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7 Of The Best Linktree Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Linktree is known as one of the best and most popular simple landing page makers. Multiple links can be placed and specified that can’t be done on Instagram.

Still, there are some reasons why people search for alternatives for Linktree. Linktree is not supposed as a reliable platform to add multiple links. The Linktree alternatives can also offer some additional benefits as well.

Let us know in detail why Linktree is not recommended and what the popular Linktree alternatives apps are.

If you are also among those who are trying to find out the best Linktree alternatives then this blog is for you. Here we are going to discuss the following points:

  • Small Introduction to Linktree
  • Why Linktree is not reliable?
  • What is the best solution for the Instagram bio link?
  • List and Description of the best Linktree alternatives
  • Final Verdict

So, just know the Linktree.

An Introduction to Linktree

Instagram is indeed an awesome platform for marketers and influencers. The platform allows users to share only one link in your bio section. For marketers, this limitation certainly does not work, but the Linktree like tools can be used to solve the issue.

With the help of Linktree you can, you can create a single link with all important business pages. This link with multiple links can be anywhere across multiple platforms including Instagram.

Best Linktree Alternatives
Link to everywhere

In this way, you can create a highly customized web page with all crucial links targeted to a specific group of the target audience.

Linktree can not only be used for Instagram, but the user can also use it for many other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, and many others.

Linktree can help the users in creating a smart link with all other important links like the link of your landing web page, other important web pages, or the direct user’s pages for your business.

Marketers can also collect donations from their supporters, followers, or customers to support their business. Linktree is used by several businesses and organizations to boost branding and online presence and generate leads.

Why is Linktree if not reliable and recommended?

Although Linktree is a good platform to prepare market strategy, still there are some reasons why is not considered a reliable platform.

Linktree is one of the most popular “multiple link” services. The site is quite more popular so sometimes gets down as well. There are many other alternatives as well of the site and is not the only alternative or option for the marketers.

Website High Downtime:-

Website performance is of utmost importance when we want to use it for any business. However, Linktree has also improved its downtime but still, it keeps on getting down for less or more time.

However, those few hours can provide many site visitors or leads. Like if any site visitor tries to click the CTA button at the time when the site is down, then your marketing strategy may become a failure and ineffective.

Website is Marked as Spam:-

Unlike other platforms, Instagram keeps on marking several websites as spam. Linktree has been also reported as spam by Instagram, this may result in an ineffective link in bio.

Like if you will keep a link to Linktree then the link may not be clickable, however, the incident happened in 2018 and now as per Wikipedia, the ban is no longer on the Linktree. Instagram has lifted its ban on Linktree.

Still, sometimes the link becomes inaccessible and not only this Linktree itself has stated many times that it has no control over the issues.

Linktree uses its domain to add multiple links of your choice. Hence, if at any time the home page of the website gets down or marked as spam, the entire link created is also marked as spam.

Hence, due to these reasons, users have to use alternatives that have similar functionalities. You can put multiple links that you want to add.

Other alternative sites of Linktree or Linktree alternatives use sub-domain as per your username and other details this reduces the chance of sites being marked as spam. Just remember that in such a case you may need to make your website as well.

Best Linktree Alternatives For Instagram 👌👌

Let us see now some of the popular Linktree alternatives and their key features.

1. Shorby

Shorby is a social media tool that can easily simplify the process of file sharing along with multiple links and is the best Linktree alternatives. If your audiences are on social media platforms then the tool surely helps you in simplifying the process.

You can add multiple links on the landing page and keep the links clickable. Moreover, you can also add more functionality as well with the URL.

Best Linktree Alternatives 1

The cost of starter plan costs $9 per month which has a limitation of 3000 tracks. The free version is not available of the tool.

You can also change the background image, natively integrate with Google Analytics and add direct Messenger buttons. However, some plans are available only with specific plans.

Shortly offers custom controls, themes, and setup. The minimum cost of the tool is $2.6 per month that looks like a free plan.

The tool is quite easy to use and has a drag-and-drop interface that can help you in adding thumbnails before your links. Some of the key features of the tool are:-

Key Features:-

Dynamic Feed:- You can add multiple feeds like the categories of Shopify, Apple podcasts, YouTube videos, Etsy products, and WordPress posts including many others.

Messengers:- Users can link WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Phone numbers, emails, and much other information with their bio. For eCommerce businesses, this feature can be quite useful.

Team Collaboration:- You can allow up to 10 team members to collaborate on the platform for a maximum of up to three projects. You can work together and share common information between the projects as well.

Pricing:- Shorby offers all paid plans for the users. These paid plan names are Pro, Rocket, and Agency and a 5-day free trial program is also available. Among these three paid plans the cost of the Rocket plan is $12/month, the Pro plan costs $24/month while the cost of the Agency plan is $82/month.

So, this Shorby tool pr platform is indeed unique and offers much similar functionality to the users.

2. Tap Bio – linktree alternatives for business

Tap Bio is an Instagram bio tool that also works as a small website and lets the user curate the website content a single point. The site audience can just click on the icon of Tap Bio and then they will be redirected to the mini-website. This mini-website has all relevant and important links.

Best Linktree Alternatives 2

Tools of Tap Bio allow users to add cards and have numerous options to choose the card types from the image gallery, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, or YouTube videos.

TapBio is one of the best alternatives. For each scenario a CTA button is added that can redirect to the site. You can add direct email or add the links as well. The card for every platform shows a visual approach and looks more attractive than textual links.

Some of the key features of the app are:-

Stats and Analytics:- The tool offers inbuilt integration with Facebook and Google Analytics that helps in advance analytics. So, to access the analytics you can these tools and get several benefits.

Retarget Ads: – You can also retarget your followers through Instagram posts, Facebook advertising, and Google AdSense.

Pricing:- There are four basic plans are offered by Tap Bio to its users. Among these four basic plans, the ‘Basic’ plan is the free plan in which you can create only one profile card. The cost of the ‘Silver’ plan is $3 per month in which the user can view stats and add up to three cards.

The ‘Gold’ plan cost is $8 per month that offers unlimited cards, Facebook Pixel Tracking, stat view option, and Google Analytics integration. The ‘Platinum’ plan offers all services like of ‘Gold’ plan with an additional custom branding option.

In this way Tap Bio also offers many other user beneficial features that can allow them to add the bio and links visually smoothly and is one of the best Linktree alternatives.

3. Bio.fm

Bio.fm works like a digital media aggregator that helps its users in content curation. They can curate the existing content from their several social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, or Spotify.

The opt-in form of the tool can also help to collect several user’s information including GIFs, emails, question polls, and many others.

7 Of The Best Linktree Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

The information that you import from several social media platforms can be displayed in several manners. Multiple post layouts and templates are available for the users so they can select the layout of their choice.

Bio.fm users can feature 5 profile cards to feature their social media profiles. For every profile, they can use a separate card with a different layout to display the information. Multiple website links can be added to the profiles along with other relevant information.

Some of the key features of the app are:-

Custom Theme Creation:- There are four themes from which you can select any one of your choices to display the information. For the available themes, users can create their typography and color options.

Question Polls and GIFs: – Interactive GIFs can be added in the bio and question polls can be added in the profile that helps in recording user’s input.

Pricing:- Bio.fm offers three plans for the users. One plan is free that lets you create only one bio for the Instagram profile. The name of one of the paid plans is ‘Semi-Pro’ in which the user can create three extra blocks.

A customization option is also available and you can remove the default logo from the posts. The cost of this plan is $5 per month.

Another paid plan is ‘Pro’ for the Bio,fm users can avail all the features of the Semi-Pro plan, and additionally, they can access the statistics like how many users have viewed and clicked on your ad.

In this way Tap Bio also offers many other user beneficial features that can allow them to add the bio and links visually smoothly.

4. Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio is also a bio link tool that offers several choices to their audience. When the audience clicks on the bio then they get redirected to the corresponding social platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and many others.

The standard image is displayed at the top of the landing page with a welcome message and important links. You can add the image of your choice and redirect your audience to a different page or the page of other social media platforms.

Best Linktree Alternatives 4

Lnk.bio also offers several other layouts with social media icons. You can select and use the image and corresponding icon for the social media platform.

The landing page can also have an additional link for the new campaign. Moreover, you can activate the current and relevant link and disable other links till the current campaign duration.

Some of the key features of the app are:-

Secure:- A separate password or registration is not required for registration. You can use your existing Instagram Id as you use for your official tasks.

Linking of Social Profiles:- You can cross-link all social profiles and create a customized landing page where several sites and campaign-related information can be added.

Pricing:- Lnk.bio offers four plans to its users. One plan is free and two are paid plans. The users of the free plan can access unlimited links and random URLs without paying any additional cost.

Apart from this, there is a monthly payment plan that costs $0.99 per month. The users of the monthly plan get unlimited links, external analytics pixels, link tracking stats, and schedule links.

Apart from this two one-time payment plan options are also there. The cost of the ‘Mini One-Time’ monthly plan is $9.99, while the cost of the ‘Unique One-Time’ plan is $24.99. In this plan you can also change the background image and an Instagram post can also be scheduled.

In this way Lnk.Bio also offers many other user beneficial features that can allow them to add the bio and links visually smoothly.

5. Campsite.bio

Campsite.bio is a tool that lets you feature unlimited links to a single landing page. The page then can be linked with an Instagram bio. The users can also share their several social media platform information like the account or page link of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account and their email ids.

This tool is quite similar to Linktree with some additional features. You can add images or thumbnails along with the regular links. The catch is that you can add thumbnails from Instagram posts. But cannot upload your images.

7 Of The Best Linktree Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

You can change the colors of your existing theme and track the clicks of your viewers. Many other tools also offer more customization options and thus you can create lots of visual pages.

However, Campsite is also known for its easy-to-use features. You can just copy and paste your links and add a brief description to give a customized look to your page. As a result, you will get a colorful page by clicking publish button.

The Campsite profile can also be shared on the website. The campsite can also be integrated with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, AdSense, and Canva.

It can also be linked with MailChimp like email marketing tools as well. But these features can only be availed through paid plans.

Some of the key features of the app are:-

  • Schedule Links: Users of Campsite can schedule their important links and publish them before launching them.
  • Link Animation and Carousels: The embedded links can be animated and highlighted with the help of the Campsite. Multiple carousels can also be embedded with the banners.
  • Pricing: Campsite offers only two plans to its users. One is Free and the other paid ‘Pro’ plan. The free plan offers unlimited links and complete branding control. You can add images and archives as well through this plan.

The cost of the ‘Pro’ plan of Campsite is $7 per month. Users can avail of all features of the free plan and additional integration can also be availed in this plan like custom subdomain, animated links, and daily breakdowns.

The ‘Pro’ plan can also be tried with a 10-day free trial.

6. ShortStack

If you want to run social media contests or give some offers to your users then ShortStack is one of the best options. This is one of the best Linktree alternatives and social media contesting platforms that lets its users create and run social media contests.

Users can run several types of contests like video contests, photo contests, or quizzes. You can use templates to create the contest layout and customize those as per your product or service.

Here, each contest type comes with its features and multiple customization options. Like the customizable forms allow users to enter user-generated content for any specific contest. The posts from Instagram can also be uploaded in form.

The scheduled notification allows the users to send and view the emails at the pre-specified time. Autoresponders can also be set for the emails with coupon codes for email or newsletter subscribers.

Apart from this if you have a landing page with complete contest details, then you can add the direct link to that page through the personal branding option.

Some of the key features of the app are:-

Style Panel: – Multiple styling options are available to design the landing page. You can modify the text, font style and even add the widget layout along with many other options. This way you can give styling to your post.

Coupon Code or Giveaway:- The important customer information can be collected through forms, but at the same time, you can also offer some coupon codes or giveaways and more to the user through the action-gating option offered by ShortStack.

Team-Management:- Here every team member can have his own login credentials. They can therefore keep their login and track their customers. Different roles and access can also be offered to the team members.

Pricing:- ShortStack offers four pricing plans to its users. The name of these plans is ‘Business’, ‘Agency’, ‘Brand’ and ‘Enterprise’. The cost of these plans are $79, $159, $399 and the fourth plan can be customized with several options.

There is also a free plan that offers almost all features as that of the ‘Business’ plan. For 30 days user can opt for 20 entries and 100 views. The ‘Business’ plan offers a social media comment option and refer-a-friend option as well, While in the ‘Agency’ plan user can also opt for hashtag and retweet options.

7. ContactInBio

ContactInBio is one of the best alternatives that help in creating the landing page that will have all of your links in one place. Apart from adding the links the tool also allows you to embed the payment forms, social media, music services, and other posts.

Best Linktree Alternatives 6

Here the users can choose any subdomain. There are the following four options for the user’s ContactIn.Bio users, they can choose any one of the enlisted domain to display their information:-

names: yourusername.ctcin.bio,




You can alter the width, color, background, font size, and links of your landing page. The background and gradient of the page can also be altered along with color, image, and video. The users of ContactInBio can also add their online store products on the landing page.

The leads of customers can pay online when they shop from your links and also click directly with messenger with the help of a clickable button. Moreover, you can also add the following components to your page:

The users can also add many other components like image carousel, video background, email sign-up form, payment link to multiple gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and many others.

The paid version of the tools provides additional four options like image carousel, the addition of YouTube and Vimeo videos, video background, and email sign-up form.

However, some additional features will also be offered and introduced by the company like embeddable email sign-up form, Instagram and shoppable feed, and many more.

Contact Form:- ContactBio is the only link-in bio tool that allows users to add the contact form on the landing page. This removes the requirement to add additional steps to contact the target customers.

Integration with Google Analytics:- The users of ContactBio can also know the demographic information of their users as the tool can be integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. As a result, the ads can be easily retargeted depending on their location.

Pricing:- There are five plans for the users of ContactBio users. One free plan and four paid plans. Four other paid plans are the ‘Starter’ plan that costs $2.6 per month and you will have to pay in advance for one year.

Another paid plan costs a $13.65 per month plan along with two other plans named ‘Lifetime’ and ‘Lifetime Agency’ plans. The costs of these plans are $59.15 and $177.45 respectively. For both the plans the user will have to pay in advance.

At the time of our research on Best free Linktree Alternatives, we found a video about “42 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS VIRAL” which is worth watching.


Final Summary

These days social network bio tools are getting much popularity. The brands and customers are usually different platforms or social media channels.

Therefore the marketers and business organizations want to feature their services and products on several platforms. The biggest challenge for marketers is that most of the social media sites allow embedding only one link in the bio.

For this problem, Linktree emerged as a solution for several business brands. But at the same time due to increased load and traffic sites become slower or down.

So, now there is not only a Linktree site for the marketers, but several other options also exist that provide much additional functionality.

You can do much more along with embedding several links to the site with the help of these tools. Here, we have listed some of the tools but still, there are many other similar tools apart from this. You can try any one of them. Some additional tools are:

  • Taplink: The best tool to start time-specific campaigns for Instagram
  • fm: Best to feature audio content and music on Instagram
  • bio: For beginners the best tool to create a simple bio
  • Shorby: The agencies with specified and limited budgets will find it as a perfect tool
  • TapBio: For influencers and small businesses TapBio is the best tool
  • Link in Profile: For businesses and influencers one of the best tools
  • ContactInBio: The best all-in-one social media bio tool
  • Milkshake App: To prepare a mini Instagram site the best tool
  • Leadpages: You can build an attractive landing page with this Leadpage tool
  • ShortStack: To run the social media contests the best tool

Moreover, you can also build your website and add the links of your choice as bio.