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Learn the Amazing Skill of Creating PDF using Soda PDF


SodaPDF is an amazing PDF software tool that is helping millions of IT professionals and other people, in general, to do their work with creativity and security. It is a software that creates and edit the PDF documents in a very safe, quick, easy and safe manner.

Of all the functions that Soda PDF can perform, the creation of PDF through it is the most crucial thing to do. Here is the complete detailed description of how to do it.

How to create PDF using Soda PDF?

Firstly,open the Soda PDF window. In the toolbar, you will see the option of ‘create.’ Click on it,and you will see that there are multiple options that you can choosefrom. We will look into each option in detail now.

  • Create PDF from Microsoft Word File

For this, you click on the option ‘For any File’ option in the create section. After this, you will need to select a file by browsing your system window. Click open the file that you want to create as your Microsoft word file. It will take just a few seconds to open up on your Soda PDF window.

As it opens up, before proceeding to the next step, you must scroll down through this file to see if everything looks the way you like. After this, go to the top left corner and click ‘File’ and browse through your system window again. Now select the ‘Save as’ option and save it with the name you like for that file.

  • Combine multiple Microsoft word files

You can also do the same protocol step by step to combine multiple Microsoft word files. Only one step is needed to be done in advance of all these steps is that you make one Microsoft word documents for all the Microsoft documents you like to combine. After that, you select that combined file to make PDF from it.

  • Use ‘Combine File’ Option

You can do this with another option that you will find in the ‘Create’ section. The ‘Combine File’ option can be used to select multiple Microsoft word files. It is the same thing as above, but here they will give you to add file, add a folder or add opened files options from which you will select the one you require.

  • Use ‘Combine File’ Option for Pictures

This is another utility of ‘Combine File’ option of ‘create’ section. You can sue it to combine multiple pictures in one PDF document by using Soda PDF. Follow the same steps and chose all the pictures you want in that document. This software will simply convert them into PDF for you in a matter of just a few seconds.

This is how simple it is to create a simple PDF document from the Microsoft Worddocuments by using Soda PDF software. With this software, this task is so easy. Otherwise, most of the popular PDF software either do not offer this option or either their protocol of this conversion is very rough and tough to follow.



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