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iPad vs iPhone: Key differences between iPad and iPhone 

You may often fall into the confusion of buying an iPad or a new iPhone. As we all know, Apple is one of the renowned companies that provide customers with the best smart devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. Undoubtedly, they have manufactured some of the most amazing and revolutionary devices, and investing in one of their products, whether iPad or iPhone, is a relief and utmost satisfaction. 

Here the requirement of use stands as a second option when you seek the prices of both iPad and an iPhone. Surprisingly, iPads are bit cheaper than the iPhones. The concept of iPad or tablets is designed to replace half of the work that a laptop or PC can do for you. 

iPad vs iPhone: Key differences between iPad and iPhone 

One of the biggest reasons for the price difference is manufacturing and designing. iPhones are most likely to have better feathers than an iPad with a decreased size. Making such technology available six times smaller size requires advanced manufacturing and designing. And that’s the reason why the iPad is cheaper than iPhone.  

Many experts will conclude this fact with many other reasons as well. To explain this topic briefly, here are the seven key features that will help you under the major areas of difference between both! So let us unravel them with a close eye! 

Key differences between iPad and iPhone 

  1. Size: Straight of the batch, iPad and iPhone have a great size difference. The iPad is approximately six times larger in size, heavier in weight, and thinner than iPhone. iPhone is a one-hand-held device and very compact. They are easy to carry and fit in your pocket, unlike the iPad, but if you seek a laptop-style experience, then iPad is a perfect fit for you and your eyes. 
  1. Resolution: You will find iPhone with the best resolution and higher pixels per inch ratio than the iPad. iPhone might need a frequent zoom for reading material, but if you notice, the words will never distort due to higher resolution. 
  1. Battery: Battery size always depends on the usage and configuration. iPads, in general, have higher battery size featuring up to 9000 mAh, whereas iPhones falls back to 4000 mAh. Do keep in mind the functionality of the iPhone is designed according to the battery life of Apple. Therefore, you might not feel the difference in the time of usage. 
  1. Camera: iPhones have a better camera as compared to iPad. The camera is one of the most important and pricy features of the iPhone, and the company keeps the hardware and software of it updated with each new version of the phone. 
  1. Connectivity: iPad comes in two versions; the WIFI only version and the one with WIFI and LTE. The WIFI and LTE versions will cost slightly more than the only WIFI version. Honestly, LTE service for an iPad can be useful for internet suffering by spending much when you cannot make calls from it. and even if you can call, will you be able to hold an iPad to your ear for that long… It sounds very uncomfortable! 
  1. App Compatibility: Both products have their apps designed according to their functionality and screen resolution. But mostly iPad is compatible with almost all iPhone apps as well, whereas the iPhone does not support iPad apps. 
  1. Cellular Compatibility: Even though the iPad comes with an LTE version, let us be real, why do you need to make calls from such a larger device when you have iPhone. iPhones are compact and easy to hold during calls. Nevertheless, they both support the inbuild Apple app called “FaceTime” if they are connected. 


Both iPads and iPhones have their importance depending on their useability. iPhones are more portable and essential for daily life. It gives you more features in a compact, one-hand held design. The iPad is like a mini laptop that you can use to take notes, make drawings, for entertainment, and watch videos. They are bigger but can be your great companion. Understanding the key difference and your requirement at the hour, we will leave the decision of buying either iPad or iPhone up to you. But do keep in mind the iPad is cheaper than iPhone so choose accordingly.