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13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

Live photos let you transform your favorite memories into living, breathing moments. When it comes time to share what happens on screen, live photos are the best way to do so.

Instead of sharing pictures or videos, live photos take your favorite moments and turn them into little moving pictures that are more dynamic than still photos or videos alone. 

With the ability to turn a still image into a video, you can better control the direction of your photo, manipulate your image to make your photo pop, and more!  

Live wallpapers may seem like a simple add-on for your smartphone, but they can add a sense of life and personality to its operating system.

With the right wallpaper app, you can add everything from stars in the sky to beautiful, moving underwater environments to your home screen — and have them look better than anything you’ve ever seen on a smartphone before. 

Live wallpaper apps are all the rage. With just one tap, users can turn their favorite photos into interactive digital wallpapers that will attractively decorate their device’s lock screen.

Designed for fun and utility, live wallpapers are also an easy way to personalize any iPhone or iPad. Using a Live wallpaper iPhone is a great way to enhance the beauty of your phone and showcase its full potential.

These jaw-dropping wallpapers display mesmerizing patterns, phenomenal natural scenery, and spectacular cosmic explosions that will definitely amaze your friends. 

The live wallpaper apps on your iPhone may be great, but what if you want to personalize your device with something more unique? If you want to make your smartphone feel a little more alive, try adding a trendy live wallpaper to your home screen.

They can instantly breathe personality and vibrancy into a phone’s operating system without a ton of effort. Plus, they’re a great way to fancy up an otherwise dull phone that’s been gathering dust in the back of a drawer.

We’ve rounded up the best live wallpapers app that you can download and use to make your iPhone look fresh and new. 

Setting Live Images as a Live Wallpaper 

Live Photos adds a new dimension to your photos by capturing the moments just before and after you push the button. It captures the moments just before and after pressing the shutter button.

This feature allows you to relive those memories like a picture as well as a moving, action-filled video. Simply find a Live Photo in your camera roll or on any album and then push for a few seconds with your finger.

The Live Photo will become a still photo, which you can now set as wallpaper. Now, you can set those memories as wallpaper.  

To set Live photos as wallpaper- 

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone 
  • Click  the Albums tab 
  • Choose the album you want to use that contains the Live photo 
  • Tap it, then click on  Set Lock Screen 
  • The screen goes dark, but the image stays in front so you can adjust its position.  

Make sure that Live Photo has been turned on. If you don’t want to set this as your lock screen wallpaper and instead want to use it as a photo, simply tap and hold the picture and do not slide up the rear camera icon. This will make this perfect picture your wallpaper instead. 

How to use a Live Photo as your wallpaper on your iPhone — Apple Support

To set a live GIF as a live wallpaper, first, activate the camera from the lock screen. Swipe right or left until you find a Live Photo or GIF.

When you find the GIF or Live Photo that you want to use as wallpaper, tap on it to see it come to life on your lock screen. To save the current Live Wallpaper on your iPhone, press and hold the Lock Screen.  

What iPhone Models that Support Wallpapers? 

A live wallpaper is a special kind of home screen for Android phones, iPads, and iPhones. When you touch the screen, they change in some way, like animating or moving objects.

Live wallpapers are one of the best ways to personalize your device and show off that you have an awesome device with the latest software updates. 

With the current release of the iPhone XR, Apple is exploring new technology. The tardiest release removes the 3D Touch technology in favor of a long-press gesture.

The change comes from Apple experimenting with different display sizes and battery life, aiming to satisfy consumers who want more screens for their buck. 

To enjoy live wallpapers, you’ll need to have a 3D Touch-equipped iPhone. If you’ve got early access to the Apple Watch, you can long-press/haptic touch for haptic feedback. But don’t despair; there are still loads of amazing designs that will operate on all devices. 

iPhone Models that support 3D: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus and 8, iPhone X, XS, and Xs Max.  

Haptic Touch/Long Press Supported iPhone Models: iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Pro. 

Best Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps – Our Pick

1. Dynamic wallpapers & themes 

Dynamic wallpapers & themes is an App Store top-rated live wallpaper app for iOS! It features beautiful, high definition, customizable wallpapers that run smoothly on your iPhone or iPad.

With more than 100+ beautifully designed live wallpapers, Dynamic Wallpapers & Themes offers something for everyone.  

Best Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps

Whether you’re into cats, dogs, anime, game characters, sports cars or just looking for something new to freshen up your iPhone’s look, there’s wallpaper in this growing selection for you.

These dynamic wallpapers are also completely customizable. You can adjust the level of movement or turn movement off entirely.  

You can see it on your phone’s lock screen or watch it on your TV through the Apple TV app. Your favorite white-sand beach, that sunset over the ocean, or photos of friends and family are just a swipe away.

The dynamic wallpapers are all top-notch. Each one looks good on its own or as part of a collection, so you can switch things up to suit any mood.  

Key Features:-

  • Customizable Wallpapers 
  • 3D Touch  
  • Dark Mode 

Download App on Apple App Store

2. Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds 

When your phone is the source of most of your mobile entertainment, then you need to give yourself extra entertainment options. You can do that by adding more background options with “Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds”.

This live wallpaper iPhone app gives you hundreds of free images with which you can make your home screen appeal to the eye.  

Best Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps 1

When it comes to choosing between a solid background or a live one, there’s no reason to choose between aesthetics and functionality. When it comes to Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds, the app created by the Lithuanian company Europos IT, UAB, is a top pick.

The app comes with In-App Purchases.  Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds price in a subscription is only for US customers.  

The “Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds” price may differ depending on your place and the subscription will also be charged.

 One can switch off auto-renew at any point from the settings. No matter what your mood is, the Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds app has you covered with a huge collection of dazzling backgrounds.  

Whether you’re in the mood for serene landscapes or scenic underwater environments, these high-quality images have something for everyone. 

Key Features:-

  • High Definition Images 
  • Instant 1 Click Fitting 
  • More than 500 live wallpapers 
  • Wallpaper available offline 

Download App on Apple App Store

3. Live Wallpapers for me 

Live Wallpapers for Me is a unique app that lets you showcase your style and individuality on your iPhone. With the ability to download and apply any image as a live wallpaper, you can truly make your device your own.

The app contains an assortment of images to choose from and users have the option to resize and scale wallpapers to their preferred look.  

Live Wallpapers for Me is the best live wallpaper iPhone app, which is a technically stunning collection of thousands of wallpapers, with built-in customization features that ensure that your wallpaper looks exactly how you want it to.

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

These live wallpapers are carefully picked by professional designers who update the app with new content every day.  

The premium version removes ads and gets you access to all premium wallpapers in the collection, while the subscription ensures that you’re never stuck with an ad or running out of content to look at.

With our live wallpapers, you can personalize your home screen, bring in custom widgets and icons, and create a truly unique smartphone.  

Our collection is updated by the minute, so you’ll never run out of new animations and themes to add to your phone. The built-in streaming feature automatically updates your live wallpaper feed every time you open it — even when you don’t have an internet connection. 

Key Features:-

  • Offers more than 100 Live Wallpapers 
  • Built-in customization features 
  • High-quality animations  
  • In-built streaming feature for automatic updates.  

Download App on Apple App Store

4. Wallpapers And Themes for Me 

“Wallpapers and themes for me” is a simple and highly-customizable way to browse and download free wallpapers and themes for your iOS device — it’s the best app to make your Device stand out from the crowd.

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

It works with iPhones, iPods, and iPads and it’s one of the most popular apps in the niche. “Wallpapers and Themes for me” has over 70,000 customers who love its beautiful content. It displays exclusive, top-quality designs not found in other apps.  

The design team at Apalon is always working to improve the app with new content based on trends and users’ feedback.

The “Wallpapers and themes for me” app helps you create a unique and beautiful look for your device with 12 different styles of wallpapers and beautiful themes.

Abstract, Animals, Nature, Masterpieces — we have them all! You can also choose from 3D and cartoon themes and give your device a stunning look.  

Key Features:-

  • New iMessage support 
  • Offers 3D and Cartoon Themes 

Download App on Apple App Store

5. Live Wallpapers Forever 

Live Wallpapers Forever is an app that offers a gallery of the very best live wallpapers for your lock screen.

With over 19,000 downloads and a 4.6-star rating, this app has excellent features that help you browse through wallpapers, save them to favorites, and even set them as your lock screen wallpaper. You can select from categories like Abstract, Animals, Nature, Holidays & Festivals, and so much more.  

Live Wallpapers Forever offers a premium collection of high-quality animated backgrounds that can be used as lock and home screen wallpapers.

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily browse through thousands of backgrounds, with an option to choose one as your device’s wallpaper.

The app is free to download and use for the first 7 days after which it requires a $7.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly subscription plan.  

Live Wallpapers Forever offers Daily updates that include an amazing selection of animated wallpapers, all carefully selected by our team.

We make sure to bring you high-quality content with a personal touch — like one-of-a-kind photos of nature, landscapes, and the world around us.

You can also use Live Wallpapers Forever to explore trending wallpapers or search for specific categories like Animals, Abstract, etc. 

Key Features:-

  • Offers In-App Purchases 
  • Easy Navigation  
  • Has autoplay animation 
  • user-friendly interface 
  • 1000 and above backgrounds 
  • Unique hand-picked content 

Download App on Apple App Store

6. Kappboom – Live Wallpapers 

Kappboom is next on the list of Live wallpaper iPhones and a one-stop shop for live wallpapers. Browse through hundreds of designs for millions of styles.

You can find wallpapers that fit your iPhone screen perfectly, regardless of the size of your phone — from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 12 min. With a catalog of over 200,000 wallpapers, Kappboom has plenty of options for even the fussiest of wallpaper hunters.  

And with Live wallpapers for Android, customers can make your phone’s background do amazing things while you go about your day. Choose from scenic cityscapes, monuments like The Great Wall or Big Ben with time-lapses, auroras, and abstract objects doing their own thing.

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

With the most carefully curated collection of live wallpapers, Kappboom is unrivaled in its niche. While developers often overlook this area, Kappboom has emerged as the most trusted platform for this particular content.

With a wide range of categories to choose from and stunning designs, Kappboom’s live wallpapers are always trending on social media.  

Kappboom has the best collection of wallpapers that users will ever find. Kappboom wallpapers are categorized into quotes, jokes, 3D, abstract, animals, anime, and architecture.

Select the category and your wallpaper will be different every day. Each quote and wallpaper will be displayed in a beautiful bubble with a quote and sharing options.  

Key Features:-

  • New iMessage support 
  • High Definition Resolution 
  • Intuitive and FAST navigation 
  • Can Share images with Friends and Family 

Download App on Apple App Store

7. Live Wallpaper Maker – Livepic 

Another 4.5-star rated Live wallpaper iPhone app that offers a unique category of Live Wallpapers is the Livepic Live Wallpaper Maker. Already downloaded more than 15,000 times, it has become one of the most popular wallpaper-making apps in the App Store.  

Apart from pictures and videos, you can also use avatars, pictures from your camera roll, and even 3D images to make a Live wallpaper. With an intuitive interface, Live Wallpaper Maker lets you create virtually any type of live wallpaper that you want.

Best Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps 6

It has over 50 categories to choose from, including abstract, animals, cars, holidays, nature, sports, and more. They’re all neatly organized in the left pane.  

The Live Wallpaper Maker app isn’t just a means to create your own live wallpaper — it’s also a means to transform the videos on your iPhone into live wallpapers.

With this feature, you’ll be able to choose from any video on your phone and use it as a live background. Select your video, trim it down for the perfect fit, and save it as wallpaper that will be permanently accessible in your phone’s default settings.  

Key Features:-

  • Live wallpapers and themes with keyboard 
  • ASMR live wallpapers 
  • Live wallpaper maker 
  • Icon packs and Widgets 
  • Thematic category 
  • Trendy patterns and Big wallpapers catalog 

Download App on Apple App Store

8. Black Lite – Live Wallpapers

If you love the look of black, you’ll love Black Lite. This amazing live wallpaper iphone app transforms your phone’s background into a pitch-black void, with twinkling stars and a crescent moon in the distance — and it looks stunning in an AMOLED display.

Better yet, in OLED displays, this futuristic look improves battery life — and we aren’t just saying that!  

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

The Black Lite Live Wallpaper makes black feel even blacker. Its set of black wallpapers looks amazing on AMOLED screens, bringing them to life with the only thing that can: a swirling, morphing gem in the middle.

A collection of incredibly realistic live wallpapers, “Black Lite Live Wallpaper” turns your phone into a futuristic, high-tech device.

Full of wonderful high-definition graphics and amazing animations, these backgrounds have been designed to run smoothly on any device, from the iPhone 5 to iPhone X. 

Key Features:-

  • OLED displays 
  • Wide color gamut 
  • High Definition Resolution  

Download App on Apple App Store

9. Wallpaper Tree: 4K Wallpapers 

Livintis has developed the world’s best 4K wallpaper app, which can be downloaded on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It features stunning graphics and beautiful themes and an amazing live wallpaper iphone that customers can use to customize their desktop.

It’s simple for the users to share their wallpaper too. The Wallpaper Tree app has a huge collection of 4K wallpapers that fans of Apple’s latest iPhone line will love.  

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

It comes with a neat, intuitive interface that makes it easy to browse for wallpapers and discover new ones. Each wallpaper has been optimized to look crisp and sharp on any one of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 7, and Plus’ displays.

Wallpaper Tree is the best resource for finding free and paid-for wallpapers specifically designed for the newest iPhones.

Founded by a passionate team of designers and enthusiasts, Wallpaper Tree focuses on something that’s been sorely missing from the internet: wallpaper that looks great on all devices you own, whether it’s your phone, computer, or tablet. 

Every image is hand-picked and edited to perfection with attention to the smallest details — making it an invaluable tool for your iPhone customization needs. Wallpaper Tree is free to use as an app, but one can get premium features and one can use it by becoming a Pro member.

This provides access to pro collections and in-app purchases, so whether you’re looking to browse wallpaper for your phone or looking for a change of scenery on your desktop background, Wallpaper Tree has you covered.  

Key Features:-

  • Create custom wallpapers with your own picture 
  • Choose custom frames 
  • Curated Wallpapers 
  • Stunning Backdrops 
  • High-Resolution Professional Portraits and Pictures 
  • In-app Purchases 

Download App on Apple App Store

10. Wallpapers HD for iPhone 

Wallpapers HD for iPhone is the definitive tool, perfect for the wallpaper-obsessed. Browse through thousands of HD images to find the perfect fit for your phone.

There are two modes of browsing: Favorites, where you can save your favorite photos, and Trending, which lets you follow hot topics across the app’s community.  

The Wallpapers HD for iPhone app is free and has regular updates with new content and categories. The wallpapers on the Wallpapers HD for iPhone app are optimized for your retina display.

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

These unique designs will make your iPhone look distinctive. The more than half a million images featured in this app were hand-picked by the designers to ensure that you only get the best wallpapers available.  

With more than 1000’s of 4K/HD quality wallpapers, you can be sure to change your wallpapers daily to always keep your device fresh. The app comes with a Full-Screen Mode that allows you to experience the wallpaper in the best possible way.  

Key Features:-

  • 4K/HD Quality Live wallpapers 
  • Great Retina displays 
  • Full-Screen Mode 
  • Easy customization for Photo Editor  

Download App on Apple App Store

11. Wallpapers HD for iPod, iPhone, and iPad 

Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod, and iPad is a one-stop-shop for everything that you need to personalize your device. With a library of hundreds of high-quality photos, there’s something for everyone, from abstract photography to space scenes.

Select a wallpaper for your lock screen or your home screen — the app makes it easy to share your favorite wallpapers with your friends and family.  

13 Amazing Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps To Get Inspired

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for in just a few clicks, and there’s no shortage of variety to fit every device and device setting.

With 19.6k users, the Wallpapers HD app is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. The live wallpaper iphone app offers thousands of high-definition wallpapers for you to browse and download super easily — available in a variety of categories! Designers have worked tirelessly to piece these vibrant, crisp wallpapers together for your iPhone.  

The Wallpapers HD app has a large collection of images to satisfy all tastes, from abstract to architecture.

With the ability to save images and set them as a wallpaper or simply save them for later, searching through a categorized list of images, and the option to sort the images by recency, popularity, or simply a random image from the list, users can easily find what they’re looking for. 

Key Features:-

  • Favorite wallpapers can be saved 
  • Wallpapers can be checked categorically 
  • Can download wallpapers to use on-device and share with friends and family 
  • Can rate the wallpapers  

Download App on Apple App Store

12. Wallpapers & Backgrounds: HD 

The last on the list of live wallpaper iPhone app is the Wallpapers & Backgrounds: HD. With hundreds of thousands of new users downloading the HD backgrounds on an almost daily basis, the “Wallpapers & Backgrounds: HD” app is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 among more than 13,000 reviewers.  

Best Live Wallpaper iPhone Apps 11

Featuring more than 1,000 hand-picked photos of breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, HD brings you high-quality images that are hand-picked by our in-house team.

The Wallpapers & Backgrounds: HD app is the ultimate app for customizing your device’s wallpaper and background. With 15,000+ HD images and wallpapers, you can create a unique look for your device in mere minutes.  

The “Wallpapers & Backgrounds: HD” app is a serious contender for your iOs phone, with features that include dozens of categories, thousands of high-quality images, and weekly updates.

Images come in all shapes and sizes — and can be used as well for lock screens, home screens, and even social media avatars. This app does it all for your iOS device — we hope you enjoy it! 

Key Features:-

  • It offers unique Themes 
  • More than 1000 categories 
  • Weekly Updates  
  • In-app purchases 

Download App on Apple App Store


When you think of wallpapers, you probably picture something monotonous and repetitive. But, with the live wallpaper iPhone apps, your device’s screen becomes a canvas for creativity.

The app brings artwork to life with animations that are just as stunning as they are unique. Each work of art can be digitised into a tile that becomes your phone’s wallpaper forever. Your call!

This article will help you to get the best-rated iPhone live wallpapers that will make your work easier and your iphone look new and classic.  Get them all or just one at a time!