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Lack of creativity – Online Life Hacks to Help in Your Everyday Life

The journalist Brenda Ueland said, “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” So, you probably don’t lack creativity. You just have to find what hinders you from expressing that something.  

If you have a creative mind, you might conjure an excellent idea while doing something mundane. Or, you might realize something isn’t working, and it bothers you so much that you keep thinking of ways to fix it.  

Creativity is the fire that fuels human evolution and survival. The ability to imagine and turn your ideas into reality allows you to face the most difficult challenges. Creativity enables us to prevail, whether discovering a fire or figuring out how to survive on a meager income.  

So, if you want to remain alive, better find out what is killing your creativity and how to spark it. 

Why Do I Have a Lack of Creativity? 

According to research from the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at Cornell University, artistic people have distinctive characteristics that make them more creative than others. But don’t let that discourage you. You can learn to be creative. 

Lack of creativity - Online Life Hacks to Help in Your Everyday Life

You might believe that creativity is innate, that there are gifted people to whom spontaneous new ideas occur. But creativity is the art of developing new concepts from old information. You possess this ability. You only have to provide the right environment for this ability to flourish and avoid these creativity killers: 

Chronic Stress  

Difficult tasks compel you to generate new ideas. Seeking out novel and challenging experiences can drive creativity. But too much of this and no time for relaxation can hinder the creative process because prolonged stress can hurt your memory. Childhood trauma can give adults smaller prefrontal cortex and hippocampal volume, two parts of the brain critical to cognition. 

Unnecessary Deadlines 

Formulation is the first step of the creative process. Creative people can analyze problems from different angles more than non-creatives. This process allows creatives to devise numerous solutions through extensive observation, an act that takes time. For this reason, unreasonable deadlines can kill creativity. 

Yes, some people thrive under pressure, but being in a constant rush can deplete your happiness and energy. Allow yourself some time and head space for novel ideas to come. 

Lack of Diversity 

Not opening yourself to new experiences or new friends can destroy your creativity. A group with members from different backgrounds might not get along well as homogeneous groups do. However, diversity exposes you to different perspectives, while being around people who are too similar can keep you within the confines of an echo chamber.  

What Are Online Life Hacks that Fuel Creativity? 

Use mind-mapping and idea-dumping apps. 

You can also keep a notebook with you, which can be inconvenient. Your voice recorder might help, but a mind-mapping app offers more. It is an excellent tool for developing new ideas and solutions to complex problems.   

If you are a writer or a student, you can use the app to outline articles and presentations or get your thoughts in order. There are numerous apps to choose from, so you have no reason to write ideas down on a napkin anymore. 

Play video games that boost creativity.

In classrooms, games can help boost student participation, promote social and emotional learning, and encourage students to take on challenging tasks.  

You can occasionally play video games to keep your creative juices flowing, even if you are no longer a student. You can choose games that require creative skills like drawing, writing, and problem-solving.  

Many video games challenge players to think outside the box, think fast, and devise ingenious plans. After a game, you’ll likely find yourself applying more creative techniques elsewhere. 

Use mobile and laptop wallpapers that boost creativity. 

We encounter colors every day, and we associate them with certain things. Warning signs are red, so we associate the color red with danger. Blue is soothing and creates a sense of peace; it reminds you of the sky and sea.   

These associations aren’t inconsequential. Colors have a powerful effect on your mind. Red can improve your attention to detail, and blue can boost your creativity. Surround yourself with the right color when faced with tasks that require memorizing, writing a book, or solving math problems. 

Get an e-book or audiobook subscription service. 

As mentioned earlier, creativity is the ability to generate new ideas from old information. Therefore, gathering information from different books can help you develop novel ideas. You’ve probably already read somewhere that many influential people devote a huge chunk of their time to reading. Read books unrelated to your field of study, take a class, or listen to podcasts about diverse topics. 

Declutter your devices and keep only the necessary apps.

It’s time to remove unimportant apps that devour your time. This way, you can allocate your time to activities that boost your creativity, like reading books, meeting new people, and keeping stress at bay.  

Install hobby-based apps or apps that let you join group activities. They are helpful if you want to grow your social circles. Meanwhile, keep your mental health in check with meditation, sleep, and CBT apps.  

And if you are stressing about your online privacy and safety, getting a password manager is a good choice. One of the features – a secure password generator – generates safe passwords and stores them securely, so you don’t have to memorize multiple passwords. It protects you from phishing and data theft, keeping you worry-free and calm enough to focus on your creative endeavors. 


Creativity can help you conquer problems and perform activities, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or employee. Balancing your work, family, and social life requires creative thinking. If you want to succeed in all these areas, it is best to avoid situations that lead to a lack of creativity. Instead, use these online life hacks to take care of your cognitive functions.