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21 Best Keynote Alternatives To Create Stunning Presentations

Presentations are the best way to convey a good message. Slides can inspire, engage and inspire trust in your audience, but it’s hard work. There are indeed a lot of different options to help you with this.

Keynote is a presentation app often used to create stunning visual presentations. PowerPoint may have dominated the market a decade ago, but Keynote has become the standard for professional-looking presentations.

It is a popular choice among Apple users but presents limitations. Presentation apps that offer motion-based effects but lack more advanced features like slide transitions.

When it comes to preparing a presentation online, there are several alternatives to consider. Below, we’ll cover some of the best Keynote Alternatives and share our thoughts on what makes each of them unique.

Best Keynote Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. SlideDog

SlideDog makes it simple and easy to collect, reorganize and present your presentation materials or message in a unified and captivating format.

Best Keynote Alternatives

With SlideDog, you can import any media, including videos, websites, PPTs, PDFs, and more. Then the combinations are delivered to you in a continuous flow, so it looks like you are reading straight from one file without stopping to load the next one. Plus, no need for advanced computer skills!

If you enjoy creating outstanding presentations with fantastic photo slides, it’s reasonable to suppose you’re pretty thrilled about the SlideDog application.

An Introduction to SlideDog

The SlideDog app is loaded with features and is one of the best Keynote Alternatives out there. You can view past and present presentations on your Android or iOS phone, taking the virtual tour of the display along with you.

Presenters can use their Android phones to control SlideDog from anywhere in the room, making it ideal for classes and workshops that require audience participation and interaction.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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2. WPS Presentation

WPS Presentation brings WPS Office to your Android phone or tablet. Allowing you to view, edit and present Microsoft PowerPoint documents, this presentation app is compatible with both PPT and PPTX files, which means you can view presentations created by others without any issues.

Best Keynote Alternatives 1

WPS Presentation is packed with features for every PowerPoint user and every presentation, and it comes with a multi-user and collaborative authoring feature that makes presentations always consistent and up-to-date.

In the present day, PowerPoint presentations are a business essential. Presentations help us to communicate with teammates, colleagues, and clients in an efficient manner. But since not all viewers have the same set of hardware and software requirements as you, it’s essential for your presentations to be cross-platform compatible.

WPS Office is one of the most reliable, user-friendly programs in the market. With its well-defined range of editing tools, presentation content can be inserted into presentations with extreme ease. The slides are flexible and well documented.

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best Keynote alternatives. This application, a collaborative and feature-rich online presentation tool, is intended to compete with the keynote. Both keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint have a lot in common and offer similar features.

Keynote Alternatives

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is a presentation program. From its beginning in the early 1980s, the application has evolved into the most widely used presentation tool on the market. Currently, Microsoft claims that millions of people use PowerPoint regularly.

Present with confidence using the familiar tool you already know, PowerPoint, on your Android device. From anywhere, quickly and create, modify, view, present, or share presentations.

PowerPoint presentation is used for creating presentations in various conferences or meetings. You can make use of it to share your knowledge on a particular subject by creating a presentation using this tool.

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PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

4. SlideLab

While alternatives to the keynote, the software offers an experience unlike anything else available for download. The designer developed SlideLab to have a UI that is superior to similar offerings.

To achieve this level of excellence, the program has taken inspiration from successful design interfaces in popular applications.

Best Keynote Alternatives 3

SlideLab is a powerful and modern service for making your presentations. This editor has many features that will help you create impressive slides easily and quicker than ever before.

Many of the same functions as the popular PowerPoint are available, but the platform concentrates on making fully interactive presentations. It is easy to use and comes with a powerful editor and real-time collaboration.

With Slidelab, you can transform your ideas into stunning presentations. Everything is built for modern devices and cloud connectivity, enabling even the most complex and professional services.

5. Google Slides

Google Slides is an online presentation app offered by Google. The app is part of their drive suite, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other apps. It allows users to create slideshows with text, images, videos, charts, etc.

Best Keynote Alternatives 4

With Google Slides, you can create, edit and collaborate on presentations from anywhere, even if you’re offline. You can use a variety of new themes and backgrounds, so you always have a perfect look for every slide.

How To Use Google Slides

Whether you’re presenting on your Android phone, iPad, or computer, everyone will see the same presentation because Google Slides’ powerful sync feature keeps all your work up-to-date across devices.

AutoSave is one of the best features in Google Slides. It can save you a lot of time and hassle by automatically saving your changes without doing anything.

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6. LibreOffice – Impress

Effective presentations are an essential part of any business. Being able to attract an audience with the right tools is the first step toward a successful presentation.

LibreOffice Impress allows you to create impressive multimedia presentations for free for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Best Keynote Alternatives 4

Free, easy-to-use, and powerful, LibreOffice lets you create stunning presentations. With Fontworks, you can create 2D and 3D images from text. You can also build and control 3D scenes that bring together different components and objects.

Impress will be able to design slides that gleam with professionalism, whether you’re doing a presentation for your local club, offering an opinion to your local government, or giving a speech at your child’s play.

7. Prezi

Sharing presentations with colleagues and clients is an essential part of any business. Once you have added the finishing touches to your presentation, you will want to share it.

Prezi is changing the way people create and deliver presentations. Instead of going from bullet point to bullet point, how about creating a flow between your topics? That’s the idea behind Prezi – “Presentation without PowerPoint.”

Best Keynote Alternatives 5

Prezi allows you to create interactive visual experiences instead of the traditional presentation approach. Start with stunning pre-designed templates, no matter what the use case may be.

Once you’re in the editor, please take advantage of their built-in collaboration capabilities that allow you to invite as many as you like to work on your presentation as guests to help you out.

The Prezi also enables you to move content effortlessly, making navigation easy! You can also navigate between slides using the scroll bar or arrow keys on your keyboard.

8. Emaze

A well-designed presentation doesn’t need to be expensive. Create a beautiful display in just a few minutes.

Keynote Alternatives 1

If you are looking for a tool that looks and feels like Apple’s Keynote, then you should give Emaze a try. It is a presentation tool for the web that is quite similar to Keynote.

Best Keynote Alternatives 6

When you log into Emaze, they automatically fetch information from your existing sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. From here, you can quickly turn your files into slides and present them to your audience worldwide.

Emaze allows you to make powerful and professional-looking presentations with a few clicks of the mouse. It is due to be launched in May 2013 and is HTML5 based. So, we do not need any plugin to be installed on browsers and all devices and presentation software like PowerPoint.

Download the App on Google Play Store

9. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is yet another one of the best Keynote Alternatives on the internet. It is an entirely new kind of presentation software designed to make your slides stunning. It’s fast, fun, and easy to use.

Keynote Alternatives 2

It is an iPad App designed to make presentations more engaging. It has no page limit, allows for easy content creation, and has incredible design features that help you craft stunning slides each time.

Best Keynote Alternatives 7

Haiku Deck offers a possibility to control privacy settings, share presentations on multiple devices, and access unlimited cloud storage. Its mobile apps are easy-to-use and available for many mobile devices. Its presentation-making styles are one of the most advanced, which enlarge the scope of its possibilities.

In total, Haiku Deck is a tremendous presentation-making tool that you should consider using if you have a plan to do it!

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10. DeckDeckGo

In today’s presentation world, you have a lot of options to choose from. While web apps have been around for a long time, it seems new ones pop up every day.

DeckDeckGo is a new project aiming to make editing and delivering presentations easier. Nowadays, most people use Google Slides whenever they need to give a presentation, but this software wants to offer you something different.

Introducing DeckDeckGo

It is an online presentation software with a simple and intuitive interface. The app offers you the essential tools and special effects for creating and sharing your slides in seconds. You can also subscribe to presentations and receive every new entry in your email inbox.

It works on any platform (desktop, mobile, or tablet), and it even allows you to edit your work in full-screen mode.

11. Academic Presenter

Academic Presenter is a helpful presentation software and a useful Keynote Alternatives built to enable users to develop and manage memorable presentations quickly.

It provides an opportunity to prepare a particular type of vector-based presentation that indicates your knowledge and hints.

Best Keynote Alternatives 8

This helpful tool enables users to create large charts and graphs, schematics, and drawing that looks impressive and unique. Users will never face problems like creating diagrams with other presentation tools because this is a very friendly and user-friendly software package.

The second part is the most important where it allows you to present your ideas by using all the types of multimedia elements. The controls are easy to use with an exemplary decoding system that helps you keep an overview while working on it.

12. Conference Pad

Conference Pad is an app that, when connected to an external projector, allows all the attendees to view the complete presentation in full detail, in sharper images.

Keynote Alternatives 3

It has features that allow you to give a fantastic presentation in front of your peers and provide you with a complete overview of all of the slides in your presentation by connecting your smartphone to an external display.

Conference Pad is a slideshow application for mobile devices. This was created to make the life of conference speakers, trainers, and participants easier by automating the whole slide-changing process.

Conference Pad Tutorial for Northwestern Mutual

Using “Conference Pad,” you can give your presentations with comfort and confidence even if you do not remember the exact number of slides.

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13. LaTeX

LaTeX is a great program when it comes to creating professional and high-level presentations. Every severe or professional educational presentation that is created must be made with the help of this application.

This program supports persons who use pdf latex. Both types of file formats are available for Windows and Unix operating systems.

Best Keynote Alternatives 9

Sometimes people may think of LaTeX as a complex tool for writing scientific and technical documents. However, the tool’s simplicity is such that it is beyond comparison with general scientific and technical writing tools. It is available for free download or buys from any store.

You can also download a trial version for testing before going for the purchase. Beamer is a part of LaTeX which is packaged to create a high-level document. This may include publications, presentations, books, and posters.

14. FreeOffice

FreeOffice is a multi-platform free office suite perfect for creating large documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It features a word processor editor, a spreadsheet editor, and a slide show creator.

Best Keynote Alternatives 10

There is a growing range of presentation software on the market, from PowerPoint to specialized solutions. But these applications are either too complex or limited in functionality. FreeOffice will be able to cover your needs perfectly.

It suits Microsoft Windows which offers the users greater flexibility in creating their documents. FreeOffice enables them to write text in hundreds of languages and develop charts, graphics, and presentations to add more life and fun.

15. Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office Suite provides a complete environment for anyone who’s looking for a platform to work from. It can be easily accessed from your browser and gives access to almost every primary advanced business tool you want.

Best Keynote Alternatives 11

It is an online tool that provides you with productivity solutions for all the major Office tasks. This includes PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, documents, note-taking and task management, sales management, marketing automation, and more.

Zoho Office Suite (ZOS) is an online office suite and one of our favorites in this list of the best Keynote Alternatives that provides all the standard office software like Calc, Docs, Sheets, etc. The best feature and function is that its plugins are also available in MS Office and a plugin for Mozilla Firefox. 

Once you download the Zoho office suite, you can use Google docs (converted into MS Office format).

16. Calligra Stage

Calligra Stage is another alternative to the keynote. If you are searching for your new presentation software, you must look at this program. This software saves time and makes you more productive during your work.

Best Keynote Alternatives 12

Calligra Stage is a powerful presentation application for the desktop. It lets users create slideshows of text, images, and multimedia. A wide array of practical design elements can be used to build effective presentations. The user interface is intuitive and efficient, so it’s straightforward to get started.

As an add-on (or plugin) for Calligra, Calligra Stage is a very flexible and powerful tool that can be used to create PowerPoint-style presentations.

17. Sozi

Sozi is an open-source browser-based presentation software using SVG and JavaScript. It is another alternative to the keynote.

Both are using SVG presentations for their presentation. It is a cross-browser vector graphics editor built with NodeJS & Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Best Keynote Alternatives 13

It is a presentation tool that lets you focus your audience on a single area of a large poster. It was built from the bottom up to be highly efficient on touch devices, and Apple has designated it as a “must-have app.” It is a free-to-use project management web application. 

18. Focusky Presentation Maker

Focusky Presentation Maker is a presentation-making software that helps you create excellent presentations with multimedia elements.

It comes with planning tools, transition effects, animation options, video backgrounds, and a slew of other capabilities to help you stand out.

Best Keynote Alternatives 14

It is a program that makes creating a presentation a fun and easy process! Focusky has a built-in design tool, a Storyboard Editor, and a narration recording to help you create a professional-looking presentation. You can also add animations, videos, and music to make your presentations come alive!

If you’re looking for a platform to help you keep clients engaged and communicate with them better, this is the right fit for you.

19. Visme

Visme is the only design tool you’ll ever need. It allows you to create and present engaging and creative content to help people understand and remember your message. Use Visme to create: infographics, presentations, web designs, sales decks, and more!

Visme is the ideal choice for businesses that need tools to present their ideas with powerful, impactful visuals. Although it may be called “Visme,” its offerings are far more diverse than the name suggests.

Best Keynote Alternatives 15

All the platforms’ features build on each other, resulting in beautiful designs and seamless user flow. Visme is ideal for small businesses that wish to make high-impact visual messages without any coding.

It is a free visual content creation software that helps you create a wide range of engaging infographics, presentations, or other marketing material for your brand, company, or products. It has integrations with all the top online productivity, and it allows you to save your brand colors using the brand color picker.

20. Aspose.Slides for Cloud

Nowadays, PowerPoint has become an essential tool for presentations. And the creation of an excellent presentation is challenging, especially for people who are not professional creatives. If you are so busy spending your time on this creation, you should consider the Aspose. Slides application.

Aspose.Slides for Cloud is a complete solution and the last one on our list of the best Keynote Alternatives that enable developers to read, edit, and modify PowerPoint presentations from cloud apps. It is based on the Aspose.

Cloud platform, which is a REST-based API with a wide range of capabilities. Web, desktop, mobile, and cloud apps can all use Aspose.Slides.

Aspose.Slides for Cloud is an application that can help you open your PowerPoint files in your cloud storage. When it comes to saving, the app gives you the power to opt for storing your slides online in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. 


Good presentation slides are clear, concise, and, most importantly, they’re easy to read. It is hard to keep this balance between your message and the overall quality. Spending too much time customizing your presentation with flashy animations can take away what you want to say.

When it comes to creating presentations online, there are many options on the market today. Each has its pros and cons, but all of them allow you to create engaging visual content to share with your audience.

With the popularity of keynote, what you need is an excellent Keynote alternative for your device. With an easy-to-use interface and highly advanced features, you can take your productivity to the next level using these top Keynote alternatives for devices.

Some of them are not free, but I’m sure they are worth paying for! You may want to check out these alternatives in our post too.