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47 Top Machine Learning Blogs To Improve Your Skills

Machine learning blogs are an excellent resource for staying up to date on the newest news in the industry, but they are often disregarded as a result. 

They are educators. Because they are more narrowly focused, they can cover topics that textbooks and news publications may overlook. Furthermore, they provide an intriguing insight into the workings of some of the most brilliant brains in a certain field.

Keeping up with the best and current machine learning research is a matter of locating credible sources of scientific work for everyone, from researchers to students, industry specialists, and machine learning (ML) enthusiasts.

Many blogs about artificial intelligence (AI) can be found in the AI business, providing insightful viewpoints on recent trends, new products, and other industry news.

For aspiring machine learning engineers, spending time in the artificial intelligence blogosphere will improve their chances of growth and help them stay linked to the broader AI community.

Even though blogs are typically updated more informally and conversationally, we have discovered that the sources on this list are accurate, resourceful, and dependable sources of machine learning research. 

It is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the scientific discipline of machine learning.

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Top Machine Learning Blogs To Follow 👌👌

Many machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning solutions are available. So, to save you time, we have produced a list of the top blogs you should follow.

Some of them are sponsored by companies and academic institutions, while others are the result of the personal efforts of individuals in the industry.

Please keep in mind that the blogs listed below are not in any way ranked or organized in any specific order. They are all excellent sources of information about machine learning research.

1. Colah’s Blog

A traveling machine learning researcher, Christopher Olah characterizes himself as someone who seeks to grasp things well and express them effectively. A former Google AI researcher, Olah is currently a researcher with Open AI. 

Top Machine Learning Blogs

Compared to other blogs, Seth’s blog contains comprehensive and intriguing articles for researchers and enthusiasts interested in machine learning — a veritable gold mine of free, open machine learning research.

2. Facebook AI’s Blog

Facebook AI is one of the best-known machine learning blogs for conducting cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence. 

Their research focuses on computer vision, conversational AI, integrity, natural language processing, ranking and recommendations, systems research, machine learning theory, speech, and audio, as well as human and machine intelligence, among other fields of study. 

The Facebook AI Blog has a wealth of valuable content, ranging from blog entries to academic publications.

3. Amazon AWS Machine Learning Blog

Amazon web services (AWS) is a cloud computing service that is widely used throughout the world. They provide cloud computing services that are dependable, scalable, and easily accessible. 

They produce blog postings on the AWS blog about machine learning, state-of-the-art research, and ML applications written by their research team. Coming from Amazon, there was no way we could not include it in our list of machine-learning blogs.

4. Neptune.AI

On the Neptune.AI machine learning blog, you may learn about machine learning modeling, hyperparameter optimization (model evaluation), data exploration (exploration of large datasets), generative models (generative models), machine learning tools, and many other topics. 

Also included is a framework that makes monitoring different versions of your Jupyter notebooks easy, assists you in managing your experimentation process, and interacts seamlessly with your team’s workflow.

Among other blogs, Neptune.AI is one of the most in-depth in its content.

5. BAIR Berkeley

Researchers can publish research findings, thoughts on the subject, and various updates through the BAIR blog, which is easily accessible and intended for a general readership.

BAIR posts are written by students, postdocs, and faculty members who want to give a relevant and timely discussion of research findings and conclusions to experts and the general public.

6. Machine Learning (Theory) by John Langford

John Langford is a computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and learning theory, which he describes as “moving from an academic pursuit to an industry tool.

The Machine Learning (Theory) blog (Visit Here) attempts to use a blog to promote scientific studies in artificial intelligence and learning theory. It’s still in the works.

He said machine learning is moving from an “academic subject to an industry tool.”

7. Chatbots Life

Chatbots Life is an excellent source of knowledge regarding chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Top Machine Learning Blogs 1

This site is designed to be user-friendly for beginners. It provides a wealth of tutorials, how-to articles, and other educational resources for individuals interested in learning more about chatbots. Are you interested in learning more about chatbots?

8. Chatbots Magazine

Throughout this website, you will be able to read a range of educational topics as well as news stories about chatbots and how they are employed. 

Chatbots Magazine, which bills itself as the world’s leading source of information about chatbots, also covers issues such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Chatbots Magazine deserves a place high up in the list of machine learning blogs.

9. Machine Learning Blog, ML@CMU, Carnegie Mellon University

ML@CMU is an easily available, broad-audience platform for researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to disseminate their research findings, opinions on machine learning, and various updates.

As well as share their expertise with professionals and the general public. Students, postdocs, and teachers from Carnegie Mellon have contributed to this blog. 

10. Amazon Science Blog 

Amazon Science has an excellent scientific blog that you can filter by study area, which is quite useful.

Among the research areas covered by Amazon’s science community are cloud and systems, computer vision, conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), robotics (SIR), search and information retrieval (SIR), security, privacy, and abuse prevention.

11. Google AI Blog

Google AI researches to advance the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence field. Google AI (also known as Google.ai) is a branch of Google focused on artificial intelligence research and development. 

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced this at the company’s I/O 2017 conference. The Google AI blog has a section dedicated to machine learning research, which you can find here. You can trust Google to have one of the best machine-learning blogs.

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12. Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is a start-up that provides professionals with the tools and resources to derive actionable insights from data.

Additionally, they have a really interesting machine learning blog, which contains some quite educational articles on machine learning. 

Additionally, you will be able to access other resources such as data science, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data skills in the real world, programming, and much more.

13. Medium’s AI and ML streams

Many great AI-related pieces are floating around on Medium at the moment. Maintaining a close eye on this news stream will ensure you are always up to date on all of them.

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14. Avanade Insights’ artificial intelligence blog

Seattle-based Avanade Insights provides digital and cloud services and information technology consulting services. Its blog provides tips and techniques on how artificial intelligence technology can simplify and improve a company’s operations.

Even while it is not officially a blog, Gengo’s resource page functions in many ways like one; hence it has a place on our list of machine learning blogs.

There, you can read predictions about artificial intelligence, interviews with renowned industry leaders, and instructional pieces like this one, among other things.

15. Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

In this blog, Google data scientists share items they believe will interest data scientists working outside of Google’s organization. 

As the name implies, this blog is not officially linked with the technology behemoth, yet that fact does not make the information on the site any less intriguing or informative. The site’s contributors investigate a variety of issues, including machine learning.

16. OpenAI

OpenAI is a non-profit organization committed to artificial intelligence research supported by well-known figures such as Elon Musk and Peter Thiel. 

The purpose of its blog is to disseminate the findings of its research, which is incredibly fascinating. The interesting characters behind OpenAI assure anyone that this is one of the earth’s most fascinating machine-learning blogs. 

17. Adit Deshpande’s blog

In choosing machine learning blogs, especially if you are new to deep learning and machine learning concepts, Adit Deshpande’s deep learning blog has to be at the top of your list of blogs to visit. 

A student at the University of California, Los Angeles, Deshpande, is now pursuing a degree in computer science.

In addition, his blog entries are fascinating and easy to follow, and he sometimes combines real-life events into his blog posts (for example, applying machine learning to the NCAA March Madness tournament) to help clarify complex ideas.

18. Andrej Karpathy’s blog

Andrej Karpathy, the director of artificial intelligence at Tesla, is widely regarded as a leading specialist in deep learning.

In the past, he published writings on a GitHub site, but these days he publishes articles on Medium, where you may read his current thoughts.

19. WildML

Denny Britz, a former member of the Google Brain team, writes a blog devoted to deep learning topics, which includes lessons and other in-depth pieces by him.

For individuals who want to brush up on their vocabulary, WildML also has a good deep-learning glossary.

20. Tim Dettmers’ blog

Long-form essays on deep learning principles and constructive guidance on deep learning topics can be found on the blog of Tim Dettmers, a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington, which has the tagline “making deep learning accessible.” 

Tim Dettmer took a different but equally enjoyable approach to present his topics compared to other machine learning blogs.

21. Pete Warden’s website

Pete Warden, a Google engineer and the inventor of Jetpac, presents AI topics straightforwardly and understandably on his blog. This is one of the simple machine learning blogs on our list.

22. Becoming Human

Top Machine Learning Blogs 8

This site has more than 125,000 monthly visitors and features articles from researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other AI enthusiasts.

The articles in the Becoming Human series discuss the technology’s future, outlining AI ideas and providing commentary on how AI can affect people’s lives.

23. Artificial-Intelligence.Blog

This blog offers stories about companies’ AI activities, industry trend analysis, and coverage of AI-related conferences and key AI influencers.

If you are interested in useful news feeds that keep you up to date on the newest AI advances, then the Artificial-intelligence.blog is one of the machine-learning blogs for you. 

While exploring the best blogs on machine learning for our readers, I found an awesome video on “The 7 steps of machine learning,” which is worth watching. 🤩🤩

The 7 steps of machine learning

24. Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer is a blog focusing on how AI technology drives legal practice automation. This is an amazing resource for people in the legal profession.

The site Richard Tromans founded receives roughly 110,000 page views each month and has been named a top law and technology blog by several sites.

25. MarkTechPost

MarkTechPost is a technology publication that publishes articles on several topics, including artificial intelligence.

If you browse this site, you can find various interesting articles about how AI technology is being used and instructive posts describing machine learning and other related topics.

26. insideBIGDATA

InsideBIGDATA is a news site dedicated to data science and artificial intelligence. It publishes news pieces, white papers, reports, and interviews with data scientists and AI experts. 

InsideBIGDATA is a bit different from most machine learning blogs here but has interesting resources.

27. Natural Language Processing Blog

Hal Daume III, a Microsoft principal researcher, was motivated to start this blog in 2005 after seeing that, while there were machine learning research blogs at the time, there was none dedicated to natural language processing. 

Daume writes about that topic and computational linguistics and other relevant topics on this site.

28. Analytics Vidhya

The site of Analytics Vidhya offers a large library of educational information for data scientists, including a lot of material on AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

The organization’s blog includes tutorials on neural networks and how facial detection tech works.

29. Domino Data’s machine learning blog

On its ML blog (Visit Here), data science firm Domino offers a wealth of AI-related articles, including industry best practices and topics like machine learning models and captive learning.

30. Distill

Distill is an online scientific publication specializing in machine learning rather than a blog. However, the scientific journal’s content and unique presenting style earn it a spot on this list.

Distill attempts to make AI research more accessible to the general public by adding interactive diagrams and engaging pictures that aid the reader’s comprehension.

31. Springboard’s AI/machine learning blog

If you are looking for firsthand information and advice about breaking into the field of artificial intelligence, you have come to the correct place!

Practical tips, tutorials, and other career guidance on how to move into a machine learning engineer role may be found in Springboard’s AI and machine learning blog postings (Visit Here).

32. AI Trends

AI Trends is a news portal that covers all of the newest AI-related technology and business news. It includes in-depth articles on the business of AI, as well as interviews with key industry executives and thought-leadership pieces.

33. O’Reilly Media’s AI blog

This O’Reilly Media blog devoted to AI will take you deep into the field of AI. O’Reilly’s blog entries explain how organizations are implementing AI technology, emphasizing the latest ideas, tools, and solutions in the industry based on the knowledge of industry influencers.

34. MIT’s artificial intelligence news

This news feed keeps you updated on what is going on in AI at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is widely regarded as one of the top academic institutions for AI research.

Top Machine Learning Blogs 9

This feed includes stories about AI research at the institution and briefs on AI-related events on campus.

35. BAIR Blog (Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research)

This blog features research findings, AI viewpoints, and other information from BAIR students, postdocs, and professors.

BAIR is a well-regarded UC Berkeley program that combines academics in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, and robotics.

36. Topbots

Topbots is a website that provides relevant information on how organizations may utilize AI to flourish. It is aimed at business leaders who want to use AI technology.

37. Indico’s website

It has been (Visit Here) at the vanguard of Enterprise AI innovation from its inception in 2014, using a deep learning approach termed Transfer Learning, which is well adapted to the problems of unstructured content.

It has concentrated on lowering AI’s entry barriers and expediting organizational performance by requiring less data, time, talent, and money to achieve real-world benefits.

38. DeepMind’s blog

Google bought DeepMind, a U.K.-based artificial intelligence company, for more than $500 million in 2014. DeepMind team members share information about their research, significant accomplishments, and other corporate news in a simple and captivating manner on our official blog.

39. Machine Learnings.co

Machine Learnings is a wonderful introduction to machine learning and AI, including essays on how this technology may affect your career and personal life.

The site’s non-technical tutorial on artificial intelligence is especially valuable for those without a technical background who want to dive into machine learning.

40. Microsoft’s Machine Learning Blog

This should be one of the blogs you follow if you follow a handful. The content on this site is vetted and generated by Microsoft employees and is updated regularly.

It includes postings on Microsoft’s Azure platform and Cortana Intelligence Suite, as well as AI adoption, machine learning, and deep learning.

41. Machine Learning Mastery

Seasoned developer and machine learning practitioner Jason Brownlee started this blog several years ago to serve as a tool to assist other developers in learning more about machine learning.

It is still a go-to resource for industry people wishing to learn more about machine learning ideas. Brownlee’s blog is often updated and contains a wealth of AI-related knowledge.

42. Machine Learning (Theory)

This blog, a favorite among the ML community, was designed and written by Microsoft principal researcher John Langford.

Langford contributes to the International Conference on Machine Learning by providing insightful commentary on machine learning theory, posting about potential job opportunities, and providing updates on the conference.

43. Algorithmia

Algorithmia, a Seattle-based DevOps organization, offers tech rundowns, deep dives, and introductory blogs on how AI technology works on its official blog.

“Hardware for Machine Learning,” “Facial Recognition Through OpenFace,” and “Introduction to Machine Learning” were among the most popular posts of 2018.

44. I am trask

I am trask, dubbed a “machine learning craftsmanship blog,” is a blog run by AI researcher Andrew Trask that includes tutorials and other AI resources.

45. The Spectator

Shakir Mohamed is a research scientist at DeepMind, and he writes a blog that he titled after an 18th-century English newspaper, in which he discusses machine learning hints and tips.  

Many of Mohamed’s essays are thought-provoking, including one on making artificial intelligence genuinely global, which considers the broader ramifications of AI on the world around us.

46. FastML

This site, operated by economist Zygmunt Zajc, aims to be a one-stop shop for fun and easy-to-understand articles on machine learning. Overfitting, pointer networks, chatbots, and other subjects are covered in FastML’s blog postings.

47. DeepMind Blog

DeepMind is engaged in some of the artificial intelligence’s most complex and interesting challenges. Their world-class research has resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, some of which have appeared in prestigious journals such as Nature and Science. This is among the most exciting machine learning blogs we have.


These are some of the best machine learning blogs you would find out there. No matter your level of expertise in the industry, you will find some of these blogs particularly useful.

I am always curious to know what blogs you have used. Please add these in the comment section.