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A Complete List of Discord Badges – How To Get Them

In this article, I would be talking about Discord Badges. But first, if you are new to discord or wondering if you should use the service, here is what you must know.

Discord is a very popular platform for online interactions. It allows individuals to communicate using texts, video, and audio. Additionally, we could send media and files to other people connected to the service via servers.

The discord community is one of the most vibrant online communities and it provides discord badges members, its staff, users, and basically everyone. These badges help to create some differentiation among users.

With badges, you easily can tell who really you are communicating with and it comes in handy when you need some help from Discord. Some of these badges may be rare to come by, and others are awarded to specific group members, just to help differentiate them from others.

For discord users, earning these badges is a thing of pride, and simply gives the profile a more respectable look.

In this article, I would discuss the different discord badges and would show you all you need to do to get these awarded to your profile. Let’s get right into it!

Easy to Get and Common Discord Badges

If you are looking to get yourself some discord badges, here are the easiest to go for:

1. The Discord Nitro Badge

Discord Badges

You already know the guys with these badges because they are all over the place. Chances are that you have seen them spam the custom emoji and the name almost like it is a real word. They are almost always showing off their animated profiles, you definitely know who they are.

This badge is reserved for everyone whose account has a Nitro subscription. One cool effect of this badge is the date effect. Once hovered upon, it displays the subscription date of the user. The bad is however lost as soon as the subscription period expires.

Nitro offers its subscribers an improved Discord experience. With Nitro, users would be able to upgrade their emojis and enjoy larger uploads for files, and of course, it helps users stand out in their favorite Discords.

How to get the Nitro Badge:

Simply subscribe to Discord Nitro using the link. Subscriptions are priced monthly at $9.99 and yearly at $99.99 as at the time of writing this article.

There is also a classic package that comes with the basic perks and it is priced at $4.44 and $49.99.

2. The HypeSquad Houses Badge

Here is the legend behind this discord badge:

Many years ago it was said that an evil spirit was awoken from its sleep and it descended and ravaged the earth.

While humanity was in dire need, three light heroes stood up and conquered this evil spirit. This victory got humanity extremely hyped and that is why today, the 3 heroes are recognized via the HypeSquad Houses program.

To have this badge, a user has to personality test comprised of 5 questions. After the personality test, the user is going to be awarded one of the following badges:

  • HypeSquad Balance House
  • HypeSquad Bravery House
  • HypeSquad Brilliance House

How to get the HypeSquad Houses:

The process is straightforward. Go to your discord settings where you would find the HypeSquad tab!

A Complete List of Discord Badges - How To Get Them

Next click on the join HypeSquad option.

A Complete List of Discord Badges

You will then take the five-question quiz. The test will determine your fate and you could become a part of the HypeSquad.

Perks Of Being in the HypeSquad

  • HypeSquad-only newsletter
  • Profile badge
  • HypeSquad challenges

3. Server Boosting Badge

The name of this badge kind of explains what it does. Active users who use a server boost are entitled to this badge. This badge comes in different forms and the one you get will correspond to the amount of time spent in boosting a server.

Here are the different discord badges associated with server boosts:

A Complete List of Discord Badges - How To Get Them


To receive this badge here is the amount of time you will need to spend boosting the server:

One month, Two Months, Three Months, Six Months, Nine Months, Twelve Months, Fifteen Months, Eighteen Months, and Twenty Four Months.

There are a few server perks associated with using these boosts.

Perks for Level 1 and 2 Server Boosts

  • More than 50 Emoji Slots
  • Audio Quality of up to 128 Kbps
  • As much as 720P 60FPS of go Live streams boost
  • Custom backgrounds for a server invite
  • Server icon Animations

Perks for Level 2 to 15 Server Boosts

  • All the perks for Level 1
  • More than 50 Emoji Slots
  • Audio Quality of up to 256 Kbps
  • As much as 1080P 60FPS of go Live streams boost
  • Server Banner
  • An upload limit for members of 50MB

Perks for Level 3 to 30 Server Boosts

  • All the perks for Level 2
  • More than 100 Emoji Slots
  • Audio Quality of up to 384 Kbps
  • An upload limit for members of 100MB
  • Vanity URL

4. Owner Crown

This is one of those peculiar discord badges. Unlike other badges that appear on your discord profile, this one only shows up on the server’s members list. This badge serves one great purpose of helping members of a server know who to reach out to if they need help.

This Icon for this badge is simply a crown. Like the saying goes “heavy is the head that wears the crown”, it may be so much work managing your server.

There often would be floods of user questions, of course, will depend on the server size. In cases where the server owner is overwhelmed, it is possible to delegate the crown to another member of the server.

To do this, there are 2 important steps,

  • Make the new admin (Navigate Server Settings / Roles / Create New Role (+) / Turn on ‘Administrator’)
  • assign the role (Server Settings / Members / Add Role (+) / Select Role to Add)

Hard to Get Discord Badges

If you are looking to get yourself some hard to find discord badges, here are a few to aim for:

1. Hypesquad Events Badge

This is our first in this list of harder-to-get discord badges. I have come across people asking questions like Do you know when Hypesquad events badges will unlock? this just goes to show they are not always there waiting to be gotten.

The cool thing is that this badge goes beyond discord into the real world. In fact, you could be walking around with one of the exclusive shirts for Discord HypeSquad.

This badge is reserved only for members who have attended a HypeSquad Event and also have attended a local convention on behalf of HypeSquad.

It is possible to apply for HypeSquad Event at discord.com/hypesquad.

Discord HypeSquad Explained

2. Bug Hunter Badge

First things first. To get this bad, you must belong to the bug community. The badge is only awarded to the most hardworking members of this community.

The most hard-working members usually have to find and report a considerable number of glitches and bugs that they find. They only get this badge if they are able to find a worthy glitch or bug.

If this interests you and you are looking to join the Bug community, jump on the link and start the process. This is an invite link to the discord tester server.

A Complete List of Discord Badges - How To Get Them

Discord Bug Hunter Badge Explained

3. Discord Partner Badge

Earlier I have discussed the owner crown discord badge. This was a crown that was meant for only server owners. The Discord Partner Badge is another such badge.

Hard to Get Discord Badges

The first criteria for getting this badge is that you must be a server owner. The second requirement is that your server must be partnering with Discord.

The badge is made for engaged communities. The discord Partner Program is a way of distinguishes the best servers from the rest. Server owners will only get this badge if their communities are really thriving in the space.

One of the biggest advantages of having this badge is the fact that it comes with a totally discounted Nitro subscription. To get this badge server owners would have to apply for the discord partner program.

4. Discord Staff Badge

We could more or less say they made the app you are using. Here is the reason. This badge is only given out to members of the discord workforce. So if you are paid by discord, chances are that you have this badge.

If you really want to get this badge, all you have to do is look out for discord openings and apply to a few. If you get in, you get the badge. How complicated can that be!

You should go ahead and try getting this badge I guess it’s pretty and it could be fun.

Unobtainable Discord Badges

For this category, I will say – try as hard as you may, you still will probably not get it. Here are Discord’s most unobtainable badges:

1. Early Supporter Badge

If you see discord users with this badge, all you may do is wich and envy since it is practically impossible to have this priced icon.

This badge was associated with the retired Discord $5 plan. It was a badge for users who had purchased a Nitro subscription before the 10th of October 2018. The badge was simply awarded as a thank you note.

2. Early Verified Bot Developer Badge

Something that Discord has been big on is bots. But bots usually have to be verified. For users who before the 19th of August 2020 have verified a both that is present in + seventy-five servers, this special badge was the reward.

Before the 19th of August 2020, this badge was referred to as Verified Bot Developer and was always awarded to all users who verified a bot. Sadly we will not be having any new owners of this badge.

3. Discord Certified Moderators

This discord badge breaks off the pattern of the two earlier mentioned in this category in the sense that even though it is extremely difficult, it is still obtainable.

To obtain this badge, a user must be successful in completing discord’s Discord Moderator Exam. They must also go ahead and remain active on the Discord Moderator Discord or DMD for a period spanning at least 3 months.

Commonly Asked Discord Question

Because there are a host of questions around badges and their use, here are a pick of commonly asked questions and responses.

What is the importance of Discord Badges?

This is a question I get often. In most cases discuss badges are not tied to monetary perks but they are important in distinguishing users as members of specific discord groups.

It would be the difference in some cases between a real discord user and a faker. This is because most badges show you have performed some real tasks on discord.

Which is the best badge in Discord?

This is one question that everyone would have to answer for themselves. What you consider the best badge should depend on what you consider important on your personal preferences. However, the Partner Program can make distinctions for the best servers.

What is the fastest way of getting Discord badges?

Passing the quizzes for the HypeSquad House badges may be the fastest way unless you want to pay for a Nitro subscription.

To join the Bravery badge make sure you respond using the first option on all questions. Using the second option on questions will put you in Brilliance, and selecting the third option places you in Balance.

How does a user get verified by the BOT developer badge?

For this, visit the bot’s settings page for your bot in the Developer Portal. Follow the instruction banner at the top of the page to get started. This process is open to bots in over 75 servers.

You may like to explore our video on “How to Get Every Discord Badge”.

All Discord Badges and How To Get Them (2021)
Final Thoughts

Discord has hit the market with a huge bang and with improvements and the help of its ever-growing community, it seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. Users who have embarrassed this platform understand the need to be distinguished from every other person and Discord Badges is the way to stand out.

In this article, I have done an in-depth review of all of the badges offered on discord. I have discussed these in order of the ease of obtaining them.

I am curious to know what badges you already own, what badges you look forward to having, and what badges you think I have left out of this article. Visit the comment section to let me know all your thoughts.