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9 Of The Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email Services


Are you looking for the Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email Services? 🤔 You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a handy list of the top 9 Alternatives.

Let’s explore this guide. 📗

Temporary email services seem like the latest norm in today’s world. Everywhere you go, both online and offline, everybody is particular that you register with them using your email id. You may be wondering why.

The reason for doing that is mostly business-related. Of course, in cases, you can expect some spammers who want to fiddle around your accounts and access details about you. But, most businesses and firms want to sell you their products and services. 

They do that by getting your email id and then sending you newsletters, emails, and subscriptions about their products and services. Perhaps, these might entice you to at least give them a try. 

Maybe you want to purchase something from them. Thanks to the deal of the day or discounts offered on a trip that I was dreaming about, and so on. So, as you can see, these emails, newsletters, subscriptions, do work. 

According to market data, in America alone, several million dollars are gained every year by these companies and firms. Their effort was not in vain, after all. This is a very powerful marketing trick. 

Hence, they are insistent on acquiring your email address. But, how many of you are willing or comfortable in giving your email address to unknown people. As we said, there could be few spammers or hackers among them. 

At the same time, you are keen to sign up with them but are in a dilemma about getting it done. What can you do, or is there a way out for this predicament? The good news is that you do have a brilliant solution that can help you get what you want. 

You can not only sign up with them but also make purchases and sign out when you feel you no longer require their services. 

Yes, it is that simple. 

These days maintaining one’s secrecy is of utmost importance. You can do that with the help of a tool known as Mailinator. Mailinator is a temporary email service site. The tool enables you to generate email addresses on a temporary basis. 

Having said that, service providers are also smart and technology experts. They can identify the fact that you have used Mailinator and block those domains. No problem. This is when you would want to make use of the Mailinator alternative. 

If you happen to have used Mailinator, and your domain is not accepted, and you want to register on a site, then you can make use of these alternatives that we have provided you. We have provided you with several authentic alternatives after intense research. 

We will take a look at them briefly after reading a few sentences about Mailinator. So, why Mailinator, in the first place. What is so unique about the temporary email service tool? This service helps you to create the domain and email id of your choice.

It is free, and you do not have to sign up. That is right. Their inboxes already exist, and you can use it anytime you want. Users are provided with email id for receiving emails from registered websites. 

The email id stays for up to 48 hours, giving you sufficient time to decide what you intend to do with the account. That brings us to the optimal question; it is safe. Well, firstly, the temporary email service can be used for ordinary purposes. 

We would not recommend this method when you are planning on money transactions, confidential data, and secret information. Yes, it is safe and secure. But, you do not want your details to land in the wrong hands. 

Not to mention, your email id gets deleted in 48 hours. It does not remain there longer. So, you may want to take the highway instead of using this method for secret and sensitive information. 

Why the need for Mailinator alternatives? 🤔

You would have already got an idea of why you need to make use of Mailinator alternatives. Apart from the fact that service providers delete your email ids, or remove you from their list, you have other choices as well. 

Our choices could not possibly get better for you. That is because spam is a huge headache for the internet. Though several efforts have been made to eradicate it in emails, it somehow finds a way past it.

Luckily, for every problem, there is a well-researched solution. In this case, temporary email accounts come in handy. Though there are thousands of choices you can make, the features embedded in them are what we need.

Best Mailinator Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌

Before we read about the temporary email services, we need to understand that you cannot trust everything and anything you can find online. Some anonymous email service providers disappear overnight, only to never come back. 

There are only a few excellent temporary email services that have been able to shuffle off this mortal coil. We can assure you that the sites listed here are in working condition. They are free, most of them, and few need registration. 

Let’s get to the list.

1. Fake Mail Generator

We would like to begin our journey into the world of temporary email services, with a tool that is able to provide you a plethora of features. Fake Mail Generator, as its name suggests, provides you with the ability to design fake email ids. 

Best Mailinator alternatives

You are given an alternate email address. Using that, you can now sign in or register on the website of your choice. Using it, you can make use of your Inbox and then receive emails as and when you want. 

It is suitable for an email confirmation. Using this tool, you have two options. Users can create the email id they want or let you use a random one. A new email address is created for you by Fake Mail Generator. 

Not to mention, you can select from more than 8 domain names. As you can see, the features and capabilities are simple and easy to use. You do not have to be somebody who is tech-savvy to use this tool. That is what we really liked about it. 

You can also test your authentication system when signing up. Fake Mail Generator is a tool that we would highly recommend you to try out at least once. It is simple to use and free of cost. 

When you are fed up with the constant spam emails filling up your primary email address, then you might want to make use of a reliable email service tool. The app is suitable for both personal as well as ideal for business purposes. 

2. 33Mail

33Mail is ranked second on our list of mailinator alternatives. We found it to be safe. The working concept is simple and easy. This is a different kind of temporary email service when compared to other apps mentioned on our list.

You need to sign up and type the personal email address. Depending on your preference, you can make your own username that is your temporary email address. The email address can then be used to register on other websites you want to subscribe to.

The best part about using 33mail is that you do not have to reveal your real email address. When you are not keen to receive emails from that particular website, then the alternative blocks the website. 

3. TrashMail

TrashMail is another of the temporary email services that we would like to enlighten you about. So, what is special about this tool? When you want your content to be forwarded from a disposable email account to a genuine account, then this comes in handy. 

Best Mailinator alternatives

Very often, you do not come across this feature. It is not surprising to note that this email service is a popular option among users. Not to mention, it is quite simple to set up. You can easily create the email id of your liking. 

If you want to, you can also create email ids based on different websites. As if you are not impressed enough, you can also choose the number of emails to be forwarded. The time limit of the email id can be fixed too. 

You will want to make use of the plus service that the company is offering for an annual fee of $10. When you want some more features from it, then we suggest you make use of the $12 a yearly subscription service.

Both these service options are useful and come with immense features. You won’t regret it. We highly recommend TrashMail because it is easy to use, offers you more than 2000 addresses, and has no time limit. 

4. YOPmail

We found another exciting temporary email service tool by the name YOPmail. With YOPmail, you can easily set up your temporary email addresses. The emails that are stored in your Inbox are deleted after 8 days. 

9 Of The Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email Services

However, you can manually also delete them if you want to. Please keep in mind that this email service option does not allow you to send emails from the account. You can send emails when it is rendered to the same website. 

Some users are apprehensive about the fact that YOPmail is a new email service. But, you will be amazed to know that their services offered are robust and much better than others. You can easily get started using it through a signup process. 

You are also offered additional domain names. However, please note that it is not protected, and anybody can enter or use it, without having to sign in. So, please bear in mind not to use it for sending sensitive information. 

Other features of YOPMail include add-ons, a plugin, widgets for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. This tool helps you to work along with it. Other email service tools provide you with only text messages.

Do we recommend YOPmail? Very highly. When you want to evade emails that irk you to no bounds, flooding your real ID. Then you may want to do a favor for yourself and download this email service tool. 

5. 10 Minute Mail

Another key addition to our list of the best Mailinator alternatives is the 10 Minute Mail. The name sounds terrific, doesn’t it? The 10 Minute Mail itself, says everything about this amazing temporary email address id creator. 

Best Mailinator alternatives

An email account can be done, free of cost. Then you can either delete it yourself or let it get self-destroyed in 10 minutes as the name goes. Some of you may be pondering about the fact that the time limit is not sufficient. 

Well, 10 minutes is more than sufficient for sending or receiving emails. Not to mention, when you are keen to register on a service, then you can do so within the time limit. However, you will need to be using quick internet access. 

Apart from that, you can sign up on blogs and forums where you do not want to reveal your true identity. In fact, this was the intention of the temporary email tool in the first place. Users can refresh the email to 10 minutes if needed. 

Similar to most email creators, this one does not need registration. It accepts from blacklisted sources, too, that might work against you if used often. Some users have commended it on the feature level, and have made it their regular email id. 

At the same time, some users are not very content with the 10-minute duration. Few subscription emails tend to take hours to show up. But, the number of spam emails are showing no signs of decreasing. 

That means you have to get rid of your messages manually. That can be a nuisance and ruin your peace of mind, really. When you want your real email id untouched by these, then 10 Minute Mail is useful.

At the time of our research on Best Mailinator Alternatives, we found a video about “If You Get a Winning Message, Delete It Without Opening!” which is worth watching.

If You Get a Winning Message, Delete It Without Opening!

6. Guerrilla Mail

The Guerrilla Mail, like the name goes, is another interesting, powerful made temporary email service for you. They are known as one of the most reliable email service providers around today. 

9 Of The Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email Services

The work is quite simple and user-friendly. There is a session address, which is operational for 1 hour. At times, you can keep the session open and continue along with it, if the email id has not been yet deleted. 

The emails got after are automatically deleted after 60 minutes. However, make sure that you will not need it later on. Service providers are smart people these days. Not to mention, they also have their own ways to find out if you are real or not. 

Hence, they tend to delete or remove emails ids that point towards the name. To avoid these kinds of things from happening, you will want to choose from 10 domains present in the tool. Users loved the instant setup. 

You do not have to waste any time because you are connected almost immediately. This is suitable for those of you who do not want to reveal your real email id.

Another thing that many people liked is the fact that emails received are kept for 60 minutes only. 

Then they are deleted. You do not have to be worried about the emails, irrespective of the content. You can also create a permanent email address when you are happy and content with the name. 

Sadly, the temporary email service works only for 60 minutes. Due to this, one must modify and change their email address. Not to mention, if somebody knows the email id, they can easily access it. 

As you can see, Guerrilla Mail protects your personal information

You can safely contact your friends or a service provider temporarily. Whom you want to contact is entirely up to you. Hence, your personal email id is only used for important and high-priority messages that you can only know and access. 

7. TempMail

Our next choice for the list of our Mailinator alternatives is TempMail. We can assure you that it is worth your time looking into it. Users have commended it on being a feature-rich temporary email service available today.

9 Of The Best Mailinator Alternatives For Temporary Email Services

For starters, it comes with a simple address provider and has more than 7 domains to select from. Not to mention, it also comes with a VPN service. This gives your own privacy when using the internet. 

Users can also utilize the Chrome plugin. This depends on your preference and online browsing option. You can alter your email id as and when you feel like.

The Inbox is refreshed often. The moment it receives a new email, you can rest assured that it refreshes by itself. 

It is safe to say that the temporary email address service helps you to combat spams messages with ease. We suggest that you use this tool when you want to use a service only once. Since you may find them difficult to remember as they are generated randomly, you can copy the address. 

You also have the option of choosing your own email id. It is a simple app to operate that even newcomers can use. However, there are some discrepancies in the duration for the email id to self-destruct. 

Hence, you might want to keep an eye on that. As we have kept repeating throughout this guide, please do not use these tools for critical data. In summary, TempMail is a super simple app and does not come with any glitches. 

It is advisable for those of you in search of a disposable email service that enables you to ensure your Inbox is free from spam emails. 

8. Spamgourmet

Spamgourmet is merely more than just an email service. Hence it found its place on our list. We were highly impressed with the fact that this email address tool is also effective for controlling spammers attacking your real email address.

However, you need to register on the website. Once you have registered, you are provided with the disposable email id. That depends on your taste and requirement. Users can get themselves an email address that can receive 10 or more messages before it is deleted. 

That depends on how you have set it. Once the email id has received more than 12 emails, it automatically shuts down. They have provided you with a guide that can help you with the setup according to your needs. 

There is also the advance mode, where you can customize features likewise on your email address. A few of them include add watchwords, enlist trusted senders, and others.

It goes without saying that Spamgourmet helps you get rid of phishing as well as spam messages to keep your Inbox clean

When you want your real email id not to be eroded by them, then we suggest you make use of a disposable email address.

9. Confirm Your Mail

Next on our list of best Mailinator alternatives is Confirm Your Mail. The name sounds good for a temporary email service tool. However, you might get confused if you type blindly on Google or any search engine. 

Using Confirm Your Mail, you can not only create a temporary email address but a limited number of domain names. Users can also create the email id of their choice. Apart from that, they can also choose a random email address. 

Many users felt that the user interface is one of the simplest and light. You can get started immediately. Your Inbox once created reloads before 20 seconds. You can easily check for new emails or messages. 

Confirm Your Mail would be our ideal choice when you want to use a simple, quick, and reliable mode of temporary email service. 

On the whole 

We have finally come to the end of our brief discussion on the different Mailinator alternatives. We hope that your queries and queries were answered.

As you can see, generating emails is a necessity, and organizations of different shapes and sizes make use of it. 

We again reiterate the above tools are safe for your usage. You can rest assured about using them for your personal as well as business requirements. Do we have any favorites? Well, we have mentioned some of the best Mailinator alternatives on the list. 

So, it is going to be hard for us to choose one or two among them. However, we did feel that both Fake Mail Generator and Confirm Your Mail were strong and powerful.

The main aim of generating new mail ids is easily achieved in most of the tools that we have discussed above. 

These two tools are slightly ahead of the competition. However, the market is evolving in the segment, and users are always spoilt for choice at any given time. Before we bid adieu, we want to mention that there are worthy tools as suitable alternatives for Mailinator. 

Perhaps, if you find something better than the ones we have listed, please do not hesitate to share them with us. 

Tell us about them in the below comments.