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11 Best Loom Alternatives To Record & Share Video Messages


Are you looking for a Loom Alternatives To Record and share video messages of your screen, cam, or both?🤷‍♂️

We got you covered in this review post.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

We use computers in our daily lives very frequently. We come across so many things on the internet or on our computer that we want to save for the future, and it can be a video, an image, or some important documents.

We also use our computers to make tutorials or guide others. So many institutes offer pen drive courses that are screen recorded on the computer.

We can agree that we often find something on the internet worth keeping or saving. But there isn’t an option to download or save that stuff. In that kind of scenario, you can use screen-recording as a viable option to save the stuff that you see on the internet.

If you play games and want to record that to upload somewhere or just want to show that stuff to your friends, then screen recording is the only option by which you get to secure the moment or gameplay.

As per the current scenario, we mostly do our work from home. If you are a working person, you will need a tool to record your presentation, project, or any file you’ve been working on. Here, screen recording is also the perfect choice for you.

If you are on a video call with someone on your computer and want to record the video call for future purposes, then screen recording will do the trick for you.

As we already know, the Windows Mac operating system does not have a default in-built screen recorder, so we have to be dependent upon third-party software.

However, several screen recorders are available for PC, and we have selected the best amongst them just for you.

Loom – The Ultimate Tool

Loom is one of the best video-sharing tools that is available on Windows and Mac platforms. With the help of Loom, you can easily record your screen, microphone, audio, and desktop all at the same time. These videos are saved on your computer and are instantly shareable across any platform. Loom is free to download and use.

There are various categories of Loom users. If you’re just a starter, then you can record videos for up to 5 minutes. If you’re using Loom for educational purposes, you can record videos, which can be like 45 minutes.

If you’re a businessman or working in a firm, then the video can last up to 6 hours. So, Loom has sorted out preferences for all the categories.

You can also edit your screen-recorded videos on Loom. Trimming and Merging of the videos are available in the Loom software. With the help of Loom, you can take screenshots, add audio to your recorded videos.

Loom is mainly accessible as an extension of the Chrome browser, and it further helps the user share the media or files more easily. With the help of Loom, you are independent to create your own videos and share that media on any social media platform that you like.

From work-related stuff to fun-related stuff, Loom will help to achieve them all with minimal effort from your side. The user can easily share these videos with office mates, friends, family, colleagues for the required purpose.

However, Loom isn’t the only app that has these features, and there are several apps that do the same thing with offering some different and extra features on the table. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best Loom alternatives.

Best Loom Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. CloudApp: Best Loom Alternatives for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

CloudApp has one of the most advanced features related to screenshots editing and screen recording. You can record anything showing on your computer.

It can be a long video or even as short as a GIF. This feature allows you to share your videos or GIFs on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. You can even add annotations to the screenshots to highlight something.

CloudApp: The Video, Image, Webcam and GIF Screen Recorder for Professionals

It supports Windows, Macs, Chrome, and IOS platforms and is a very good screen-recording tool. The quality of sound recorded by this software is also top-notch.

As mentioned earlier, the annotations are a significant highlight of this product. You can blur, put emojis, text boxes, and do many other things. You can also perform webcam recording and put it on the cloud.

CloudApp is free, but it only allows screen recording for 90 seconds. If you are willing to record more than that duration, you have to purchase the premium version of the app.

The user interface of this app might not be the best. It may take some time to get used to the UI as it is not beginner-friendly.

Key Features of CloudApp:-

  • The immediate screen recording feature
  • Annotations tools are present in the app
  • Direct sending of files to business tools like Slack and Trello
  • Mouse cursor and mouse clicks are highlighted when used

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow (Download Here) is yet another one of the best Loom alternatives. It is mainly used to screencast and screen record videos or the computer screen in Mac OS.

It can record both audio and video from the computer at the same time. It has a custom title library to add header text and names to your videos. 

The screening tool present in this app is very sophisticated and allows the users to add screen chats in a significantly less amount of time. If you want to publish your videos or screenshots to a vlog or any other platform, there is also a quick time movie feature to let that happen.

Best Loom Alternatives

As mentioned earlier, it can record both desktop audio and video simultaneously. However, it can also record multiple apps, put video filters to let you produce professional-level videos for any category of work. 

ScreenFlow is one of the most feature-rich software. It has one of the highest quality screen recorders, and it can record even if you’re using multiple screens at once. It has a more straightforward UI comparing to the 1st software that we discussed.

The editing software provided by the app is of the highest quality. You can Animate graphics, text, logos all in one place within the app and then share them across any social media platform. Here are some of the features of ScreenFlow.

Key Features of ScreenFlow:-

  • Streamlined media management
  • Animated GIFs and Animated PNG export feature 
  • Powerful editing software
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Closed caption support is given

3. Flashback

Flashback is like an all-in-one package. It has screen recording and editing software built into the app itself. It can be one of the best Loom alternatives for screen recording.

It helps by directly recording the screen. You can record your screen with anything on the computer screen like a website, or along with a webcam and mic. 

Best Loom Alternatives 1
Simple, Powerful Recording

You can also edit the recordings to refine them more and make them ready to be presented on the professional stage. You can also add captions and highlight the parts that you think are important.

After that, you can easily export these videos to your desired platform, like uploading directly to YouTube or Flashback Connect.

Most of the time, we use screen recorders for making videos like lecture recordings, Youtube videos, presentations, how-to videos, demo videos, etc. if you want to use the screen recorder for these particular reasons, then Flashback may be the viable option for you.

It also has multiple features that make this software a solid deal. It supports multi-device capture, simultaneously record numerous screens.

You can even narrate your screen recordings if you want to make it like a guide or tutorial. All these features come with a cost. So, Flashback is not a free software to use. 

Key Features of Flashback:-

  • Decent editing tools
  • Narrating videos are also available.
  • It shows the detailed or brief history of changes made to the database or the main file.
  • Making presentations is easy.

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free, open-source software to record and stream videos or live streaming. This software is available on platforms including Windows, Mac, or Linux.

It is one of the highest performance-oriented software in this category. You can capture real-time audio or video and mixing them together.

Best Loom Alternatives 2

It has the feature of custom transitions. To put it simply, you can set up multiple numbers of scenes that you can switch between flawlessly via custom transitions.

The audio mixer provided in its editing tool is very premium. It can suppress noise, noise gate, and gain. You can have complete control over your audio.

There are various configuration options also. Depending upon your desires, you can add new sources, duplicate the existing ones, and can change their priorities easily.

One of the significant positive facts about this software is that it is entirely free to use, and it has a streamlined setting panel that gives you plenty of options to configure and tweak stuff based on your preferences. It has a decent user interface too.

Key Features of OBS Studio:-

  • Simple and straightforward workflow
  • It is free and an open-source software
  • Encoding is done by x264 and AAC
  • Phenomenal audio settings and options
How to Use OBS Studio - Complete Tutorial for Beginners!

5. Kazam Screencaster

Kazam is a very well know Screencaster created with the purpose of video designing. Kazam is a pretty simple and straightforward screen recorder that will capture the contents of your computer screen and will save it as a file.

Later that recorded file can be played in a video format. As for the sound recording, you can record that from any other sound input software or device which is paired to PulseAudio. 

Kazam offers a bunch of flexibility as it is supported on numerous operating systems. It has very powerful editorial tools which will let you manage all your files according to your needs. There are various keyboard shortcuts to start or pause the recording at any given time or scenario. 

Key Features of Kazam:-

  • Variable screen recording options
  • Screenshots are very easy to take 
  • Videos are recorded in mp4 format, so it is easily playable 
  • Keyboard shortcuts are very useful

6. FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is amongst the most potent screen recorders present on the internet. It is very lightweight but very feature-rich software that is capable of doing anything related to its job. You can easily capture or screen record stuff on the screen and can annotate the contents.

11 Best Loom Alternatives To Record & Share Video Messages

It allows you to record all the contents or activities that are happening on the device’s screen, including all the changes made, audio, mouse clicks. It stores them all in a very highly compressed video format. 

It has a small capture panel that helps you to get instant access to the output options and capture tools. There are global hotkeys to activate screen recording instantly.

The primary factor of FastStone that sets it apart from other screen recorders is that you can partially record the screen. To describe it in a simple manner, you can record only the half screen, rectangular, or in a customizable freehand way.

Key Features of FastStone Capture:-

  • Re-sizable screen ruler to record only the preferred area of the screen
  • Features including eye dropper color selection 
  • The capture panel is very helpful at times
  • Very powerful and lightweight

7. Cam Studio

Cam Studio is software that is able to record all the screen and audio activities that are happening on the computer and later convert them into AVI video files so that they can be later played.

The best way to utilize this app is by using it for making demonstration videos, or you can either create videos for your work-related stuff or school projects. 

Cam Studio claims to be very high-quality software that can add anti-aliased on-screen captions to your recorded materials in a matter of seconds with the addition of a video annotation feature. Cam Studio gives you total control of the video, and its output is entirely dependent on you.

You can even record the screen in a lower quality or in a lower resolution in order to save some space on your device’s storage. You also get to choose custom cursors, like if you want to record the whole screen or just a section of it. This has proved to be a very helpful feature. 

Cam Studio offers a pretty simple user interface that you can learn and get used to it in a matter of minutes. The even greater thing about Cam Studio is that it is 100% free to download and use, unlike some of the other entries on our list.

Key Features of Cam Studio:-

  • Free to use 
  • You can choose which part of the ratio of the screen you want to capture or record 
  • Webcam movies can be produced.
  • Screen captions and notations can be added pretty easily.

8. Click-up

We all went through the hardships of recording our desktop using Loom. But now we have a better alternative to record our screen without any hassle. You can share your screen recording to share or transmit any messages.

Click-up allows you to quickly capture all the contents on your screen, including web tabs, app windows. You can also add your voice using the audio tool embedded in the app and use this feature to convey your message simply and clearly. 

Best Loom Alternatives 4
Send quick and clear messages with Video Clips.

After recording the videos, if you want to share them, the software quickly generates a link that you can open in your browser. Videos will be available directly after recording. No additional downloads are required to play the video. It is also an excellent tool for workspace collaboration. 

Key Features of Click-up:-

  • Helps in a Collaborative teamwork
  • Convey messages fluently 
  • Free as well as paid versions are decent 
  • The user interface is decent-looking and well functional. 

9. Action – game recorder

Action is the first entry on our list that is solely dedicated to the gaming community. We know these days streaming is turning into a big market and business.

It is no wonder that many people want to capitalize on that. We know plenty of gamers that have gaming channels on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

They stream on a daily basis, or if not stream they post their gameplay videos to entertain their audience. It is their profession to do so.

So if you are amongst the elite community who wants to record and upload their gameplay videos then the Action screen recorder might be the best bet for you.

Action! - the best game recorder [Official Short Spot]

Action will help you in recording your gameplay, commentary, web tabs, and every other activity or task that you perform on your PC while Action is recording. Action is very compact, stylish, and has one of the most user-friendly user interfaces of all time.

A built-in screen recorder allows you to delete the desired items and then export the recording to well-known video files so that they later can be played without any issue.

One of the biggest edges that Action has over other traditional screen recorders is the Greenscreen mode. Yes, you heard it right.

You can cut the background and add a custom-made background while you are recording yourself from the Webcam. You don’t have to use any other particular kind of software or camera for that, and Action will do that on its own.

Privacy is a big concern for the users when we discuss screen recorders. As we already know, screen recorders record all the activities that are happening on our screen.

It may compromise your privacy to a certain degree. But with Action, you don’t have to worry about privacy at all.

As there is a new recording mode that lets Action record only those apps which permissions are granted by you. There are tons of other features that Action provides, and it might be the best screen recorder on our list, depending upon your choice of preference.

Key Features of Action:-

  • The time shift option is available.
  • Screen and gameplay recording available in 4k
  • Greenscreen technology
  • Selected ap recording option

10. TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing)

TechSmith Capture is available for Windows and yet another one of the Best Loom alternatives as a lightweight option to screen capture.

It allows you to record videos and capture desktop images on your computer system. After that, the videos can be screencast and can be shared with everyone you want to share.

It is one of the most accessible screen recording software to use and is completely basic in terms of functionality. The customization options that Jing provides are also quite fabulous.

You can choose which part of your screen you want to record rather than recording the whole screen. Having an option to record a specific amount of your screen is explicitly an outstanding feature to have.

Despite all the good and handsome qualities, Jing does have its own sets of problems like stuttering and freezing.

These things do not happen very often, but you can lose your precious recorded data if it happens in between recordings. It is still a rapid and efficient screen reorder that is available on PC.

Key Features of Jing:-

  • Simplified process of adding more images
  • Instant sharing on the web feature
  • Both Windows and Mac are supported
  • Lightweight yet powerful screen recorder
Final Conclusion

In this article, we’ve discussed the best Loom alternatives. Loom, as we know, is a screen recorder app or extension for PC users. However, there is no ideal alternative to Loom. Every single app that we’ve mentioned on our list excels in its department and job.

The only difference among them is that some offer other extravagant features while some are just down to basic traditional screen recorders. Every app has its own good and bad characteristics.

Even there are several apps on our list that are paid and require money to unlock the app’s full potential. Still, there were a bunch of free-to-use apps also.

It is your decision to make whether you’re willing to spend money for some extra features or if you will be satisfied with the free-to-use apps that have all the essential features but lacks in some way.

In the end, the entire decision is yours to make. We’ve just tried to put a comparison in front of you so that you have a better idea about stuff and make a better decision for yourself. We hope this article was helpful to you and you found what you were looking for. Good luck with your future adventure. Keep hustling.