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K’BRO – Gaining Emotional Resilience Through Gaming


Those with a higher degree of emotional resilience are able to handle the stresses that come with daily life more effectively and calmly. They are also able to manage crises more easily. It’s been found that those who deal with minor stresses more easily can also manage major crises with greater ease, so emotional resilience has its benefits for daily life as well as for the rare major catastrophe. Fortunately, emotional resilience is a trait that can be developed. In fact, it’s a trait that is absolutely worth developing for many reasons, and most importantly it can transform your life and your experience of stress.

Building emotional resilience in teenagers

K’BRO is an app, developed for both iOS and Android devices, to help adolescents cultivate their emotional resilience. K’BRO is designed, developed and run by team of experts in the fields of game design, product development, deep learning, psychologists and parents. K’BRO takes the idea of helping teenage minds gain more emotional resilience through gaming, and executes it amazingly well. It’s an innovative and fun way for training one’s emotional resilience.

Amazing features & awesome online community

The game consists of four different modes. The first one is the “Am I OK?” feature, in which teenagers practice identifying their feelings, and emotional state. Just by learning to name your emotional state research has proven you can improve your emotional well-being.  The app asks them to name 4 emotions out of 12 (positive and negative) for four aspects of their lives: Family Life, Social Life, School and Everything Else. With this approach the K’BRO app can help kids identify which aspect of their life may be causing emotional problems. The second feature is the Deal With It mode. This mode creates a safe place where young teenagers can find advice for different difficulties and problems they encounter, or ask various life related questions that are then answered by the app’s anonymous online community called My Tribe. Speak Up is the feature where they can practice speaking up and advocating for themselves in manner not hurtful for anyone. Their My Tribe peers will help them by providing feedback. And the fourth feature is the “What’s Up?” mode. In this mode, each day, they’ll be asked three questions about what’s currently going on in their lives. And on the not so great days, the K’BRO app will remind them of all the good stuff the going on for them, to help them with a little emotional boost.

All said and done, this app is an amazing asset any teenager can have on their mobile device, that can help them with improving and growing their emotional resilience which in turn will prepare them for increasing difficulties today’s teenagers face on their way to becoming an adult. The app is completely free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the App Store.

Play Store Download Link: K’BRO

App Store Download Link: K’BRO

Website: http://www.kbro.io/


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