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How to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords


In our previous article, we come with a solution Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For Firefox Account but Google Chrome is one of most used browser and a user wants to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords.

It can be quite frustrating when a colleague or family member or friend gains unauthorized access to your computer and begins to surf through some of your personal information or browsing history. What is even more frustrating is when you grant access to your computer, people begin to skim through without considering your personal privacy.

Google Chrome is known to come up with updates every now and then and these updates come with changes and tweaks that are sometimes not beneficial. One of such tweaks is the removal of the “enable supervision of the account” feature which was formerly set as a means of protecting your information and browsing history from prying eyes.

Because of how important privacy is to people, the third-party software has been created to help lock your Google chrome with passwords. One of such recommendable application is called passbrow. This software is known to protect browsing history efficiently.

Step-by-Step Process to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords

Step 1:- To install the Passbrow software, simply click on this link, this would take you straight to its segment on chrome web store.

On the interface a large blue button with add to chrome written on it is displayed, click on this button to proceed with to add an extension to your Google Chrome.

lock google chrome


Step2:- Once the extension is downloaded, you would be notified. On a fresh page automatically created by chrome, the extension information will be displayed, Navigate till you find “Allow incognito” to grant Passbrow full permission. Once this is done, you move on over to the next phase.

lock google chrome



Step3:- Passbrow is more of an extension added to your Google chrome; it does not have an installation interface on your computer, which is why you need to follow these steps to activate Passbrow.

On your chrome interface, you would notice a multi-colored padlock looking symbol just at the right top corner of your screen. Navigate and click on it for options.

lock google chrome


The Passbrow options would be displayed. Click on options to sign up. The necessary things to do here is to put in your personal data and create a new password.

lock google chrome


Once this is done, click on the padlock displayed on the screen and choose lock from the options. A prompt would be displayed asking you to input your password. Input the password you created earlier and your chrome is automatically locked.

Third party software are a good way for ensuring the protection of your information and browsing history on your chrome browser. With Passbrow, you can be assured of safety. To test for authenticity, you can try by accessing your history. You would realize that you would be asked for a password.

If you try inputting the wrong password, you would realize that Google chrome would close instinctively this means that before you can have access to your browser, a password is required. The Passbrow feature is also available for Android devices.

Step4:- I will recommend you to enable Two-factor authentication, just navigate to “PassBrow-Authenticator” and enable two-factor option here.

lock google chrome

You need to download PassBrow-Authenticator app from the Google Play store. verify your code first time, from next time you need to enter Authentication code to login into Google Chrome browser.

lock google chrome

If you forget your login details, you can download the Passbrow- recover from this link.

Now you can be guaranteed of an optimum protection on your Google chrome.


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