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7 Best JoyToKey Alternative To Map Controller Inputs

Online streaming of games has become the new trend on the internet; most people have shown interest in this which is why many YouTubers are starting live game streaming. Gaming is the next big thing; according to many researchers, it will become as big as the OTT industry.

Regarding gaming, game controllers are one of the most important things. Still, there are some drawbacks of this device that might cause problems to a gamer, such as many computer games offer limited or poor support on game controllers. You can use keyboards instead of a game controller to overcome this drawback.

Now you must think about how one can use a keyboard instead of a controller. You must not worry about this because you can easily map the controller’s button to the keyboard key presses using certain software. The only drawback of this process is that you might lose some analog inputs, but this is manageable.

JoyTokey is one software that can help you map your controller’s button into a keyboard. But JoyTokey is an old software which is why it sometimes shows minor issues that can cause problems to a gamer. This software has some unavoidable difficulties with keystroke configuration.

Due to the inability of Joy2Key to perform efficiently, people searched for a JoyToKey alternative which is why we came up with a list of software that is considered to be Joy2Key alternatives.

Let’s dig into the list to give you a more precise overview.

Best JoyToKey Alternative – Our Top Picks👌

1. Xpadder

Among all the controller mapper software available on the internet, Xpadder is the best one because of its performance efficiency.

The Xpadder software, when installed on your computer, allows you to map keyboard keys and use mouse buttons for different actions in the game.

Best JoyToKey Alternative

The software has the potential to handle different functions in a game, such as combinations, triggers, toggles, shift sets, and multiple controls.

Xpadder is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It is a great game emulator that can make your gaming experience better and smooth.

You can run this software on almost 98 percent of all laptops, PC, mobiles, or tablets available around the globe.

When facing problems with your joystick, you can blindly use Xpadder for all the controls in the game without a second thought.

Using this software, you can stimulate the keypresses and control movements or actions with your mouse, but you need to use a gamepad for the above procedure to work. By doing all this, you can play your favorite games seamlessly.

The gaming emulator also allows a gamer to assign specific keystrokes and macros to their Xbox 360; this will improve the gaming accessibility of the gamers.

Xpadder is considered one of the best JoyTokey alternatives because gamers can play games with or without joystick support using this software.

Using this software, gamers can also control music or video players, web browsers, and apps.

On top of all these advantages, using Xpadder, you can create layouts for different games and give a gamer control over the game. 

This game emulator will cost you around $9.99, which is a little bit expensive compared to JoyToKey, but it is worth it because you will get access to all the future versions of this software at this price.

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2. Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler is considered an equally good JoyToKey alternative available on the internet. The features and functions of this game emulator are closely similar to the functions and features of Joy2key.

This game emulator is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, just like Joy2Key. You can run this emulator on Windows 7/8/10 without facing any problems or glitches in the game. A smooth-performing gaming emulator is what every gamer requires and searches for, and Pinnacle fulfills all these needs efficiently.

The software can organize games by using .exe files. After organizing the game, the software launches it directly from the game application. Pinnacle Game Profiler comes with a complete keyboard layout which is an advantage for gamers.

They also offer ready presets on their software for different games. All these features make it a great gaming emulator that can offer you a seamless and comfortable gaming experience.

When it comes to mouse emulation, it is not as efficient as Joy2key. In Joy2Key, gamers are given access to change profiles by using a combination or clicking a mouse button. These features are not available in Pinnacle Gaming Profiler, which can be considered a drawback for the software.

This software offers a handful of mapping opportunities to its users. The mapping opportunities include key mapping, mouse or absolute position movement, key combo, and auto-correct or toggle. These opportunities make the gaming experience better for gamers. 

Pinnacle Gaming Profiler doesn’t allow you to apply one configuration to a different controller. The software also comes with many dialogue windows, which can sometimes be annoying. This software also lacks hardware mapping. 

You cannot change the configuration while playing a game using this software. With this software, assigning multiple .exe files to an individual profile is impossible. 

This gaming emulator’s most beneficial feature is its extensive configuration base that is always ready for use. This feature can help gamers. In this software, the controller mapper menu has an option that can be used for launching an application or a game.

This software will cost you the same as Joy2Key, and you will also get a free trial, which is a good thing for those who prefer to test the software before spending money on them.

3. AntiMicroX

We can consider AntiMicroX (Download Here) as an alternative, but they aren’t similar because AntiMicroX is compatible with Linux, whereas Joy2Key is compatible with all versions of Windows.

AntiMicroX is considered to be a graphical user interface tool that was designed to work with Linux. So if you use the Windows operating system on your PC, you must ensure that you are not purchasing this software.

AntiMicroX has the potential to map a gamer’s gamepad with their mouse and keyboard so that they can play games with or without a joystick. In Linux, you can also use this software to map your gamepad with custom scripts or macros.

This feature of AntiMicroX made things easier for a gamer as he/she can control any desktop app with a gamepad on Linux. Gamers can use this software to play games with poorly built-in game support.

This software is considered to replace a previous software known as AntiMicro, which got discontinued for some reason.

After AntiMicro got discontinued, AntiMicroX was launched to capture the customers who were using AntiMicro and were now clueless after it got discontinued. This wasn’t a bad idea as many people purchased this software, considering it a replacement for AntiMicro.

Using this software, you can also tweak the gamepad poll rate if interested. This software comes with many features that make the gaming experience of different people better all around the globe. This software receives a good amount of downloads because of its efficient performance on Linux computers.

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4. InputMapper

InputMapper is a free utility that started its journey on the internet as a DS4 tool; after some years, it became DS4 windows then; later on, it got named InputMapper.

The software is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Xbox, and Ps4 controllers to bridge the gap between a gamer’s devices and different games. This software allows a gamer to play seamlessly without facing any issues or errors.

Best JoyToKey Alternative 1

The software has a friendly interface that is simple and easy to understand. The interface is installed with hardware macros, LED light tuning, and touchpad settings. The interface of this software makes the work of gamers easy.

The macro editor with this software is a bit complicated, but it has some unique features you won’t find in other software available on the internet.

This software installed unique features because it was previously designed to remap the DS4 controller.

InputMapper can also be used for testing different devices to know whether they are appropriate to run as a gaming device or not. You can buy the ones that run best with the games you play after testing them with InputMapper. 

You need to open an account in InputMapper to use it. The software is free and can be used by anybody on the internet. The software offers more compatibility and support compared to other software.

5. Joystick Mapper

Gamers fondly for flash games, first-person shooter games, photo editing, and media players should consider Joystick Mapper because this software has it all.

The software’s efficiency and performance make it worth a try. Once you get acquainted with this software, there is no way you will look for an alternative.

Joystick Mapper is considered to be a macOS utility that gives gamers access to configure gamepads and joysticks. Using this software, you can also map your keyboard and mouse functionality to your game controllers.

By mapping, you can stimulate the mouse clicks, movements, scrolls, and keyboard keys. Using this software, you can also control those apps which didn’t have native support installed in them.

This software differs from JoyToKey because it was built for Mac’s operating system. Using this software, you can play any game with a Mac-compatible joystick or gamepad.

Those using Windows as their primary operating system shouldn’t consider buying this because it was specially designed for Mac computers.

Some selected gamepads perform well with this software. Those selective gamepads are Xbox, PS3/PS4, Nintendo, Logitech, and Steelseries.

If you have any of the above gamepads, then you must consider using this software for mapping for better and more efficient performance.

The interface of this software is simple and easy to understand so that a normal person with minimal knowledge can use it without facing any issues. This software is also compatible with USB Joysticks and Bluetooth.

The software offers smooth mouse movements for a better gaming experience. Using this software, independently marking any of the four directions with an analog stick becomes possible.

This software is affordable and costs less than Joy2Key. It will cost you around $4.99, which is cheap compared to other gaming emulators. 

6. reWASD

reWASD is considered an efficient JoyTokey alternative with the potential and ability to make the gaming experience better and smooth.

When someone buys mapping software, the main factor that affects his/her buying decision is the software’s functionality. In this functionality matter, reWASD can stand high among many famous and well-known software.

7 Best JoyToKey Alternative To Map Controller Inputs

This software comes with many professional features. Gamers who always look for more features in their gaming devices, such as Nintendo, Xbox One, and Dualshock, can consider using this software as it is compatible with most of them.

This software works with every latest version of Xbox, including the Elite and Elite paddles. The software’s efficient, thus making the gaming experience better for gamers.

When a gamer maps his/her keyboard, mouse, or joystick using this software, he/she gets access to add over 10000 different mappings to their controller. This feature doesn’t come with every gaming emulator, which is why this is considered a unique feature of reWASD.

Using this software, you can turn any keyboard, mouse, or controller into the DS4 or Xbox 360 controller. You can also set a layout of your liking in this software.

Reviving Elite and Elite 2 paddles into duplicate button mappings using the Xbox Accessibility app is possible with this software.

When using reWASD as your gaming emulator, you don’t have to look for joystick presets because the software comes with many different joysticks presets.

You can get an ad-free version of this app by paying just $6. The software also offers a free trial for its potential customers.

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7. DS4Windows

DS4Windows is free software that is used for synching handheld controllers to a computer’s operating system. This software is also considered to be an efficient Joy2Key alternative.

Like Joy2Key, this software is compatible with every latest version of Windows, including Windows 7/8/10. This is a big relief for many gamers because most use Windows to play games.

Using DS4 on your computer can give you the best gaming experience. If you are unsatisfied with this and want more games, you can use DS4 windows to emulate Xbox 360 controllers. 

Using this software, you can synchronize PS4 console controllers with your computer using a wireless or wired Bluetooth connection.

The software comes in many languages so it can be used in every corner of the world. Some of the languages you might find in this software are English, Hebrew, Italian, French, Greek, Japanese, and many more.

The interface of DS4Windows is clean and simple. The interface comes with a lot of options that can be used for mapping your controller to macros, rainbow lightbar to your favorite color, touchpad sensitivity, special actions triggered by pressing multiple actions, and motion controls.

Using this software, you can also launch programs along with profiles. There are a ton of settings in this software for gamers to play with.

The best thing about this software is that it receives regular updates in fixed intervals. These updates make the software efficient, which is why after updates, this software starts performing more smoothly.

Being free software, it gives many features. You can easily update this software and can get information regarding the updates on their official website.


Is there anything better than JoyToKey?

The ideal alternative to JoyToKey would be Xpadder. Xpadder does not come for free of cost. That is why, when you are in search of a free tool, then you might want to make use of the AntimicroX or InputMapper.

Is there a free version of Xpadder?

No, Xpadder does not come with a free version today. Though the tool is still in the development stage, the designer refrains from providing users with a free version of it, and you can get it for the paid package.

Is JoyToKey free to use?

Though JoyToKey is a shared software, you can download the latest version free of cost. You can download the tool on your PC and then play the games that do not come with the native controller support.

Why is JoyToKey not working?

Sometimes these things happen. It may not control the software that is present on your PC or the laptop. Hence, you may want to make sure that the tool is compatible with the files present on your device.

How does joy2key work?

The app is not expensive, and most users can afford it. It is able to process the input of the gamepad and then covert it to the keyboard or your mouse. Depending on your preference, you would want to use it accordingly.

How much does JoyToKey cost?

As we said, it does not cost much. Currently, in 2022, it is sold for $7, which is pretty reasonable for an app. If you like what you are using, then you can register the app on the menu using the help and the register license key option for continued support.

How do I fix JoyToKey?

You can fix JoyToKey by using the game controller option that is present on the Windows control panel. Then you will want to use the menu settings, and use the configure joystick option, and finally, the configure game controller property.


We are confident that you must have acquired good knowledge about different Joy2Key alternatives. An alternative is the need of the hour because gamers want to change frequently so they won’t get bored with the same software.

The list of JoyToKey alternatives given in this article is perfect and efficient as we have checked every little thing about the software before putting them on this list.