mobile device support to be able to access iPhone files). In addition, you can also achieve to make very easy as well as you can convert the photos music, ringtones, and etc. There are possible to more than files for your iPhone using DearMob.

You can handle the lots of bookmarks with the search for any process. It is one of the best processes and also supports for your automatic conversion of videos and music. On another hand, you can also upload ringtones for also using upload the file.

It is very effective and easy to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your computer. You can select photos from different albums on your iPhone should be transferred to a folder inside of your computer. Better manage your photo library.

DearMob iPhone Manager is more than expandable storage for your iPhone users and over time. However, you can turn the issues and also the Photo Transfer feature for your manager comes in handy.


  • Easy backup and restore
  • Sync music tracks and videos as well as unlock DRM protection
  • Import books and files like a pro, also support convert EPUB books to PDF and DOC.
  • Use it as a portable flash drive.
  • Seamless photo transfers
  • View and convert HEIC to JPG
  • Secure

2. iMazing

iMazing is one of the best iOS managers for lots of users. You can enjoy the lots of features and also more than connectivity with diagnostics solutions. However, you can also develop different technologies to connect to your smartphone.

ITunes can set up the automatically sync your data and your any devices. In addition, you can access your computer matches on your device and lead try to sync your device with a new computer. iMazing also uses to access your data and you can need to store any data online. For instance, you can access your respect for your privacy. Moreover, you can get automatically triggered with access to more types of data.

  • You can access and control your iOS devices
  • Many numbers of devices must be connected
  • you can manage the pairing services
  • You can transfer the backup jobs to continue with plug / unplug device
  • support jobs and with dedicated progress reports


  • You can maintain the history of your backups by the device. You can be optimized all disk uses to keep dozens of archives at little storage cost.
  • Restore your backup to multiple devices and modify the best ones which the password
  • Then, you can schedule for your automatic backups over Wi-Fi as well as you can modify the data backups as blueprints
  • Many professional expert teams provide the particular single file or a folder
  • You can add the label with archive from being deleted and restore specific app data
  • You can manage the backup locations and also including external hard drives

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3. SynciOS

SynciOS has also transferred the one to another device for using the Android operating system. In addition, you can get the development of a simple interface that reinstalls the iTunes app. However, you can find out the SynciOS very familiar as well as use the menu with the list of your device’s folders and files. It is the best place for your currently viewing. There are possible to two devices and transfer the media format in your app automatically converts files as well as similar to more than format and your iOS device. However, you can also convert the more files and format to create backups or restore your device. For instance, you can also update your text messages on your computer with you want to search through a thread. SynciOS is also coming to equipped with the also convert to allow the music, ringtones, and video on your iOS device.


  • Transfer eBooks
  • Extract iTunes Backup
  • Manage Safari Bookmarks
  • Manage Message Attachments
  • Manage Messages
  • Mobile Hard Disk
  • Sync Photos
  • Sync Videos
  • Backup & Restore Contacts, Call History, Restore Notes

In need, you can manage the full control of your application. You can transfer the restore your applications settings and files. However, you can manage the best applications with Syncios as well as you can transfer the iOS devices and PC. It also supports the iPhone/iPad/iPod, Windows 10 and many more. Moreover, you can edit the folders and add to your iOS device with share photos between your iOS devices

4. iMyFone

The iMyFone cleaner also provides the best powerful features and also use the more technique with clean the temporary files and large files storage space and refresh your iPhone. However, sometimes you can lossless your photo compression can reclaim with space. In addition, you can restore the photos and more than app taking up and select which to remove. It is the complete process of tools and also transfers iPhone data to the computer. There are possible to some basic features and transfer the better specific data like your contacts, media or photos. For instance, you can search and active the perfect and also support the maximum features of approach to many data transfer and you can get fewer features and more ads. In needed, many spaces for your iPhone is running and more popup to more saver to rescue you from these difficult situations


  • Clean up the junk files, large files, temporary files
  • .Lossless photo compression
  • Automatic backup to your photos and storage files 100% safe
  • Use iPhone storage using state
  • Manage the uninstall apps

5. CopyTran

CopyTran is a device manager and helps to more functions of iTunes. However, you can supplement the alternative process of iTunes which cannot deal with the perfect restrictions and bloated software. The CopyTrans will transfer the files and also easy to back with your computer and your iTunes library without any loss of data.


  • Transfer of videos, photos, music and much more without open iTunes
  • Transfer via Internet connection without the need
  • Share the files with lots of iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Add files and Edit your iTunes library without open iTunes
  • Restore iTunes such as iPhone, iPod, iPad


  • You can extract parts of your photos, videos PDF from the iTunes
  • You have to detect the many more iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • You can also rebuild your library with your data erased every time you sync
  • You can detect the difference between your iPhone and iTunes library


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