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The scarcity of time tracking software on Linux platform and why Hubstaff software is the best?


Where time tracking software is concerned, there would be no denying the fact that it seems to have made life easier for employees. This is because they would easily and efficiently be able to see what their employees would be doing during work hours. But with so many different options, it would be quite easy to become sidetracked.

However, one thing that would need to be understood is the limitations of time tracker Linux. Despite the fact that it would be considered to be the most reliable one out there, a new one seems to have stolen the spotlight. That would be Hubstaff software. So, the main purpose of this article would be to highlight the features and good sides of Hubstaff so that you would be able to understand how it would actually be better than the one being provided by Linux. To be completely fair, we would also take in to account the downsides. To know more, continue reading below.

What is Hubstaff?

First things first, it would be a good idea to get yourself acquainted with Hubstaff. Simply put, this would be considered to be a unique time-tracking solution that would work wonders for employees who would like to efficiently balance the time that they spend doing projects. This would be particularly suitable for those companies who would have contract workers, freelancers, and remote employees.

The software would be entirely cloud-based. This would mean that employees would be able to monitor all the activities of their employees online. In addition, managers would also be able to make reports regarding these activities and observations.

You would find this software to be integrated with a diverse range of cloud solutions. In this way, employees would be able to manage their time better. The productivity of employees could be accurately tracked since it would be able to show the exact amount of time that an employee would spend using a particular tool/


Since we would be making comparisons with time tracker Linux, the best way to do that would be to take a look at the features of Hubstaff.

  • Time tracking

With the time-tracking sidebar, the users would be able to see the task they would currently be working on, along with how much time they have expended behind it. Since it would appear in the form of a widget, users would easily be able to move it around.

  • Screenshots

The ability to take screenshots would be considered to be one of the most unique and highlighted features of Hubstaff. Thanks to this, employers would be able to see how employees would be managing their time. This would help to increase the amount of transparency. On the other hand, if you would like to protect the sensitive and personal information of workers, then the screenshots could easily be blurred.

  • Activity levels

Thanks to the dashboard, you would be able to get a complete insight in one platform. Simply put, you would be able to see when your employees would log in online, the time they would spend being idle, how long they would use an app and website, and also other things.

  • Automatic payroll

With automatic payroll, you would no longer have to manually calculate individual pay of workers. This would be something which you would not be able to find in time tracker Linux .They would also be integrated with PayPal so payments would automatically be sent once the payroll has been calculated.


  • User-friendly, easy to use, and accurate time tracking being provided
  • Apps being provided across all platforms
  • Management settings and features
  • Compatible with majority of phone operating platforms
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Flexible setup, easy operation, good application, and convenient tariffs.


  • No possibility of archiving previous projects
  • Inflexible plans.

Final words

Hence, that would be all where Hubstaff software is concerned. As you would be able to see, it definitely overcomes the limitations that would be posed time tracker Linux.



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