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Kahoot vs Quizizz: Which Should You Use For Engagement

If you are trying to determine an assessment tool for formative assessments you can use in your classroom Kahoot and Quizizz are two great choices to engage your students, but which one should you pick? It depends on what your requirements are.

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About Kahoot

Kahoot is a learning platform that is designed for both students and teachers. It can be used in blended and flipped classrooms by making learning enjoyable.

This cloud-based app is a great way to provide learning on the internet without sacrificing quality and make teaching more effective.

The game-based platform allows users to create new tests and quizzes, enabling users to develop their concepts and design custom learning programs for students.

Kahoot vs Quizizz

Kahoot has more than 40 million games designed for anyone, making it easy and quick to start. It’s ideal for distance learning, mainly if you have limited time and budget.

It is a social platform that allows users to communicate with one another both in-person and online and is free to use and an enjoyable experience for students.

It is accessible on nearly any device with an internet browser, making it usable on computers, tablets, iPad, and mobile phones. Kahoot is a research-based education platform that allows users to use it across all age groups and student capabilities.

About Quizizz

Quizizz is an online assessment platform that allows students and teachers to create and use other’s Quizzes.

Once students have an access code exclusive to them, the quiz can be played in real-time, as a game with a deadline or homework set to a specific date. 

Kahoot vs Quizizz 1

After the test is completed, students can examine their answers.

Furthermore, the data is collated into a spreadsheet, providing instructors with an accurate picture of how students will analyze patterns in areas requiring additional focus.

The immediate feedback is utilized by teachers to modify future learning opportunities for students and to alter the subject’s emphasis by focusing more on the topics that students struggle with.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Which Should You Use?

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Usage

Using Kahoot

Kahoot is a highly interactive platform. Its gamification way of assessing knowledge is enjoyable and thrilling. The interface is quite simple to use and lets both students and teachers receive immediate feedback and responses.

Making learning awesome - at home, too!

After logging in, you can create your own Kahoot’s games or take other users’ games and modify them games to suit your requirements.

Using Quizizz

Quizizz is also simple and has tutorials that help users access the answers and process them efficiently. The search bar allows you to locate topics and do a live chat to understand further details if required.

How should students use Quizizz?

The interface is simple as well. The quizzes are accessible, and best of all, you can access them via any device. Furthermore, both of these platforms are free to join.

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Application Features

Features of Kahoot:-

Some of the prominent features of Kahoot are as follows:-

1. Using Ghost Mode

Kahoot keeps track of each student’s performance, including the scores for every question. In Ghost Mode, the game shows your previous tests as ghosts. It makes it simple to compare your earlier games against the present ones to track your performance.

2. Analysis

Enhance students’ understanding through the analysis of results to identify what students have struggled with and how, and you can aid students in that particular area.

3. Copy

Utilize the variety of quizzes developed by other teachers and are accessible via Kahoot, which are accessible for free. You can even mix multiple Kahoot into a complete test.

4. Assessing Students 

A Kahoot test can be an excellent way to test the student’s understanding before teaching a topic to keep it from being too simple or complicated for your class.

5. Nickname Generator

If you’ve ever fought with naughty nicknames during Kahoot, the Kahoot game, you’ll know that the generator lets you pick three nickname options.

6. Use media

Include videos from YouTube extremely easily. It is an excellent option to allow students to take a look and learn, knowing that they’ll be quizzed when the video is over.

It is also possible to add photos, or you can draw your own for the iOS application.

7. Mobile Application

Kahoot vs Quizizz 2

Kahoot offers a mobile application that lets you design your games. You can also organize a Kahoot game using your mobile device and upload your photo album pictures.

As students, you’ll be able to participate in Kahoot competitions against your classmates and other students.

Features of Quizizz:-

Below are some of the distinctive features of Quizizz you will discover fascinating.

1. Incorporated Memes

Photos that include funny messages are a fun reward. They’re usually displayed after you’ve answered the question to show whether it was answered correctly or incorrectly.

2. Addition of Mathematical Formulas, Images, and Audio to Your Questions

Kahoot vs Quizizz 3

If you are creating your own set of questions, you may use the icons given below them. For instance, the media button will allow you to upload an image or an audio clip, and the math button gives you a keyboard with mathematical symbols.

3. Time Saver

Why should you reinvent the wheel? Quizizz has a feature that allows you to answer individual questions from previously created quizzes on the site. 

4. Not for time

You can remove the timer so that kids don’t have to constantly try to be the fastest.

5. No Cheating

Questions and answers are rotated for every student. Questions are recorded on the phone, not the screen. 

6. Homework Mode

The homework mode lets you set your homework to complete within the time frame specified in homework mode. This means you don’t need to finish the game alone.

I believe that homework mode can be used as part of the choice boards or in rotation centers and stations.

7. Earning Power-Ups

Students can get power-ups if they’ve completed the test correctly. They are a combination of immunity for answering correctly at the second attempt and the power game if you score 50 percent more points in 20 minutes and two times for answering a single question.

Kahoot Vs Quizizz – Uses

Kahoot and Quizizz can be utilized to create quizzes and test students’ progress in learning. However, there are specific differences in the method of implementing the quiz made by these two apps.

The distinctions are as follows:-

1. The feature of instantaneous personal motivation is not present on the Kahoot Quiz in the case of Host Live.

It only shows the scores of the top five scorers. While in Quizizz, by using memes, you can motivate individuals and provide instant feedback on each question available in the quiz.

2. If the quiz was created via Quizizz, the questions and the multiple choices are shuffled. This kind of quiz reduces the chance of cheating when students are in one spot.

If Kahoot had developed the quiz, then this feature of rearranging students is not have been possible. Since the students are in the same location close to one another, cheating is higher in situations like this test.

3. Kahoot Quiz, in the case of Host Live, requires a group or class of students who have their own devices in the same location and with a screen.

Host Live Quiz designed by Quizizz can be used for a single person or several students sitting in different places and does not require a display screen.

4. Kahoot assigns marks based on accuracy and speed, while Quizizz award marks only on the grounds of precision.

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Similarities

1. Polls can collect public opinion in both Kahoot and Quizizz apps.

2. Both Kahoot and Quizizz have a ‘Flashcards’ feature. The student can go over his skills with the help of these Flashcards.

3. Both Kahoot and Quizizz applications come with a Challenge feature. Learners can study with other students with this feature.

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Other Features

1. Special Mention

Kahoot allows students to connect in real-time to their classmates from over 180 countries. Additionally, students can use Ghost Mode to play against an earlier score.

Quizizz is integrated into Google Classroom, which may be the key decision-making factor when choosing between the two programs.

2. Student Experiences

Kahoot and Quizizz both employ vibrant colors and fun music to create a lively gaming-like experience. In Kahoot, however, the players’ devices show colors and symbols, but only the correct answers must be displayed on the classroom screen.

This format unites the learning and encourages students to look up. Students who are using Quizizz can view both the answers and questions on their devices.

3. Student Data Tracking

Both tools are sloppy by the lack of permanent data choices or the capability to track the growth of students and pinpoint their progress.

Kahoot’s games for learning populate with data on the spot that educators may download and use and then view in Excel.

Using Quizizz, teachers can look at student reports to find out the questions they did not answer correctly or see students’ responses to questions. In either of the tools, you can not compare the data at the time of classes or for individual students because there is no student account requirement. 

Teachers must create accounts, and students can access the quizzes using the Access code or PIN. Students can sign up for accounts using both of the tools.

4. Student Feedback

Kahoot gives quick, right-or-wrong feedback to students’ devices and the screen in the classroom. The updated ranks are displayed on the scoreboard in class after every question. Personal points are delivered to each device of student.

Utilizing Quizizz, teachers can alter the feedback that students receive following each question on the test. Feedback can be via memes that display correct or incorrect answers.

Teachers also can decide how to use leaderboards, timers for questions, and even music. It’s a close call; however, Quizizz’s distinctive use of memes breaks the tie.

5. Quiz Creation and Game Variety

Kahoot, along with Quizizz, is in a neck-and-neck battle in creating quizzes. Both allow teachers to design quizzes or to use and remix existing quizzes. The variety of learning games formats distinguishes the two tools.

With Kahoot, teachers can design multiple-choice quizzes, discussions or surveys, and jumbles (students must put their answers in the proper order).

With Quizizz, teachers are limited to a single-choice test format. The absence of types of questions restricts the learning process to facts and memory.

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Alternate Ways to Play

Both applications, Kahoot and Quizizz, have alternative ways to conduct their quizzes and play learning games.

Playing Kahoot:-

1. The Blind Kahoot Game

It is one of the methods to teach using Kahoot instead of reviewing. The game will ask difficult questions to your students at the start of the game.

After that, you’ll put some images, videos, and discussions, and explain that question. It is scaffolding. You could teach a bit or ask a question and then repeat the same process.

Albert plays KAHOOT

Playing Quizizz:-

In Quizizz, there are two alternative methods to play this learning game.

1. Quizizz Games That Are Student-Created 

It is possible to submit questions in the game with a Google Forms Survey.

To do this, import data in the spreadsheet linked with the questionnaire into a Quizizz game and then play the game immediately. It’s one of Quizizz’s student review, low-prep exciting options you don’t wish to leave out.

2. Fast and Curious Edu Protocol

Utilizing Quizizz in this manner can help reduce or eliminate the requirement for homework based on worksheets. It lets you play a short game and see the outcomes.

You could make a mini-lesson or review of students and their challenges. Replay the game as soon as you can and repeat the game every Monday until Wednesday.

If your students achieve 90% or higher on Thursday, they can earn an A and let them move forward.

Getting Started with Quizizz

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Pros and Cons

Kahoot and Quizizz are excellent platforms for virtual education. 

Pros of Kahoot:-

  • Kahoot creates a positive learning environment for students by providing motivation.
  • Kahoot provides significant interaction for students to enjoy their visual quizzes.
  • It could be used as an assessment tool for teachers.
  • This tool helps to reduce the monotony and boredom of teaching.
  • It’s a lively platform.
  • Kahoot improves student performance through an increase in the attendance of students.
  • It reduces students’ frustration and anxiety that we observe in traditional formal assessments.
  • It increases students’ enthusiasm levels, allowing their teachers to assess their comprehension using questions and polls.

Pros of Quizizz:-

  • Quizizz is a no-cost service.
  • Its versatility is impressive; it allows an instructor to utilize it in any subject area.
  • With Quizizz, the software, you don’t need to display questions on a screen or board. It is because each student can play their own game of question and answer.
  • It has a blog page that highlights the latest methods and highlights.
  • It is easy to include Quizizz directly in Google Classroom.
  • Quizizz lets you look at students’ notes and the questions that were incorrectly answered to help address any learning gaps.
  • You can modify the fun memes to suit your school’s classroom community or content and provide students with positive feedback.
  • This section for teachers includes an introduction guide, a help center, and a training presentation.
  • You can use Quizizz for extra credit or fun trivia.
  • You can add additional inquiries from participants and customize the questions to suit your needs.

Both Kahoot and Quizizz also come with their drawbacks, which include:

Cons of Kahoot:-

  • Having a reliable Wi-Fi connection for Kahoot to function would be helpful.
  • It has a complex method of keeping track of student progress.
  • You aren’t able to make use of Kahoot without a mobile device.
  • The background music can be disruptive and can cause a diversion.
  • The intensity of competition may increase, creating tension and anger among the participants.

Cons of Quizizz:-

  • When you copy a test from a quiz taken by another student, You must use the meme that the individual created, even if it’s not appropriate for your class.
  • The process of adding memes can be complicated. It is necessary to find a meme many times. Also, the video tutorial may not be appropriately named.
  • Access to smartphones, computers, or iPads may be a problem, particularly when you need to work on technology more frequently.
  • There’s a limit to the questions you can include in the quiz. 
  • Quizizz is perfect for facts and memory but is not ideal for more complex queries.
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Kahoot vs Quizizz – Pricing

Kahoot’s base version is free. You can upgrade to a premium app version for an added cost and enjoy high-end consulting services and other integrations.

Quizizz provides a trial version, too. An initial flat fee of $19 per user each month to add additional integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can Kahoot Be Useful to Use?

Kahoot is an incredible tool for learning that encourages students to study through interactive games. It’s a user-friendly and mobile-friendly platform with an easy-to-use interface for making games and quizzes.

2. Can You Play Kahoot and Quizizz Remotely?

Kahoot, along with Quizizz, is an excellent tool for learning remotely. You can always answer questions on the device regardless of whether you’re playing in real-time or asynchronous mode. You can also play on any device without having to sign in.

3. Is Kahoot a single-player game, and for what grade and age is Kahoot meant?

Kahoot is played most often live in groups. However, you can also play it as a single-player. The Android and iOS apps allow players to enjoy Kahoot on both devices.

It also has a preview feature to play live Kahoot while the phone is displayed using the screen. Kahoot is designed for students in grades K-12 and children ranging from 5-18 years old.

4. Is it possible to host Quizizz Live?

You can hold Quizizz live in two ways: Live and assign. 

You can choose the kind of game you want on your Quiz page. Live games are perfect for conducting live tests with students. Students must join the game by entering the code to take part in the game on their devices.

5. What is the unique feature of Kahoot?

Kahoot is the only tool that can facilitate engaging and enjoyable learning. With Kahoot, you can discuss and maintain collaboration and motivation about learning.

Also, you get real-time experiences with game mechanics and virtual moments, music, and backgrounds that aid students in discovering their strengths and potential.

6. Do you need an account to use and create your Quiz on the Quizizz application?

An account is not an essential requirement to use the Quizizz application. However, you must have an account to use certain Quizizz features and save your progress. If you sign up for an account, the information you provide will be saved to the platform.

Yes, you can make your quizzes by using an account for students. After that, you can include your questions or questions from quizzes you’ve already completed with the feature of teleport.

Kahoot vs quizizz vs blooket

Users can design and participate in quizzes, games, and other interactive learning activities on three online platforms: Kahoot, Quizizz, and Blooket.

Here is a brief overview of the main differences between these three platforms:-

Kahoot:- An effective tool for developing and using interactive tests, games, and surveys is Kahoot. Although it is frequently utilized in educational contexts, it can also be employed for private or business needs.

Multiple choice tests, true or false questions, and open-ended surveys are among the customizable templates provided by Kahoot. Additionally, it has capabilities for making custom avatars and live leaderboards.

Quizizz:- Though some significant distinctions exist, Quizizz and Kahoot are similar platforms.

Users can design and play quizzes, games, and surveys with Quizizz, which also provides a greater variety of question kinds and personalization choices.

These features allow Quizizz to import and export quiz data and make timed quizzes.

Blooket:- Interactive surveys, games, and quizzes can be made and played on the Blooket platform.

It is primarily designed for educators and offers a range of customization options, such as the ability to create and edit tests, add photos and videos, and alter the format and style of quizzes.

Live leaderboards and the capacity to design unique avatars are additional features offered by Blooket.

In conclusion, Kahoot, Quizizz, and Blooket are all platforms that let users make and participate in interactive surveys, games, and quizzes. They provide a variety of customizing choices and capabilities and are mainly utilized in educational settings.

To choose which platform is the greatest fit for your needs, it is important to compare each one in greater detail because the precise features and capabilities may differ.

Kahoot vs blooket:-

Kahoot and Blooket are online tools that let users design and participate in interactive tests, games, and surveys.

Here is a brief overview of the main differences between these two platforms:-

Kahoot:- Kahoot is a popular place to make and play quizzes, games, and surveys that you can interact with. It is often used in schools, but you can also use it for personal or business reasons.

Kahoot has many templates that can be changed, such as quizzes with multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions. It also has live leaderboards and the option to make your avatar.

Blooket:- Blooket is a website where you can make interactive quizzes, games, and surveys and play them.

It’s mostly for teachers and offers many customization ways, like making and editing quizzes, adding pictures and videos, and changing how quizzes look and are laid out. Blooket also has live leaderboards and the ability to make avatars.

In short, Kahoot and Blooket are both platforms that let users make and play interactive quizzes, games, and surveys. They can be changed in many ways and have many features.

They are primarily used in schools. Each platform’s features and abilities may differ, so it’s essential to compare them more closely to determine which is best for your needs.


What is the disadvantages of Quizizz?

While Quizizz has many features and benefits, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:-

Limited question types:- Quizizz has many questions, but it might not have all the ones you need.

For example, Quizizz does not currently offer the ability to create matching or ordering questions.

No offline access:- Quizizz needs an internet connection to work, so it can’t be used when there isn’t one.

Limited customization options:- Quizizz lets you change many things, but some users may find that the platform doesn’t give them as much freedom as they’d like. For example, you can’t change the layout or look of quizzes beyond the basic templates already there.

No support for collaborative quizzes:- Quizizz doesn’t let you make quizzes or games with other people right now, which may make it less useful in some educational or professional settings.

These are just some of the problems that Quizizz might have. When deciding if Quizizz is the right platform, you should consider these things.

Is Kahoot similar to Quizizz?

Here are some of the main similarities and differences between Kahoot and Quizizz:-


1. Users can create and play interactive quizzes, games, and surveys on Kahoot and Quizizz.

2. Both platforms have several templates and question types that can be changed, such as true/false, multiple choice, and open-ended questions.

3. There are live leaderboards and the ability to make avatars on both platforms.


1. Quiz templates on Kahoot can be changed in more ways, and you can add images, videos, and other multimedia content. Quizizz doesn’t have this feature right now.

2. Quizizz lets users import and export quiz data, which can be useful for people who want to reuse quizzes or share them with others. This feature is not available on Kahoot right now.

3. Quizizz has more questions, like fill-in-the-blank, matching, and ranking questions. Kahoot doesn’t have these kinds of questions right now.

4. Kahoot is available as a mobile app, but Quizizz can only be used on the web.

In short, Kahoot and Quizizz are both platforms that let users make and play interactive quizzes, games, and surveys.

They have many of the same features and capabilities, but they also have some differences that may make one platform better for your needs.

You should compare each platform’s features and abilities in more detail to determine which is best for your needs.

Is there anything better than Kahoot?

Despite its widespread use and wealth of features and advantages, there can be other platforms that are a better fit for your particular requirements.

Some alternatives to Kahoot that you may want to consider include the following:-

Quizlet:- Users of the Quizlet platform can make and study digital flashcards and other learning resources. It has several features, including the capacity to design unique tests and games, accessibility to a repository of pre-made study materials, and performance and progress-tracking instruments.

Socrative:- Socrative is a platform that enables instructors to design and distribute tests, surveys, and other interactive exercises to their pupils. It can design unique quizzes, monitor student progress, and produce reports.

Classcraft:- With the help of the gamified learning platform Classcraft, teachers may design unique learning journeys for their pupils. It can make unique tests and activities, monitor student progress, and link with other learning resources.

ClassMarker:- Using the platform ClassMarker, instructors may design and deliver online tests and quizzes to their students. It can design unique quizzes, monitor student progress, and produce reports.

These are only a few of the several alternatives to Kahoot that are offered. The appropriate platform for your needs will rely on your unique goals and requirements.

Other different platforms provide comparable features and capabilities. To choose the platform that best suits your demands, it is important to compare several options’ characteristics and capabilities carefully.

What is the difference between quizzes and Kahoot?

Quizzes can be used for various purposes, including gauging students’ understanding in a classroom setting, gauging knowledge for professional development, or just for fun.

Users can design and participate in quizzes, polls, and debates using the game-based learning platform Kahoot.

It is frequently employed in educational settings to involve students in learning and evaluate their comprehension of the subject matter.

Users of Kahoot can build up game-like competitions where players receive points for giving accurate answers and create multiple choice, true/false, or short response questions.

Players can play Kahoot games through a web browser or a mobile app and face off against one another asynchronously or in real-time.

Final Words on the kahoot vs quizizz 

Teachers aim to offer online games-based learning to allow students to test and practice their knowledge of a subject in classes. The most commonly used platforms at schools are Kahoot and Quizizz, providing students with an enjoyable and interactive way to learn their subject matter.

These platforms have capabilities that allow students to go through their lessons effectively. Teachers can design and modify their games so that their students can benefit from them. Each has its benefits and disadvantages to learning environments.

Kahoot and Quizizz are two e-learning apps widely employed for online tests. They can be utilized in classrooms and are perfect for remote learning.

What you make use of to conduct low-stakes quizzing in your class is your decision. On one day, it could be Kahoot! A different day could be Quizizz. It’s all up to you.