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9 Best Live Streaming Apps To Broadcast Live From Phone

If you have a business, it’s time to start entertaining people by providing a live stream to your potential customers. It is the best way to instantly connect with your clients/prospects and everyone else, as it is dynamic.

The recent addition to social media is live streaming video; web streaming has taken a back place to some extent. Several large and small businesses have lately invested in live-streaming apps.

People are opening live stream apps to tune in to others’ lifestyles, entertainment, or education. And various brands are widening their horizons through live-streaming services.

Live streaming apps support effortless sharing of your own and others’ life events. Tap into the ever-growing following of live streams by downloading one of the apps below.

Best Live Streaming Apps – Our Pick👌👌

1. Instagram Live – Best apps for live streaming

Instagram is an image and video-sharing social media platform that allows users to publish, modify, and share their creations.

It is a simple way to capture moments worldwide, add filters and share with friends on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Instagram Live allows users to post live broadcasts with their followers. The live content is streamed in real-time and can be viewed by anyone following the user or the broadcast event.

Best Live Streaming Apps

It can stream live content from concerts, sporting events, weddings, and more. The app offers a simple layout for users to follow and what’s happening in real time.

It also allows for videos up to an hour in length, along with the option of unlimited replays so followers can watch again if they missed it live.

Instagram is a social network for sharing images and videos available on Android, iOS, and web browsers. Instagram allows users to snap a photo, apply a filter, and post it with their followers.

Users can only go live once they have at least ten followers and gain more as they go live regularly. Before going live, users must set up a notification so that their followers will be notified when they go live.

If a person has thousands of followers, they can broadcast for 30 minutes. When the stream ends, users are given the option of saving their content as a highlight or discarding it.

With Instagram Live being one of the best live streaming apps, people can engage with those who follow them since they get notified when they go live.

Users also get real-time feedback from their audience during their broadcasts, making it even more engaging.

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2. Facebook Live – Top live streaming apps

Facebook Live is a new feature of the Facebook app. It is a live video streaming platform, including the popular Facebook social media network.

The platform allows users to stream from anywhere globally, providing live content to their followers on Facebook.

In 2015, the platform was introduced and has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most popular platforms for video streaming.

It also has an app dedicated to live videos that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Best Live Streaming Apps 1Facebook Live allows you to go live on a conversation, an event, an exclusive Q&A, or any content to make it interactive and real-time. These live videos can be broadcast worldwide with simple tips and tricks through the Facebook app.

It’s straightforward for creators to get started on this high-end streaming service. This video streaming platform also has “Scheduling” to schedule upcoming live videos. This is helpful for creators because it allows them to promote their upcoming live events to their viewers.

The post will be scheduled as an announcement or live broadcast, depending on the creator’s choice. If a creator chooses an announcement post, viewers will see a notification about the upcoming video in the News Feed. If they decide on a live broadcast post, it will appear as a live video on their Page Timeline.

Creators can moderate comments while live by using the available settings. They can even turn off comments by turning off “Comment Control.” 

Facebook Live is another of the best live streaming apps; they have also introduced and incorporated several other features, such as live video streaming, live chat, live call, and live maps.

Live Videos are available for all verified pages, celebrities, public figures, etc. It allows users to gain and engage their audience in real time.

Make the most of comments and reactions. The best part of live video is interacting with viewers as the stream happens.

This might include responding to inquiries as they come in or allowing visitors to contribute by leaving comments with their thoughts and recommendations.

People love watching others have fun and engage in conversation, so encourage viewers to share their opinions, knowledge, and expertise!

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3. YouTube Live

YouTube is a world of resources available for video content creators. Creating videos regularly can be time-consuming, which is why YouTube Live may be the solution to your problem.

It has been a pioneer in the space since its launch in 2005, with live streams available on the platform since 2011.

People have been using YouTube for different purposes, but it has been recently used for live streaming.

This platform has allowed video-makers to create channels related to any subject. People use it to get valuable information about their daily routine and any other topic they are interested in.

Best Live Streaming Apps 2

YouTube allows users to create channels and manage them independently, depending on how they share their content. The feature gives producers access to their medium’s analytics, which can help them track how many viewers watch their videos, for how long, and more.

Uploading live-stream videos is easy through YouTube. You have to organize the event ahead of time and include the video’s date, time, and title. Then it will be published automatically once the scheduled time arrives.

With YouTube going live, creators now have a better platform for monetization as it offers an array of advertising options like Super Chat and Super Stickers.

Super Chat allows viewers to purchase chat messages that stay pinned within the stream and can be seen by all viewers in real time until they expire. These benefits provide a clear picture of why YouTube Live is becoming popular among content creators.

Today, YouTube supports pre-recorded video hosting and live-streaming content for creators, with billions of viewers daily. Google reports that people spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on YouTube every day.

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4. Twitch – Live streaming apps For Gamers

Live streaming has been a popular source of entertainment in recent years. There’s no shortage of places to find live content, from social networks to content platforms like YouTube.

Twitch is just another one of the most excellent live-streaming apps in the gaming and tech industry. The purpose of the Twitch app is to live stream the latest games, connect with other players and earn some money.

This can be like streaming your PUBG gameplay, Fortnite gameplay, etc.

Live Streaming Apps 3

Twitch is used by individuals and organizations looking to broadcast their content live and connect with viewers. As its name implies, gamers mainly use this platform, but other streamers are also used.

You can make money by doing advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship. To make money on Twitch, you can either set up an account and wait for viewers to subscribe via one of your already existing channels or create a new channel from scratch and build an audience from scratch.

The former will likely bring in less income in the beginning unless you have other ways of promoting your account through social media or another platform (such as YouTube). 

Managing a Twitch account can be a great way to earn income. In addition to the money earned from donations and subscriptions. The most popular streamers make thousands of dollars per month from these ad deals.

Twitch allows you to earn money by allowing users to subscribe to your channel by paying $4.99 per month.

In return for the subscription you receive from the users, you will get some benefits such as Bits (in-game currency), Channel Tabs highlighting the channel name/logo/description, Custom emoticons, and more.

Tens of thousands of people use Twitch daily to stream content they create. Like most other platforms on this list, Twitch offers the opportunity to earn money through ad donations from viewers.

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5. Twitter Live

Live streaming is a new way to give the public more of what they want, and Twitter is a terrific way to reach out to people.

Twitter’s live-streaming capabilities are relatively basic, but they get the job done. The main benefit of using Twitter as a live streaming social media apps platform is that it is effortless to use and famous among viewers.

It has a high mobile user base and is becoming one of the most popular social media apps, so it’s beneficial if you plan on broadcasting your live streams on mobile devices.

It handles audio and live video streams, making itself accessible to users who might not have the equipment to do their live production.

Live Streaming Apps 4

It also allows for real-time interaction with your audience through text posts, photos, videos, and direct mentions. This is ideal for businesses trying to establish a more personal relationship with their clients or followers.

Additionally, Twitter offers detailed analytics to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement rate and demographics by location or gender.

The main draw of Twitter’s live streaming is its simplicity and ease of use. However, building a community with followers and groups is necessary since this is a social media app.

By following other accounts, interacting with them through comments and likes/retweets (sharing), and having people follow you, you can grow a following that enjoys your content and engages with your brand.”

Twitter has been a fantastic networking platform for many users, but its live-streaming features are less well-known. If you’re looking for an app that’s easy to use, has a vast audience, and is suitable for building a community, Twitter is a great choice.

Browse the other apps on this list if you want more features or broadcast on a desktop computer. Do what fits better for your brand and your audience, as always!

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6. Stream Now – Best live streaming apps for iPhone

Stream Now is an interesting live streaming app with an excellent interface that makes it easy to use and fun to watch. It’s also the perfect platform for indie creators to showcase their films and shows. It’s similar to Netflix in many ways, focusing on independent content.

You can create your account for free and use it to stream videos. If you’re an indie filmmaker, you can use it to promote your work. So how does it differ from other streaming services?

Live Streaming Apps 5

Stream Now is more focused on indie and niche content. It allows users to discover content they might not be able to find elsewhere. It also has a feature called “The Feed,” which promotes live and on-demand streams from creators worldwide.

Stream Now might be a suitable fit for you, depending on what you want out of your streaming experience. For example, if you like creating your live broadcast but don’t want to deal with the trouble of setting up your website, stream Now might be one of your better options.

The streaming service is accessible on different devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, computers, and tablets. So, you can stream on the platform wherever you are!

The layout on stream Now is somewhat similar to Netflix, so if you’re familiar with the latter, you’ll be able to navigate this one easily.

The film selection has tons of variety, so you’ll probably find something interesting to watch here. However, if you like more mainstream content, you might prefer other streaming services over this one.

Both users and content makers can use the site for free. You can sign up for free on its website and start streaming your favorite content within minutes.

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7. Livestream – Best live streaming apps for android

Livestream, on our list of the best live streaming apps, is owned by Vimeo. The platform allows you to stream content to multiple platforms simultaneously.

It features automatic 16×9 aspect ratio streaming regardless of how you hold your mobile device so you can use all the space for content.

These features make Livestream an excellent option for businesses looking to create professional broadcasts without paying for additional software programs.

9 Best Live Streaming Apps To Broadcast Live From PhoneLivestream is a live streaming service that provides an app that can be used to stream content in real time. This is useful if you’re planning a live event, such as a webinar, or if you want to show customers behind-the-scenes footage of your organization.

This comprehensive streaming service offers desktop and mobile streaming and integration with multiple popular platforms, including YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Livestream also allows you to automatically adjust the video feed based on how you hold your device, which is ideal for users who produce content while on the go.

Integrating live video into your social media marketing plan is a great way. Once you have created an account, you can start broadcasting to all of your platforms at once. Select the service you want to stream on, and the platform will automatically post it on their site.

Livestream allows you to use a vertical and horizontal camera to get a unique perspective during your shoot. This makes Livestream ideal for filming yourself and showing it off in your feed if you want to promote yourself as an individual brand.

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8. BroadcastMe – Best mobile live streaming apps

The BroadcastMe app is a live video streaming apps designed to allow news personnel to capture and share videos wherever they go.

The app will enable people to send notifications to users near news events and stream a low-resolution feed for live streaming and high-resolution video recording to their smartphone’s storage.

It also has a fully functional production system that includes editing, SEO tools, and infographic integration.

Best Live Streaming Apps 4

Users can simultaneously record and stream from their smartphones. They’ll also share low-resolution feeds for live streaming and high-resolution videos for archiving through the app. Each user can edit their videos and insert infographics as necessary.

The Send Remote Notifications feature will send push notifications to users near news events so they can go out and get the scoop.

Users will simultaneously stream from their smartphones and record high-resolution videos for archiving through the app. Additionally, users can edit their videos, add infographics, and insert them into the news feed.

BroadcastMe is a free application available for iOS and Android devices that allows users to stream live video from anywhere in the world instantly. It features newsgathering, production, and digital asset management.

Newsgathering consists of a push notifications system that alerts users when a newsworthy event occurs nearby. Production tools allow users to add infographics, edit videos, and more.

Digital asset management features allow users to upload high-quality recorded videos directly to BroadcastMe’s cloud-based video archive.

Collectively, these features allow users to record and share news from anywhere on the planet in real time.

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9. UStream By IBM

UStream now acquired by IBM is an online video platform that allows you to live stream and watch high-quality videos.

It offers applications for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. You can start broadcasting videos from the website and go live with your mobile phones.

It allows you to create a profile and connect with other individuals from all around the world. It lets you broadcast live events like political campaigns, entertainment shows, and technology conferences.

Best Live Streaming Apps 5

This platform has a vibrant community of broadcasters as well as viewers. If you are a broadcaster, you can share your video feed with people interested in it.

The viewers can participate in the broadcast by requesting polls, chatting with the host, or leaving comments on the video feed. 

The IBM Cloud Video service delivers a high-quality viewing experience and fast stream start times, an essential factor in today’s always-on world. Your viewers will love the quality of the video, and your customers will love that they can interact with you in real time.

Transcasting from this platform allows you to quickly build a community around your brand by interacting with fans in real time through video, chat, polls, and social media integration.

From the beginning, it has focused on performance, emphasizing reliability and scale. Each month, millions of people view over eight million hours of content, including everything from music, sports, and politics to gaming, comedy, and fashion.

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Which app is best for live streaming free? 

Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Livestream, etc., are some of the best apps for a seamless live streaming experience right on your smartphone.  

Where can I live stream for free? 

YouTube, Facebook Watch, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc. are some of the leading platforms to live stream free of cost. 

What is the most popular live streaming app? 

YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Twitch, etc., are among the most popular live streaming apps used worldwide for a high-quality, seamless live streaming experience.  

What is the most popular live streaming site? 

Among the top live streaming platforms and the go-to locations for those who constantly need to streamline anything are Wave, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Dacast, and Wirecast. 

What is the easiest platform to stream on? 

Facebook Live is the easiest platform to stream effortlessly, thanks to its simple user interface and easy-to-access Live streaming feature. Other easy live streaming platforms are Instagram Live, Wave, Dacast, Wirecast and StreamYard.  

Can I watch live TV online for free? 

TVPlayer. On the web or through any mobile app, TV Player offers free access to more than 80 Live TV stations.

In addition, more than 60 free channels are available for you to watch without paying. You can also try USTVGO, 123TV Now, UStream, OK Live TV, TVPlayer, and more for free live TV viewing. 

The Final Verdict on the live streaming apps list

Live streaming has become the most popular social media craze in recent years. It is multiplying and has opened many vistas to set up their businesses or promote products instantly.

Unlike traditional marketing, this way of marketing offers limitless opportunities, deep engagement, and instant results. It is an interactive experience for anyone using it and gives users a window into different people’s lives.

Several brands provide excellent services to people in the form of live-streaming apps. The user community of live-streaming apps keeps growing and has a stronghold over the existing users. Invest in live streaming apps to establish your name in online marketing.

Use these live-streaming apps to reach your audience and promote your event, product, or service. Be assured that the benefits of live streaming apps will help you go a long way in business.