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LambdaTest Review: The Cross Browser Testing Cloud


With the deadlines getting shorter and workload getting obnoxiously larger, developers are starting to slowly but surely relying on automated processes to help streamline their project and of course, speed up the entire process. One such technique used by developers worldwide is Remote Testing.

What exactly is remote testing?

Well in a simple world to test an App or a Web App you would have to install it on the various platforms one has developed it for and then test them out manually on each of these platforms and make sure that the app performs similarly on each and every one of them. Sounds time consuming, doesn’t it?

Well it is. But with the onset of technology came the advent of remote testing sites, sites that would take up your app or URL and test it on different machines that they own.  Typically these would charge on an hourly basis but as the testing got more rigorous, new plans and new utilities started to surface.

We’re reviewing one such utility today.

A utility called LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is an online cross-browser compatibility tester that allows you to test your web apps compatibility on different browsers in different environments you wish to test it in. We’re taking Operating Systems, Mobile Devices, Resolutions, Browsers, Browser Versions, you get it. The whole package.

All you need to do is simply hit up your URL on the website and you’re good to run real time testing on all the environments you selected. LambdaTest can also run tests on locally hosted pages.

Instead of simply telling you about the features let’s actually take a deeper look at them.


Real-Time testing on up to 2000+ configurations

With LambdaTest you can run tests of your website on upto 2000+ machine configurations and that includes Operating Systems (Windows and Mac), Browsers and browser versions. All the remote browsers that you rent out also come in with pre installed RIA software and developer tools, so essentially you don’t even have to be on the same device you developed the software on, you can simply change things up on the go. Making use of the integrated services.

Not limited to simply Desktops and Laptops

With LambdaTest you’re not simply bound to testing your Web Application for Windows or Mac devices but you can also test out the website on Android or iOS browser versions.

The full list of devices includes Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo. And of course on the iOS side all versions of the iPhone and the iPad are supported.

You can also check the responsiveness of your app on different resolutions or different screen sizes.

Automated screenshots, Geo-Location Testing and an inbuilt issue tracker

The way LambdaTest works when you require it to run tests on a big number of configurations is by using an awesome feature of taking automated screenshots and screen recordings, this way you can easily visualise how each test is proceeding in real time.

Another great testing perk is the Geolocation testing. With this you can test and make sure that your application works similarly in different parts of the world and make sure your users don’t have any issues while trying to access your creation from different parts of the world.

An inbuilt issues tracker also helps you keep track of all the bugs and issues reported by different users, and helps you make sure your service remains uninterrupted.

With plans starting at about $15, this service is indeed a boon to developers being pocket friendly yet effective at the same time.

Of Course there is a free month long trial available on their website: www.lambdatest.com which we would definitely recommend you check out before actually subscribing to a plan.


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