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Mageworx – E-commerce Partner


Mageworx is an intimate and inventive eCommerce solutions and services provider. They were founder in 2008 in Fairfax, VA, USA. In around 2009, they opened a replacement developer workplace in Minsk, Belarus. with efficiency, they pioneered in in developing Magnetic SEO and merchandise management solutions in 2010. They hit their 1st one thousand downloads on Magneto Connect in 2011 and 1st one thousand positive reviews on their web site in 2012. Launched their partner program in 2013 and took part and sponsored the International Magneto Events in 2014.

They got their hands on the Webtex Software in 2015 and began to take a position within the development of Savvy Cube. In 2016, they bought Staylime, eCommerce vogue Studio. Launched Magento 2 Development department all-in-one Magento two Migration service. Became a Silver Sponsor of Developers Paradise in Republic of Republic of Croatia. They launched the Savvy Cube 2.0 in 2017 and reached new heights in 2018 by launching a complete Shopify development department.


Magento has continually offered distinctive ecommerce expertise. With technical and purposeful changes, Magento a pair of version opens a replacement chapter in ecommerce. On this page you’ll notice Magento a pair of extensions that may assist you basically improve your store.

  • SEO Extensions:

Having a whole bunch or maybe thousands of product pages and classes makes on-page improvement a puzzle. It will become age-long to trace all the duplicates, broken links, and optimize 100+ meta titles and descriptions manually. this is often wherever a trustworthy Magento a pair of SEO modules are available handy.

  • Shipping Extensions:

An effective delivery strategy is crucial for eminent eCommerce business operation. Besides building a efficient method of delivery and ensuring the client receives the order in time, shipping remains a essential decision-shaping issue. It conjointly makes important contributions to putting together client loyalty associated trust to an eCommerce trafficker. MageWorx Magento two shipping extensions permit increasing the default practicality of the platform and achieving no matter shipping-related objectives your business might need.

  • Order Management:

The ability to handily edit, modify and preview any order information is vital for simple Magento store management. whether or not there’s a requirement to effortlessly correct typographic errors a client may accidentally build or a business need for additional order actions, Magento two order management extensions build such actions additional intuitive and versatile.

  • Promotions and Motivations:

Understanding the psychological wants of the client could be a should to make distinctive commercialism propositions and irresistible offers. Motivations lead the patrons to buy, even as well as thought-out promotions. MageWorx Magento a pair of promo tools facilitate effectively deliver the goods such goals.

  • User Experience:

It takes perfect on-site user expertise to impress. Indeed, the manner how briskly and correct your web site search runs, however handily the shoppers will notice what they’re trying to find and the way full is that the provided product knowledge – these all confirm their satisfaction level, sales and web site bounce rate. Magento a pair of client expertise extensions do all the duty for you.


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