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Kolloki App is a Social Platform To Promote and Sell your Snapshots Online


Choosing a phone with a great camera is only part of the equation, though. The apps you use with it — and after the fact, by enhancing your photos — are equally important. But once you’ve taken the photo, how do you make it better? These are the best apps that help you get the most out of your photographs.

Promote and Sell your Snapshots

If you’re a photographer or a photo artist, then our pick of today will be a quite interesting proposal for you, especially if you need a promotion space or buyers of your photo works. The name of the app is Kolloki, a social platform app to promote your photos and connect with another artist from where you can get some ideas or inspiration for your next projects etc.

The App’s Features

As a Kolloki user you can follow people you like, browse through snapshots, like and comment on the snaps you like but first of all, creating an account is the only thing that is required from you. It is easy to use and highly entertaining. There are also incredible possibilities to enter contests or organize photo contests and earn some money by selling your snapshots online.

Free Downloading

We think that this is a fantastic opportunity for all you creative people to express your work, make cash, get inspired, connect with other artist and have some great fun at least. Download on Play Store for free, give it a try and share your experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Kolloki App

App Store Download Link: Kolloki App


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